Dates in Skirts Kissed with Flowers

Apr 1, 2014


Friday was rather interesting- I had a date! A boring, boring date. Haha, apparently the dating scene has changed on me while I was canoodling away with my last boyfriend. It seems that no one asks you questions anymore? Let me start from the beginning. 

I showed up at the bar first and nabbed us a spot before we were forced to awkwardly hover in a corner, nearly pouncing on the last two bar stools open. Shrugging off my coat and feeling the first of the butterflies start to dance, I ordered myself a fancy beer to calm my jitters- liquid courage always had my back, wink face. Smiling at the bartender, I took a frat-house-worthy chug while I tried to avoid staring at the door, waiting for him to come through it. I didn't have to wait long though, and I shot him shy little glances as he settled in on the stool next to mine, explaining all sweetly flustered how he was usually a better gentleman than this. He was cute, like really cute. So cute that I put my chin in my hand and just smiled at him for a minute. 

But then he opened his mouth.  And it all went downhill. We went through the usual first date dance, where you ask about work and friends, share funny little anecdotes and try your best to make each other laugh. He told me he grew up in Europe and went traveling there last year, and me being an avid backpacker myself, I jumped at that and asked him what his favorite city was. He answered by talking about post-communist governments and the mobsters that run them. O-oh, you don't- ahem- you don't say. That's some heavy stuff for the first thirty minutes of a date, but m'kay, let's try it your way and roll with it. Not really getting a, you know, answer to that question I asked again what his favorite city was. He went on to explain how his friend has three PhD's but drives a taxi. I guess we're again choosing to go with the corruption answer- let me just scrap this here question off the list. Deciding to move on, I asked if he still had any family there and he told me about his uncle that lives in seclusion in the mountains with a goat. Right. Choosing to glide over the weirdness of that there, I instead smiled and nodded my head encouragingly. And waited for him to ask me something. Anything.



So I instead tossed out tidbits, hoping he'd nibble on the bait and bite so I can reel it in. He didn't. So I decided to ramble on, at least enjoying the conversation with myself. And it was great; I made the both of us laugh and I was charming and I even had an opportunity or two to bat my eyelashes and playfully touch his hand. But as I did that I didn't feel that little spark- the one that starts getting you nervous for that moment where you stand on the sidewalk and smile nervously at each other, wondering who will make the first move. There was none of that, so I excused myself to the bathroom where I texted my best friend Tom to see where he was. It turned out he was two blocks away and so a plan to blow this joint was hatched. I quickly told him I'd try to weasel away in the next thirty minutes, and I proceeded to take some time washing my hands so I can think of an appropriate excuse.

But it turns out I didn't have to worry so. I came back to my seat, smiling and ready to say something charming, when he turned to me and asked "So, shall we go?" My brows rose. Excuse me? I was the one that was supposed to cut things short, not you. I mean, I was the date- what did he even contribute? Confused and slightly miffed, I put on my coat and followed him outside. We stopped on the sidewalk and looked at each other, smiling. I was about to offer what a lovely time I had with him when he stuck his hands in his pockets and smiled.  And after a brief pause went "Well...I guess the verdict is still out for next time."

Excuse me? I mean, I know I don't like you but you should at least like me. I was the fun one- did I not entertain you thoroughly enough back there? Because a few times you laughed so hard that you threw your head back, mister. Rightfully miffed, I just nodded my head, hugged him goodbye, and went the opposite way down the block. And began thinking of names I'd give my brigade of cats.


SKIRT: c/o Dressed in the Dark Vintage| TURTLENECK: c/o Voyeur Vintage| BOOTIES: Macy's (similar ones are in Target right now!)| SHIRT: Forever 21

But cats aside, let's talk about my gorgeous skirt. This is one of those vintage beauties you stumble upon every now and then, and I can't get over how pretty the colors of this piece are. Talk about spring heaven. I nabbed this one from Dressed in the Dark Vintage, a small Etsy boutique that hunts down plaid dresses, toggle coats, sailor collar summer frocks, and floral skirts like nobody's business. And they're actually reasonably priced, with most tags hovering around the $20 mark. When I got this in the mail I instantly knew I wanted to keep the style of the look light and fresh, so I opted to choose other soft colors. I made the skirt more modern by adding suede grey booties, and I layered a chambray shirt underneath a sleeveless turtleneck for a bit of a layered, more interesting look (and I feel like the chambray helps it look more modern, too). I feel like a total dream in this outfit! 

