See it Twice-Over

Mar 11, 2014


SHIRT: c/o Voyeur Vintage
SWEATER: Forever 21
SHOES: Urban Outfitters (recent!)
JEANS: Goodwill

Have you guys seen the movie About Time with Rachel McAdams yet? It's a love story about this time traveling boy and there was one scene that charmed me so completely and thoroughly that I'm still thinking about it. It was one of those moments where you straighten up against the pillows and have your hand ready at the rewind button, already eager to re-watch the scene before it's even finished.

His dad told him that the best part about being able to time travel is to experience a day twice-over. The first time around you let yourself submit to all the stressors and shitty moments throughout the hours. You let all the bad things weigh heavy on your shoulders and allow yourself to comb your fingers through your hair all "woe-is-me" like until you come home and hit the bed all heavy, ready to get the day over with. The second time around, though, you open your eyes to all the lovely moments tucked in between the bad. And as he goes through it the second time, the lovely moments are so small but so profoundly sweet that the day ends up being actually, surprisingly, pretty amazing. It ended up amazing, you guys! All the things that annoyed him and made him want to grit his teeth had kindness and delight woven all throughout it- all he had to do was notice it. Whether it was the way the cashier genuinely wished him a nice day or the chance to joke and rib with his co-worker after the boss pulls a dick move.  After I saw that I sighed and leaned back against my pillows, happy with the way the world works.




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  1. i haven't seen that. i love rachel mcadams, so i'll need to check it out for sure!
    xo jac

  2. Nice:)) x

  3. You are such a sweetheart. And a well-dressed one! I like that the cardigan is really bold against the solids.

  4. You look lovely as always, love the shoes c: Xx

  5. thank you SO MUCH for mentioning The Head And The Heart!! I actually didn't knew about them and now I love them. any other suggestions are welcomed. :d

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  6. Wow is that snow? We don't have snow here anymore(thank goodness!)
    Your outfits are adorable! Such a vintage feel to it!
    And those shoes are interesting! They have a peculiar(in a good way) look to it! It's stylish I love it!


  7. i absolutely love your jeans! stunning love

    Alexa <3

  8. Mustard is such a wonderful colour on you! And those shoes are INCREDIBLE!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  9. You look so pretty! great shape of the jeans and the lipstick is stunning on you!!

  10. No never seen that movie, but it does sound interesting. I'd like to live twice :O) I feel that rusty yellow color looks great on you, and suits the genre of your style well.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle

  11. how lovely is that cardi! it genuinely looks like something my grandma would have knitted, i.e. the best knitwear:-) also, i need to watch the movie, sounds interesting enough. xx

  12. WOW I love your blog, your looks and the vintage feel of them! So amazing... Love this style so much! Happy to find you :) xx

  13. I've never seen that movie - it sounds worth a watch though! And, on an unrelated note, I really, really your cardigan. It looks so lovely and cozy.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  14. love this outfit! so cute! the mustard yellow is gorgeous on you!

  15. thank you for your comment on my photos, i discovered this street for the first time last week after 20 years spent in the city, paris is full of magic.

    you look great here, that mustard/olive green top is really pretty!

  16. That is a really cool thought actually. I'll have to keep that one in my back pocket!

  17. I love that movie! It's called About Time though! (unless it has another name I didn't know about) haha.

  18. I loved the film (named About Time). It was sweet but not sickly sweet. Very real feeling (considering there is time travel involved too!)

    I like this look. You have a playful style but this is sort of that same style grown up. Both playful and grown up styles are fun but I really like this.

  19. Cute and retro, I like. And you have such a gorgeous smile.

  20. I LOVE those shoes!
    And where did you get the belt? I had one a while ago like that, but haven't been able to find another like it

  21. The hat finishes this look so perfectly! Like a femme Charlie Chaplin :)

    <3 dani

  22. Aww I haven't seen that movie but it kind of reminds me of Time Traveler's Wife (also starring Rachel McAdams I believe). Guess I'll have to go and check it out!

    And how cute are your shoes?? Very on-trend and absolutely gorgeous!! Love that you cropped your jeans a bit so it stands out. Very nice!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  23. Right?? That movie was so lovely - I really enjoyed it. That scene also warmed my heart :)
    Anyway, adorable outfit as usual Marlen - it's rare to see you wear pants, but you certainly wear them with as much creativity as you do your dresses/skirts!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  24. I have not yet seen that movie, though I'd like to, but that's a very interesting concept, that particular strategy of living a day twice and noticing the best stuff out of makes me happy!

  25. Oh that movie was a good movie! Sad though in so many parts! But a lovely movie. I liked the same bit you did, where he relived the day to see all of the good bits!

    Away From The Blue

  26. I never saw the movie, and either I wasn't really interested at it actually, but I might give it a chance!
    By the way I'm loving this whole look. It seems like you got out from your layering winter techniques you we're stuck at, as you said a few posts ago!
    I love the way your jeans look, they fit you very nicely! xx

  27. I will have to watch that movie!
    This outfit is super cute! I love those little shoes and how you've cuffed your jeans. brilliant!

  28. Oh, that sounds lovely! It's so true though, isn't it? Sometimes I get so stressed out over little things (making mountains out of molehills) when I really should be highlighting the GOOD things throughout the day that will most likely outweigh the bad. Thanks for posting that Marlen, sometimes we need a reminder of things like that :).
    Those shoes are KILLING me they're so cool by the way. And I need a bowler hat. Seriously where is my bowler hat!

  29. Oh, how I am ever in agreement with this post, Marlen! Truly. I've always been one to find beauty in the simpler things in life. I mean, I swear one of my favourite things is a good cup of coffee. Can't get much more simple than that!

    And wonderful look! Love the pop of colour with your yellow shirt.

  30. Haven't seen the movie but sounds like a great message :) And you look so cute! Love how casual yet neat this outfit is and that hat is just too perfect with your hair.

    And although I won't be able to party in the park in San Fran this summer, I will be partying in a park in Chicago! I bought tickets to Pitchfork Fest :) I'll have to ask you for some Chicago recommendations once it gets closer.

  31. The shoes, the shirt, the sweater, the lipstick- everything looks perfect! I really love the way you put outfits together. As for the movie, I haven't seen it but it sounds really interesting. I would definitely love to relive certain parts of my life to see all the good things.


  32. Oh I forgot about that movie! I wanted to see it when it came out but never got around to it. Putting it on my list!

    In other news, I can never get enough of that top. I love it with jeans and a cardigan!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  33. The shoes might be my favorite part of this. Though you rock anything mustard, it seems, so it's something of a toss-up!

  34. You are seriously so stunning! I love this sweater.


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