Dainty Jewelry Around My Room

Mar 6, 2014


I'm partnering up with Milk + Crown today, an Etsy jewelry store that's all about the subtle and chic, and I thought it'd be fun to shoot their pretty pieces in my room. I've mentioned before that I feel like my style is shifting more towards the simple and uncluttered, and I've noticed that my room is starting to reflect that, too. When I moved back home from Seattle I dropped my bags in my old college room, and it seemed like I developed into a Stage One hoarder over the years. My first order of business was to get rid of a lot of the trimmings before they ganged up together and buried me under. 

Now I just have my favorite pieces decorating the shelves and walls, and I feel a lot lighter for it. I have stacks of books wedged between sugar and flour pots my mom used while baking back when I was five. I have prints in black frames leaning against the wall on the floor. I have a quirky butter dish that acts as my ring holder. And, one of my favorites, I have a woven basket that holds two patterned vases and a crystal decanter- one that I'd watch my dad pour as her was getting ready for a party back when I was little.

It's minimal but it makes me happy. Just like Milk + Crown.  Kristyn, the creator, wants women to feel as if wearing one of her pieces is natural and effortless; an extension of their daily style, something they can feel beautiful and feminine in.

How perfect is that? So if you want to treat yourself with a sweet trinket of your own, be sure to check out Milk + Crown here. And bonus: right now Kristyn is clearing out inventory for her rebrand/relaunch in March, so you can use code SUPERSALE to get 40% off everything in the shop! Perfect timing!


And here are some other pretty picks from Milk and Crown to give you an idea what else they have in store! I love how dainty it all is.



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  1. such a pretty dainty necklace. i've been gravitating towards simpler pieces i can wear on a daily basis
    xo jac

  2. I loooove the shift toward a simpler style. It's inspiring me to pare things down! Gonna have to take a look at this shop now ~

  3. Those photographs are adorable, well done) So romantic and simply charming)

  4. omgosh love!! your gold necklace is so cute!! looks so pretty on you!


  5. Minimal is often the most beautiful. I love how you juxtaposed the necklace with the New Yorker backdrop. One of my favorite literary magazines!

  6. I love the way you've displayed this gorgeous jewelry. That butter dish is too adorable! <3 xoxo

  7. Aww, so super pretty! The necklace is lovely and it's nice to see it lying amidst all of your cute home decor. Loving that butter dish! xo



  8. Wow, I'm very surprised about this absolutely lovely idea! I never thought this kind of jewelry pieces could be used this way, but it does looks amazing. And the designs are amazing as well! xx

  9. these are such pretty simple pieces! i love it

    Alexa <3

  10. this is such a great idea!
    i love their jewelry, and i, too have been trying to become more minimalistic in my styling. i've started one room at a time at home..i'll get there eventually.
    and i totally know what you mean about college. i finished my undergrad in may '10 and i just finished going through all of my junk!

  11. you look lovely! Awesome pics


  12. These are such cute pieces- I love the photo on the butter dish! I always forget how great dainty jewelry can be for a subtle statement. Also you are pretty :)

  13. I love what a statement small jewelry can make. Darling. :)



  14. Love discovering new etsy jewelery places. I discovered a nifty one earlier this morning and I am so on the one you mentioned above. And 40% off sounds pretty enticing so I hope there's something that catches my fancy! BTW I feel you re the shift to more minimal everything. I feel like style wise I can't handle arm parties and finger swag anymore. I'll only dress my digits if I go out and even then it's kinda annoying. The other day I was driving and had to remove a bunch of rings from my fingers because they're were starting to annoy me! Hahaha!


  15. You have the cutest jewellery !! I love how dainty it is, and that dish is cool too! Is it a butter dish ?

    Such a fun idea=]

    x Victoria

  16. Dainty is the perfect way to describe it. I love the way you layered in over a turtleneck :)


  17. I've been loving dainty pieces as well. I used to love big, colorful, and bold jewelry but I'm leaning towards more simpler pieces nowadays.

    Beautiful pictures. :-)


  18. Oooh, such lovely little gems lying around. That mushroom necklace is my favorite though!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  19. Absolutely gorgeous pieces! Your room is so pretty and vintage - I love it so much. P.S - the hat is from H&M and was only £12 just got it a few weeks ago ;)

    Happy friday,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  20. I bet you have such an adorable room! beautiful feminine and cozy! gorgeous necklace!!


  21. you have such a pretty blog!! And I love your hair. Just saying :) xx


  22. I love your little pieces. I am all about using random dishes and eclectic pieces for my jewelry and little treasures. The butter dish made me smile :)

  23. What lovely gems! I do always love getting a glimpse of other people's spaces. Does that make me super nosy? I thins it is super interesting to see what sorts of things people like to surround themselves with! I'm working with about 20% of my belongings now, as most of my goodies are in the states, and I am not (I miss my books sooooooo much!), but I have noticed that whenever I came home from college/internships/moved to a new place, I found that I needed to de-clutter before I could settle in! Just another way that you and I are kindred spirits, I suppose!
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  24. i love love love dainty jewellery!

  25. It's so nice to see her beautiful stuff over here! Love her work and can't wait for her launch!


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