And here are some of my other favorite picks from Dressed in the Dark, to give you an idea what they have!:


ONE| TWO (only $30!)| THREE


  1. Eeee bad dates are the worst. That guy sounds like a real dud. At least you looked lovely--that outfit is gorgeous!

  2. Super cute skirt, Marlen.
    So sorry to hear about your bad date, but it did make me smile in the process of reading it!

  3. Wow, what a date you had! Your outfit looks so cute, it makes me think of a botAnical garden ;)

  4. Lol this story is hilarious! Well sounds like you dodge a bullet there because that dude sounds majorly weird.
    Oh, cute skirt by the way.

    Keep in touch with me on Bloglovin

  5. Oh goodness! That sounds awful -- I'm so sorry. Haha. I haven't had to date in a while, but I can sympathize. On another note, I love your skirt! I'm a sucker for a vintage floral. What a great find!


  6. Oh my word.. that is a terrible date.. bummer. I think there needs to be a course given in the local Junior College to teach people how to have a polite nice conversation and to listen and ask questions.. I agree it's a lost art.

  7. That is so annoying! I can't stand that. A conversation has two sides buddy! Hello! Eh, you don't need that anyway. Just consider it a good trial run.

  8. This is such a great post! But count yourself lucky to even be asked out...some of us don't even make it that far... haha :) That skirt is so pretty! And he was silly not to see how great you are :)

  9. OH MY GOD. Marlen! that date story, liiiike I CANT EVEN. sorry for the caps. but really that guy. oh jeez. anyway, sorry ive been away and didnt catch that you were back on the dating scene. chin up girl you are way awesome so i'd wait on those cat names haha. loving your hair this way btw.

    At This Volume

  10. oh no, he sounds awful! but you instead sound and look charming and that skirt really is wonderful! the colours are lovely:-) xx

  11. Wow, are you sure you weren't out on a date with my ex-boyfriend? Hahaha! He would totally talk about post-communist governments on a first date! Sorry you had a less than stellar experience, but it sounds like you're not missing out on much.

    But your skirt... holy cow, your skirt. That is gorgeous! And I love it paired with the gold. It's such a nice springy color palette!


  12. Oh man, those dates are the worst. At least you looked really, really cute! Perfect for spring ~

  13. Okay, Post-communist government corruption. Heavy stuff for someone you just met. Sounds like you dodged a bullet and I hope the rest of your night went better.

    This skirt is a dream on you. An absolute dream.

  14. Omgsh, we both have a date story on our blog!
    Aha, yeah, dating kinda sucks now. Not many guys know how to carry on a conversation or even care too. Ugh. Sorry you had to meet such a dud. But hey, at least we know you're the charming one!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. Wow, that guy sounds like a jerk. I hate when guys just talk and talk only about themselves. That skirt is super cute though and definitely perfect for Spring. Your hair is looking gorgeous as well :)

  16. Isn't it so much easier to find a great skirt than a great date?! *sigh* I can totally relate to your date story. I have so many bad ones under my belt...

    If only I had advice, but I haven't had a date in way too long, so I don't even have a recent horror story to share!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  17. That guy sounds like a total bust. Please, dearie, move on with fresh eyes. Collect the cats AND the men. Why can't you have both? I do. ;)

    as usual, you look good. great. I love the spring layering!


  18. This was hilarious, your writing style is funny and sarcastic and I love it. I also love what your wearing but I usually do lol, but this made me laugh so much on a Wednesday morning. Sorry about the bad date and it made me glad I'm still with my long term boyfriend and happy I don't have to deal with that haha! I hope it turns around for you soon...

