Imma Going

Mar 13, 2014


ROMPER: Vintage
SWEATER: Thrifted
HAT: Urban Outfitters

Welp, put your sandals away people because it snowed again in Chicago. I- I sincerely think summer is cancelled? I'm not sure but I have a feeling.

And today the Art Museum has free admission and I really wanted to take myself on a date to it, especially since I stood myself up last week and flaked.  There's only so many second chances I'll give myself, ya know?  But as I stood in front of the window with my robe on, my hand bunching the collar at my throat and my eyes narrowed at that damned white stuff- I considered bailing again.  I ran out of patience for slush on the streets and salt on my boots awhile ago.

But just as I considered that, I decided that that was the wrong answer. If this was my last day in life do I really want to be watching Frasier reruns and eating Polish cookies on the couch? (Well...) Or do i want to be in downtown, enjoying the last of the nippy air, and musing over paintings.  And so I'm going.

Because life is for deep kisses, museum benches, rambling adventures, midnight talks, and the pops of corks. So I'm going. 



  1. Hope you had fun!! Loved the outfit xx

  2. Excellent outfit! You look like an explorer.
    I've been itching to go to a museum recently too. I want to make up stories about the little night-lit villages and the massive (sometimes hilarious) portraits.

  3. Have fun at the museum! Can't beat free admission. :) I love your blog and have been reading for a while, but I believe this is my first time commenting. I have to say I love your style, but I also really love reading your posts because they're so well written! Keep up the great work! <3

  4. This color combo is fantastic, Marlen. You look lovely as you always do!

    Love, Amy

  5. Please don't tell me summer is canceled! I won't be able to survive that. although, cute coats like yours make up for it, just a little bit.

  6. Good! Haha there might've been some trust issues developed if you stood yourself up for the second time anyway ;)
    Enjoy your day downtown and getting to see the paintings! So jealous of those types of activities...aha, there's seriously nothing like that to do here in Idaho...sigh

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. I really like how you layered a sweater over your romper. Fingers crossed that spring eventually shows up in the Midwest!


  8. Have fun at the museum! So glad you gave it a second :)

    And a good outfit for museum days.

  9. Beautiful post, as always! A museum is the perfect spot for a snowy day- glad you went! It snowed here in Toronto as well after a day of nearly 50 degrees the day before. Craziness! Props to that outfit too- that floral print is amazing! xo


  10. Red looks fantastic on you! Glad you decided to go after all. I can go to the MET and stare at some of the paintings there for hours. I tell myself I'm going to go look at different exhibition, but I ended up going to the same exhibit all every time.

    - Gita
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  11. I hope you enjoy the museum! I love your bright red and fuchsia lipstick!

  12. I love your layered look! The red looks so great over the romper.


  13. It's good to see that you are finally treating yourself right. I think I might take myself out on a date today too, browsing the used book stores.
    I love your ht, it is so perfect for a museum, like you are going on an expedition :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  14. Hi, Marlen darling! I am sorry I haven't been able to check out on your posts recently as lots of other my friends' blogs either, the weather has become so much better and warmer so I and my son spend a lot of time outside so I literally didn't have time for blogging.
    You look great in this gorgeous outfit, you always dress very beautifully, love the mix of colors and prints and various textures. I liked your khaki jacket a lot, it looks so cool together with the hat. Wish you a very nice weekend sweetie! <3 xoxo

  15. Oh dear, you are so uniquely creative! I love the idea of the dress worn underneath the sweater and over leggings, it's genius. Your hat is super!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  16. I think this has been the longest winter ever. We had a beautiful day a few days ago (no coat needed, and I could wear a dress without tights!), and then it snowed the next day, probably not as bad as Chicago, but still, I feel ya

  17. that romper is adorable! I'll try and remember your words next time I'm tempted to trade in an activity for a lazy couch day :)

  18. Great choice, hope it was a great day! I feel the same the weather was so nice here for a few days and then the rain is back and the wind :( i'd rather have snow, or well maybe not ... Love the hat and jacket, very Barbour like! A great Scottish brand that I love.

    Enjoy and Happy Friday,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  19. I never really layered a romper, but it is very original and it seems that you pulled it out so well! By the way, I hope you had fun at the museum! xx

  20. Yay for not letting the weather deter your plans! Hope you had a nice time at the museum. I love your hat - you always have the best hats.

  21. Although there's snow on the ground, your outfit looks very summery (: It's only a matter of time!

  22. Cute! Love the whole look!
    -Alex of

  23. Looking gorgeous dear.x I love your outfit, love the Spring touch it gives regardless the weather! Love the floral playsuit and the hat looks perfect with this outfit. Have a lovely weekend.x

  24. Hehe, I'm glad you went! It can be really hard getting the motivation to go somewhere when it's cold and you don't necessarily have to go.

  25. I love how much this outfit is saying spring is in the air!

  26. I love the melody these colors make together, and how cool to see that you are in Chicago too (though I'm in the burbs)! I have has so so many moments of flaking out on myself like you described, way to prevail! :)

  27. That lipstick is so stunning. I really want you to be my personal Etsy shopper. You're outfits are impeccable.

  28. yay! glad you forced yourself out on that date, i'm sure it was a ton of fun and really, a free museum, that sounds amazing!! so many good museums Chicago has. also, that romper is amazing, i can't wait to see how you remix it for warmer months, although this layering is really lovely, i like all the diff colors, they're fun but somehow "go" together. i need to be on the lookout for a more medium sized hat like this too.


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