Old Man Winter

Feb 10, 2014

trixy-cat-etsy trixy-cat-vintage-etsy trixy-cat-vintage

JACKET: c/o Trixy Cat Vintage
SCARF: c/o  Afternoon Owl Designs
SWEATER: Goodwill
SHORTS: Anthropologie
BOOTS: Macy's

I'm trying my best to live in the moment and all that but, godamnit, I am so over winter. When we went out for Moscow Mules on Friday night the streets were so deserted and empty that it made me think that a) it could have POSSIBLY been a Wednesday at that moment and I just got my calendar all confused or b) a zombie apocalypse has happened and we were just about to find out. Only the brave and thirsty braved the heaps of snow that night and, standing there, on the semi-empty dance floor with my snowy boots making a puddle around me, I decided I was done.

Gone is the appeal of grandpa sweaters and pumpkin spice. Instead now all I can do is wait- with some anxiety- for May to make its way over here. I can't wait for walks in the warm summer rain. I can't wait to be outdoorsy in the way that patio drinkers are. I can't wait to buy tulips for my mom. I can't wait to have bare shoulders (what does sunshine on skin feel like, anyway?), I can't wait for watermelon on the beach, and wine in McDonald jumbo cups on the sand. It's enough to make me curl up in a duvet cocoon and just hibernate til it's time. 

trixy-cat-etsu trixy-cat-etsy-vintage

But since the duvet thing isn't really an option, I guess I'll just try to make it up to myself with fun winter clothes in the meantime. Enter this southwest jean jacket from Trixy Cat Vintage! The second I saw it I knew it had a home in my closet. I love that the length of it hits at your thigh so it's perfect for layering on top of shorts and mini dresses, and I really like the relaxed, old-school vibe it gives off. Trixy Cat Vintage has a store full of SUPER eclectic pieces- everything from Hepburn-esque tea length dresses to boho feather print maxi dresses- and it's a great store to visit if you don't really subscribe to one type of style (like me!) So if you have a moment, be sure to check them out here. You won't be sorry (especially after you see the cape coats!)

Also, they own a female based skateboarding company too, called Gypsy Boards. Each board is hand crafted and hand painted, so if you know how to skate be sure to check them out! 

TRIXY-CAT-denim-jacket trixy-cat

And to give you an idea of the items they have, here are a few favorite picks from Trixycat- how pretty is that plaid cape coat?




  1. Gorgeous outfit! That scarf looks great on you. I can never really pull of scarfs :)


  2. Haha.... I am soooo sick of Winter too. It's been relentless. But outfits like this make things cheerier! Love that cozy scarf :)



  3. oh my gosh, sunshine on bare shoulders...what is that again?
    love your fun look -- really makes up for the cold that we're experiencing...tricking the mind and all that, ya know?



  4. I'm not sure how you're not freezing your legs off, but I love the look. Such a cute denim jacket.

  5. Girl, I hear you - 100%. I'm tired of trudging through the snow to get outfit pictures. You look great - I love that scarf.

  6. Great scarf and although I'm sure you were freezing it doesn't show!


  7. I second, third and fourth that motion of being over winter. SO OVER WINTER, EFF OFF WINTER.
    Anyways, you're managing to look cute as all hell in this ensemble. Love the shorts with tights for colder days :)

  8. Ahh I'm totally with you - I'm just done with winter! I've been buying a lot of Spring things but can't wear them because the weather won't cooperate!
    That said, LOVE that you wore those shorts. Way to incorporate warm weather items into your cold weather essentials! Gorgeous look!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. Oh-em-Geeee! That jacket! My jaw just dropped, I absolutely love it along with everything else really.. :-)

  10. I love your denim jacket! what color lipstick do you use! pretty color

  11. Toooooootally feel you about winter! I'm always over it by December 26th, but this year even more so. And I am loving your shorts and tights!

  12. UGH I am so over winter...like, I just CAN'T do it anymore!!

    On the plus side, your layered shorts and comfy scarf at least look super cute.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  13. You know how to use colors so good!! I love this type of layering, and apparently you are like me, as long my upper body is well covered my lower body can handle the cold very well. You look incredible sexy my dear.

