Lessons Learned

Mar 24, 2014


I have found the hopeless place Rihanna keeps singing about and it turns out to be a suburb sports bar a mile from my house. Good God was my Friday night tragic.  I was all set to do nothing but watch Disney movies from my couch when one of my friends called me and asked if I'd like to get a drink with her and catch up. I haven't seen her in ages so I was all set to swipe on some lipstick, put on my boots, and go meet her at a hole-in-the-wall bar and swap stories on what's been happening this month. You see, I love those no-fuss mom and pop neighborhood bars. When I'm there with my closest friends I don't need the bells and whistles; all I need are some cheap specials and good conversation and a girl's golden. But this particular friend of mine is sort of on the silent (see: mute) side, so after about ten minutes of basically conducting a one-sided interview with her I was all out of ideas. Which meant it was time to mingle.

I did not want to mingle. All the boys were strangely tan with stiff, crunchy hair. And when they did talk to me they just kept talking about drunk, wild nights and randomly fist punching the air for no apparent reason- and much to my startlement. A person can get injured that way if they don't have sharp reflexes. Guys kept buying me beers I didn't want and I kept leaving them on random tables as I went to go "circle the room".  I did a lot of narrowing of the eyes and pinching the bridge of my nose that night, let me tell you. So, I suppose, the moral of the story is: when you're faced with either watching The Little Mermaid or going out in the suburbs, Ariel should win every time. Lesson learned. 


And on a more sartorial note, I've been seeing that fun sporty trend start to reappear now that Spring is starting to toe its way into the forefront. I always thought the style was super playful, especially when the sporty pieces were mixed with girlier ones. So when I got this checkered top from Wildwood Vintage I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out the trend for myself! Something about the outlined neck and arm lines gave it a sporty feel, so I paired it with a dark floral skirt and a visor to both highlight the sportiness and tone it down. I really like how it turned out because it's simple and it doesn't seem to try too hard.

And Wildwood Vintage is a super feminine, super whimsical boutique on Etsy. Freshta has a penchant for floral dresses, 60's shifts, and full skirts, so she stocks her shelves full with those adorable pieces. Everything is super reasonably priced, ranging from $10-$30, so if you find your style leaning more towards the sweet and girly side, this is definitely the place for you! Be sure to stop in and say hello here :)

And here are some of my favorite picks from Wildwood to give you and idea what they have- how pretty is that light blue sleeveless dress?


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  1. I am in love with your look, and the way how you styled your feet is very pretty, the neutral socks really make the cut out detailing look so attractive! <3 xoxo


  2. Ariel will always win :)
    At least you got a good story out of you Friday night!

  3. so pretty!
    love the skirt!


  4. such a cute look! and ugh, so annoying about random drunk guys! ariel is always best :)

  5. Oh man. I do love dancing so I miss that aspect of the bar scene, but other than that--especially the guys in bars--no thanks. That's honestly why I would always go to the gay bars--better dancing and guys (unless you're looking for a date). I love this outfit. The socks and skirt are too cute!

  6. Ah, Marlen. Your posts never, ever fail to get me laughing. I can totally envision the bar you described! Ariel for the win!

  7. I have had those nights - where I just regret not being a homebody!
    This weekend I had another random outing - I was going to go see a movie but decided to make an impromptu, unseasonal trip to the beach. It worked out to be a fabulous day though - I'm going to be posting about it on the blog later tonight!!

    Sometimes the random plans work out, sometimes they don't... that's why they're called random :)

    <3 dani

  8. Super:)) x

  9. Oooh I love this outfit- that skirt is so pretty! Also, your Friday night sounds like it was awful, but hilarious! I have a few of those mute friends too and always have to remind myself that they make good movie-watching friends, but not good going-out friends.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  10. Oh no, your Friday night doesn't sound fun at all! Hopefully your next Disney movie night goes to plan, they're the best!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  11. Love love love the checks and floral together! I just want to mix floral with everything right now that it's just about spring. Is that too typical? Oh well.

    Also, I totally am with you on movies vs. the bar. I always get dragged out every week, but it always turns into a "why won't you go talk to that guy?" or "no one buys you drinks because you're too busy talking about Firefly" and whatnot. It's a lame life I lead.

