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Mar 21, 2014

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SWEATER: thrifted
VISOR: Urban Outfitters
SHOES: Urban Outfitters
TURTLENECK: Banana Republic
SHORTS: Forever 21 (similar: here and here)

YOU GUYS! Thank you so much for all the input in yesterday's post- now I'm all jazzed to blog again! It was such a relief to read that you like to hear my ramblings (seriously, sometimes it's all "h-hello, world?") and that you'd like for this blog to be more interactive. It was also pretty neat to hear you'd like some thrifting and vintage wearing tips. I did add a "Layering Ideas" tab on my side bar recently that rounded up all my favorite layered looks in one spot. But I'm going to think of some new weekly features that'll try and help to guide you on how to do it. Also- is this font size big enough? Haha, I increased it after I heard it's been straining your poor eyes ;) And my designer friends- anyone know of a good text font I can use on my blog? I'm not too crazy about this one.

But moving on: the sweater challenge week continues! You know what's the worst? When your style starts changing and you start getting confused on which way to go. It's like when you're growing out a haircut and you get to that awkward middle stage where it's too short to tuck behind your ears but too long to do anything non-Miley-Cyrus with. That's where I'm at right now. My closet is the equivalent of a bowl haircut at the moment. 

I feel like my style is nudging its way towards a more minimal, classic look, but I'm oh-so-hesitant to throw out some of my frumpier slash wilder pieces. Because, you know, what if I'll want to wear one on some obscure date like August 14, 2015? What then?! So in an effort to see if some of those pieces still have staying power, I'm trying to style them in a way that fits my new aesthetic.

Take this sweater for example- it is 100% grandpa frump. It's baggy, it's shapeless, and I'm pretty sure it can double as a blanket if left unbuttoned. So to make it a titch sleeker (yes, apparently it can be done!) I buttoned it up and tucked it into my high waisted shorts to give it more of a vest or blouse look. Then I cinched it at the waist with a belt to make it even more form fitting and to define my waist. I really like how it turned out! I feel very "I'm off to play polo with my uncle Ralph Lauren" with this- especially with the turtleneck and visor. I can dig it. 


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  1. You look so posh :) Love the equestrian vibe. I had this floral printed tunic in my closet that I hadn't worn for two years and kept thinking I should give it away. But then I needed something to wear to San Francisco and it happened to be the perfect thing. So I'd definitely recommend holding onto the items you are unsure about.

  2. "the equivalent of a bowl haircut"- haha! I know the feeling! I'm the worst at throwing things out because I think they're too awesome but I never wear them :) Love the shorts-for-winter look and I'm looking forward to your new features!

  3. Haha, "grandpa frump" is one of my favourite styles ever! Same with granny chic ;) Loving this outfit- great how you paired the cardigan with the belt and tailored shorts. Cute and clever, as always! ox


  4. Super Awesome
    very cool outfit
    and nice pics

  5. I *love* the grandpa frump looks :) I've actually just had your blog enlarged on my browser for months, so I can read it easily. I sized it back down to look at the font, and if I were you I'd make it bigger. Easy readability is a big deal. But it's your blog, so do what you want!

  6. You look awesome!

  7. Nice take on grandpa-chic :D
    My rule on unused clothing is that I anything that I haven't worn in about a year-and-half, I usually chuck in the donation pile. Because if you haven't worn it for that long, chances are your style really has evolved passed that piece of clothing. Ever since I moved to NYC though, I've been a lot stricter with that rule, because I don't have a lot of room in the closet.

    - Gita
    Keep in touch with me on Bloglovin

  8. It is better and more readable, though if I were you, I'd maybe size it up a bit more still. As Sonya says, it is your blog, so you should do what makes you happy, but I'd read recently that just like the standard size for paper text was 12pt, for websites standard size is 16 pt. (due to how the eyes take in a screen vs. paper).

    Lol at the bowl haircut simile. There's no reasons not to keep the pieces for now, if you have room. You can see where the style change is taking you :) Or, if you wanted to try an experiment, put some away in a box for a month. If you don't get an item out of it for a month (or whatever time frame you set), you probably don't really wear it all the much.

  9. You definitely made the sweater look sleek with this combination! But I'm all for grandpa sweaters that are huge and comfy, I mean the whole "looks like I didn't try but totally did" chicness is perfect with these sweaters, ya know :)

  10. Perfect, I love the hat!!! and those shoes are my favourite, hope you have a great weekend hun :)

    Have a happy Saturday!
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  11. Well of course we love your ramblings! :D I love your ramblings! I'd love to see some layering tips, thrift tips, life tips, whatever! I love reading your blog no matter what the top is! ^_^
    I really like this looky, it's so boyish and cool!

  12. I love the look! :D Especially the hat, it looks adorable on you. I'm totally going to understand the hair thing because I'm currently growing out my pixie. I felt it was time for a change and started to miss my wavy hair. I do personally find the size a bit small so most of the times I have your blog enlarged for easier reading. As for the font, I really like the one you're currently using. :-)



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