  14. Love the outfit! I am also SO over winter! Ugh! :)

  15. Awww, well even though it's wintry, you've managed to wear shorts! Halfway there =P

  16. Oh man, I don't want winter to be over, because I would miss your awesome winter style! :D
    The jacket is woooooow! I wanted a jacket like that for years now! I love aztec pieces.
    Awesome vintage shorts too ^^

  17. oh i love your outfit so much! really great <3

    kim from www.the-new-black.de

  18. I hope you're wearing fleecy skin coloured tights under these sheer tights! Ahh it looks so cold :)

    I love the colour palette of your outfit today, especially your corduroy shorts. They look adorable xo

  19. I'm in love with this outfit. The jacket is unreal. You loook lovely x

  20. You look great!


  21. That scarf gives such an edge that I simply can't stop looking at the outfit! You brave girl :)


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  22. "I'm trying my best to live in the moment and all that but, godamnit, I am so over winter." - This made me laugh out loud, because it so perfectly describes my current attitude! My sister and I got a facebook thread going today dreaming up our joint migration to California.

    This is such a fun outfit! I love the corduroy shorts with tights look, and if that jacket can't wake up a frozen February day, I don't know what will.


  23. Oh man, so with you!! Winter is tough... we haven't had a ton of snow but it's been bloody freezing out. And shorts, with tights! I so need to get on it, such a fabulous look!! <3

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  24. I know it's terribly strange but I absolutely love winter! I'm from northern Canada and when I went away to grad school I was somewhere that never, to my mind, had a proper winter and now that I'm back home I love having winter weather again - even though it was -30 here this morning. And I love that shop you linked to - amazing stuff.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  25. That jacket is AMAZING! I am definitely still not over the whole southwest print and I'm not sure I ever will be! Wine in a jumbo mcDs cup on the beach for the win!
    xo Hannah


  26. thank you for the comment :)
    yup, im pretty much feeling the same and wishing spring to come asap - I just want to wear nice shoes and not have to worry about layering up!
    even if you are fed up with winter, you still look lovely :) x


  27. You are SO CUTE! I love your jacket - and I'm seriously loving all the textures in this outfit.

  28. Love the shorts over tights look!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  29. I totally understand how you must be over the winter weather. With the holidays long gone, all the leftover wintry stuff seems dull. On the other hand, love this look on you!

  30. wow, you look so great, honey!
    love the colours <3

    keep in touch, xoxo
    love, Yulia

  31. Really really nice look :)
    I like it :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  32. I love love love this denim jacket with the Aztec print. So gorgeous.

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  33. looking cool!!! i love that hat and denim jacket! wish i could visit that store,... take care!

  34. Oh I love this outfit! I've been wanting to look for a pair of short so I can try something like this out. I'm also starting to dream of spring. Hopefully it will be here before we know it!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  35. I'm counting down the days until the snow finally melts away. I am ready for summer! (It's terrible to say that in February, isn't it?)
    You look absolutely charming, :)

  36. This outfit is like my spirit animal. I seriously love everything about it, its my favorite of yours by far! That jacket is just all kinds of awesome and the shorts! (plus, I'm a hat person.). I have to agree with your feelings on winter, I'm just really teady for it to be over. Ugh, we've had a week straight of -20 to -40 below and I'm just ready for some warm sinshine and green grass.(what did that look like again?)

  37. Uhh, I am so over winter as well. I've actually put pictures of summer around my house to make me feel better. I'm still cold though!

    And again, you are rocking the layers! You look so stylish and ready for an adventure. And I love those shorts!

  38. i love the jacket, it looks so great on you! but i am kind of ready for spring, too:-) xx

  39. Haha I get so so sick of summer because it lasts so long here which is basically the opposite of Illinois most of the time. I'm not ready to give up tights!! But I digress. I love this outfit. The jean jacket looks so cool with your corduroy shorts. Plus your scarf looks super cozy.

  40. I really love all the textures and warm colours in this outfit. And you've made shorts look cozy! Those are my dream shorts, by the way (corduroy everything please!).

    Those boards are pretty rad. Bookmarked for the next time I'm in the market!

  41. I'm so over Winter as well. We've got the same attitude right now towards it. When I'm at the last days of fall, it looks so appealing, chilly and perfect, but at the ends of January i'm just all moody and praying for Spring to come!
    By the way, good weather it's starting to wake up! (At least here)
    Anyway; I love love loooove your outfit. How weird, right?
    AND THE HAT. God, it is my favorite piece.
    I am not actually really into scarfs when it comes to a matter of style, but it does really suits your look. xx


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