Feb 17, 2014


DRESS: c/o Wildwood Vintage
BOOTS: Macy's
PURSE: Thrifted

This weekend was about celebrating Valentine's Day weddings and juggling apple bourbon in one hand and mango mimosas in the other. It was about my best friend wearing a heart patterned tie and us being the only ones on an empty dance floor and preferring it that way. It was about the bride's red lipstick and blonde hair in curls. It was about my feet hurting in heels and flutes full of champagne being the only bandaids in sight. It was about hopping on trains at midnight and going to warehouse after-parties. It was about dancing in circles and looking up at the flashing lights like they were sunshine. It was about smoking cigarettes on balconies without coats and hugging people unexpectedly from behind. And then, in the end, it was about trying to take the train back home and figuring out it stopped running for the night. Or, in that case, the early morning.

Can the whole week please be made up of weekends? Though, then again, I don't think my twenty-four year old body can handle that much, haha.


And on a sartorial note, this dress is pretty much heaven to me. When I partnered up with Wildwood Vintage, Freshta, the owner, said she wanted to send me a summer dress because she was curious how I'd make it work for my Midwestern winter. And I was all "Challenge. Accepted." The nice thing about this gingham piece is that it's in neutral colors, making it easy to layer up and translate it into colder weather. Since it was a sleeveless number, I popped on a turtleneck underneath and then cinched on a cargo vest rather than coat so as to not hide the layering. Then I added on a hat and layered socks to add in splashes of color and cinched it all with a belt to create a breaking line in the outfit. I definitely think this will be my go-to outfit for when I don't feel like creating something new- I love how it turned out!

And Wildwood Vintage is a super feminine, super whimsical boutique on Etsy. Freshta has a penchant for floral dresses, 60's shifts, and full skirts, so she stocks her shelves full with those adorable pieces. Everything is super reasonably priced, ranging from $10-$30, so if you find your style leaning more towards the sweet and girly side, this is definitely the place for you! Be sure to stop in and say hello here :)


And here are some of my favorite picks from Wildwood Vintage at the moment- that first dress is a chambray number that has little white daisies making up the stripes!



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  1. You did an awesome job styling this dress (: I cannot wait to see what you do with it when it is summer!

  2. This dress is SO pretty & you definitely made it work perfectly for a midwestern winter! Your weekend sounds amazing, especially dancing + mango mimosas and apple bourbon hooray!

  3. That weekend sounds like the most amazing weekend ever. I am very jealous!!
    Gingham is always amazing, such a great pattern and I love the way you made it work for winter :)

  4. So beautiful look!
    Love the dress <3

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  5. Stunning look. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. Sounds like quite the fun weekend. Congrats to the Bride and Groom btw.

  7. What a gorgeous dress. I love how you styled it. You definitely met the challenge, haha :) And I'm totally in love with your hat!

  8. I'm really digging all the hats that you've been wearing. (Along with your super cute outfits!) I'm curious though, do your hats ever blow off your head because of the wind? It sounds kind of silly, but I am genuinely curious!

  9. Challenge accepted, and then conquered! I agree with Hannah. Plus, what a weekend! Sounds like something that would happen in a movie. ..

  10. Really cute look :)
    The vest is amazing, I have one that looks just like yours :)

    HugsSvetlana from Lavender Star // BlogLovin //
    Instagram // Faceboook

  11. I am going to start by saying, thanks for leaving me a comment. I had the chance to discover your blog, which I am quite obsessed with! The dress is really pretty, and you actually somehow, grew it potential by the way you combined it with the other pieces!
    I know it sounds quite ridiculous, but i've been trying to get that hat since it came out, but never found my right size as they were all quite big for me... Yes, it defiantly sounds ridiculous. Haha! xx

  12. Love how you paired the turtle neck with the vest! Though it was one of those mixed jackets! xx


  13. You look amazing, your blog is like a breathe of fresh air :) following you on Bloglovin ! I love your vintage and original style, and your weekend sounded amazing ! Greetings from Italy

    Fashion and Cookies
    Facebook / G+ / Bloglovin

  14. That dress is perfection! You certainly did make it work for winter - love it!


  15. Absolutely love this outfit....and your weekend sounds so fun! Apple bourbon? yes please.

  16. You are always just the queen of layers. You know how to wear a lot of clothes without looking bulky. You have a gift!

  17. I love this! What a great dress and I'm obsessed with J. Crew turtlenecks they're the best.

  18. You always look so cute and vintage - wish i could perfect that style!

    Have a lovely week :)

    Florals & Corals

  19. Another great outfit. Love the dress layered with the vest on top, it looks great. Also another thing that sounds great was your weekend. Mango mimosas? That sounds delicious!


  20. I would take that Valentine's Day over many other ways to spend the day, that's for sure! Sounds like you had a great time. And I am in absolute love with your outfit! This layering is perfect - that vest is a wonderful touch.

  21. I really love the dress...but that vest!! I literally saw one just like it today, but it was $70 and I just couldn't do it. Maybe I should look at H&M....because I think I need something like that in my life :)

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  22. Sounds like a very memorable weekend :) LOVE how you styled this gingham dress. Your outfit is pretty much perfection. And I have that same hat but it looks so much better on you with your straight hair. I am jealous haha.

  23. Argh, you an your layering Master's degree!!!! I can't believe you could make a summer dress look so incredibly cool and perfectly wearable for winter! Damn you! :D

  24. I love how you described your weekend! And your style is really cool!
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog by the way :)

    Alexandra x

  25. Sounds like you had a good weekend and mango mimosas? Yes please! I'm so excited to see my dress alive and kickin' it in the blogosphere. I love love LOVE the way you styled this! :D You made this summery frock translate seamlessly into a Midwestern winter, and you look fab doing it, kudos to you! :)

  26. That sounds like a pretty perfect weekend. (and smart of them to get married on v-day, easy to remeber!).
    Isn't this hat wonderful? I have it in black and wear it all the time. The burgundy color is so pretty on you.


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