    At least you will have looked great and have a personality .... ;)

    Great post :)

    Have a lovely day :)
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  19. What an entertaining read! And what an arsehole that guy was haha love the skirt! :)

  20. Bahahahaha :D Lol!!! I've been living with dah boyfriend for so long I forgot how awkward these first dates were! AWFUL, just plain awful! I had a date once, with a tall, somewhat cute guy.. . So..he was very quiet through the whole thing, didn't say much and later as he walked me home he said: " I think I love you!." And I'm seeing him for THE FIRST TIME! And I was like "whaaa? that's not gonna happen!". And then I ran away :D
    First date with my current boyfriend was a disaster too, I hated him so much! After a few more years, I actually started liking him :D

  21. Oh man, he sounds like a real treat! Dating can be so wonderfully, terribly awkward, and at the very least it can produce amusing stories like this! Sorry to hear this one was a dud, but at least you looked fab! That skirt is super pretty :)


  22. Ah, what! That sounds like a boring date and man I am sorry that he wasn't much fun to chat with! Conversation really is a two-sided things but it sounds like it was pretty one sided here. Darn diddly darn! I guess there was just no click, but on the bright side, you won't ever have to entertain that turd again. ;)

  23. Great post! I'm sorry your date was a bummer. Guys can be so clueless! Well, I guess all people can be sometimes, too!
    I'm totally already naming my cats as well. I'm also looking forward to yelling at kids to get off my lawn.
    They'll tell myths about me to scare younger times!
    On a brighter note, I love that skirt! The colors and shape are fabulous and pairing it with mustard was great! :-)

  24. Hahaha, aww, that was a tragic, but entertaining tale. :) That's so frustrating when men don't realize that a date is back-and-forth conversation and they are not the star. I can't stand people who try to brag about their smarts right away. Bye!

  25. looooove this skirt! and I hate SO MUCH that I missed the little miss vintage giveaway. those skirts are amazing! also- reading your date tales is quite entertaining!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  26. Sounds like that guy was just not worthy of you! Seriously. Haha, I wouldn't know a lot about dating being I only ever dated my husband, but yeah, on the first date there was definitely a lot of back and forth questions even though we'd been talking on Facebook for a month before that. I'm sorry it didn't go well! But at least you have a great story to share, right?
    That skirt is to DIE for. Oh man.

  27. Well, at least with a weird date, you have a good story to tell! That gold vintage top that you're wearing looks a lot like a 60s dress that I'm going to be listing in my shop soon. Is it a textured polyester?


  28. Wow. Just wow. How great it is that you realized early on that this guy wasn't going to be a butterflies inducing dream. I can't believe he didn't ask you one single question! I agree with Eccentric Owl - he definitely wasn't worthy! Thanks for sharing the experience, though. I'm sure all of us have had the awkward totally-not-working-out date before.

  29. One of my best friends and I went through a phase of very actively "putting ourselves out there" on the dating front a while ago, and I liked her wording of a revelation we both had, that seems to apply to you as well: "I really like first dates, but I think it's because //I'm// a good date." Dating can be a great way to learn about yourself, and about the full spectrum of weirdos out there!

    I like your springy colors, that skirt is really fun :) 

  30. Wow, what a meh date! That does not sound so enjoyable. At least you were awesome. Its a shame you couldn't just look at him and hear a band or something : )

  31. I love the yellow you paired with this skirt, quite a breath of fresh air! Ugh, sorry about your less than fun date though! I have also experienced selfish guys who only ramble on about themselves and don't care to know me at all-- good riddance!

  32. Oh geez, what a bummer of a date- but I love your recounting of it :)

  33. Ooof! I am cringing at your recap of that date. I have TOTALLY been there lady. My least favorite ones are the ones where you walk in, see the guy, and go "Damn. I'm going to have to carry a conversation for the next hour." I hope the next one goes better! I had a promising one last night, so there's hope for us all!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog


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