  12. I looooove this outfit! The skirt is to die for, I literally gasped when I saw it. As for your Friday night, it sure sounded interesting. I've never had mute friends but I've gone out with friends who have limited understanding of English so after a while both of you are lost in translation and it gets pretty awkward. lol


  13. aw no, I'm sorry that your meeting with your friend ended up less than dazzling! Bars scare me. I've never been in one and I never really plan to. XD I would gladly be that friend who invites you to catch up and watch a Disney movie and drink tea instead.

    "crunchy hair" omg ksodf

  14. I guess going out is always a risk - too bad that sometimes mean you end up surrounded by air-punchers! You've reminded me of how much I love The Little Mermaid, and floral skirts - this one is so timeless and lovely, very cute with the sporty top.


  15. You look cute as hell, and by the way that bar night sounds like hell! I'm glad you survived.

  16. Haha hopeless place indeed - no winning against fist pumping boys, that's for sure. Shame your night out wasn't as exciting as it could have been but at least you know now that that's a bar to avoid in the future.

    Really loving your outfit - Floral print is so appropriate right now, isn't it? Love the length of your skirt! I also really like how it looks against a striped shirt - such an interesting combination. It's very "you." Love it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  17. Look on the bright side- the bar could have been too interesting of a time. No lie, someone's nose could have been bitten off (thank goodness we weren't there- ew.)

    Still that sucks that it was kinda a downer of a night. On the brightest side though, you look stunning in this- I like the check with the floral.

  18. Aw, too bad your night didn't pan out the way you wanted. Aha, I've never been to a bar (oh wait, I'm not even legal yet...sigh), but they've got my intrigue for sure. Although after hearing about your night...I'm not too sure.
    Lesson learned indeed!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  19. loving the colors of your outfit against the backdrop.

    i know those bar nights of "i could have done with out that" - have you seen frozen yet?

  20. Pshhh, you basically summed my nights at "clubs". I used to enjoy going out and mingling, when I was 20 :D I'm 24 now and I get bored to death in bars and clubs, people always try so hard to fuck somebody it's silly. :D
    BTW, this floral skirt is dah bomb!!!! Can't believe something pretty like that exists. Oh and did the snow melt already? Is it spring!? Should I be cheering? :D

  21. Holy hats a million is that hat ever awesome?! You are totally rocking it.

    And yes, I'd pick a Disney flick over the bar scene any day. ;)

  22. That sounds like quite the experience. I'm sorry your experience was less than expected, but at least you have a funny story to tell! Also, I love your outfit! It looks like it's warming up where you are (:

  23. Another awesome pairing! :D Love what you did with the sweater and the skirt adds the perfect amount of softness / femininity to the outfit. High fives to you!


  24. I love every detail of your outfit: from the mix of prints to the socks. Gorgeous!

  25. Haha, I've been to bars like that. Definitely not my scene! Letting Ariel win out every time is definitely a sentiment to live by ;) And loving that floral print on you- so pretty! xo



  26. I love the mixing of prints/styles here. Very rustic and sporty-urban at the same time!

    (btw, oh em gee, those kind of nights at the local suburban bar are the worst! but at least you had an amusing story to share ;) )

    Becca xo

  27. Haha yeah I've never been one for the whole "bar scene", and now I'm in the mood to watch the Little Mermaid! Your outfit it super cute!

  28. You look wonderful, girl! I know how warm it must be there because of your lack of coat. :)
    I rarely go to bars. The last time was a pleasant experience, though! It was at 5 pm and the place was completely vacated. SO NICE. I was also catching up with a friend. :)

  29. This story seriously has me laughing out loud. I am SO bad at mingling! Oh I HATE it!
    Also, love this outfit! That shirt especially!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  30. You are the ONLY person I've seen really nail the sporty look. I've been really digging your hair lately.

    P.S. I talk about you like we're friends. Like, I bring you up in conversations with people sometimes. "Marlen, this blogger friend I have...."

  31. You look so adorable - that top is super cute!

    And Little Mermaid definitely always wins over some burb bar. Really any Disney movie in general. :)



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