Phoebe Goes to Eat Sushi

Feb 24, 2014

dressed-in-the-dark-full-skirt dressed-in-the-dark-midi-skirt

SKIRT: c/o Dressed in the Dark
VEST: c/o Mousevox Vintage
TURTLENECK: Banana Republic
BELT: Calvin Klein

This weekend I literally did nothing but eat. I'm getting way too comfortable with hiding under all these winter layers, ya know what I mean? On Friday I had a sushi date with my cousin and we spent three hours cleaning out the ocean's fish supply while giggling about bad first kisses and cringing over date stories. Let me tell you, i do not miss being twenty-two. So many awkward college stories, so little time. Afterwards I went to an empty cafe (it was nine o'clock on a Friday- it was a ghost town in there) and listened to some scratchy jazz as I fiddled around with my book. On Saturday my brothers and I went to Chilies and sat in a booth for a couple of hours, with me giving them sage and solemn advice over chicken wings on how to win over their crushes. It's fun being the oldest and the wisest from the three of us, haha.

Speaking of my book- I was so blown away with all your encouragement and support! I wanted to share that I was writing one because I literally couldn't hold it in any longer, but I never expected you all to care so much. I wish we can all just pile together and group hug- you ladies are a special type of amazing :)


And on a less binge-eating note, I have definitely felt my style shift towards simpler things lately. Anyone else feel like they're starting to go towards a different look? Before, I'd wrap myself in as many layers and patterns as I could get my hands on, but now I like things to be a little more streamlined and simple. This full skirt is from Dressed in the Dark, and when it came tumbling out of its box I immediately had a flashback to Phoebe from season one of Friends. The pattern and color was so very her, and all I needed was some chunky earrings and a stack of rings to complete the look. Instead, I decided to tone down the hippie guitarist vibe and went for a turtleneck and buttoned up vest. I was going to leave it at that but there wasn't and clear lines in the outfit, so I belted the vest at the waist. I love the way the belt turned out- it was the perfect touch!

And here are some of my favorite picks from Dressed in the Dark to give you an idea what other goodies they have in stock- I'll never get sick of red toggle coats!



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  1. super:)) x

  2. There's absolutely nothing wrong about having a weekend full of eating! :D
    Although hmmmm, I dont know how I feel about the Chilli's part lol. I'm a mom n' pop kind of girl when it comes to places to eat. But hey, if the food taste good, why not, right?


  3. Too cool to hear you're actually writing a book! Good luck on that! :D And I love the skirt!

    xo Sonja

  4. I haven't seen the book reveal post yet--I'm sure it's a few down in my feed--but YAY! I figured since you wrote that post about writing you were working on something new + big. Side note: I love what you do with denim :)

  5. I love the outfit, but, I wanted to tell you that I love love love your skirt!! Not only the print, but also the cut and how good it seems to fit! And I think it matches perfectly with your belt, which I also really fancy! xx

  6. That skirt is so Phoebe! Good call. And now I'm craving sushi!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That's so wonderful about your book. Yay!! And oh man, you and me both, SO much eating this weekend. I'm so blaming it on all my roomy dresses. You're looking lovely, adore that skirt so much!! xoxo

  8. Hi, Marlen! You are absolutely gorgeous, and I find your style very pretty and adorable, I love colours, textures, prints and when all that beautifully connected together in one outfit, that what strikes me most, and I think you have it all darling! Your follower! <3 Love

  9. I love this! You look so happy and well put together :)
    xo, Al

  10. Oooh, I love sushi so much! Sitting around chatting while munching on sushi for three hours sounds delightfully wonderful! The pattern on that skirt is really cool and I think the belt really does complete your outfit!

  11. Haha, sounds like a perfect, delicious weekend! Loving the print on the skirt and the way you've belted the vest :)


  12. I am definitely turning towards a simpler and more... timeless look. A little more grown up. But it is fun to see styles evolve, right?

  13. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

    xo erica

  14. I like how you went for a more polished look with this hippie skirt. I've been slowly but surely changing my look lately too and find myself craving solids instead of prints. And eating is the best way to spend time. I am definitely guilty of that too haha.

  15. It's always interesting to see how our style evolves, huh? You've still got your adorable quirky style, but it's definitely less print-filled lately. Definitely more streamlined! I like it :)
    Also, haha, sounds like a great sushi date with your cousin. Cheers to memories!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  16. I love sushi dates! When I was on my annual leave I kept on bugging Nick every couple of days, asking him if we could go. It kind of helps that our local sushi restaurant is really cute, too - they greet everybody with "welcome to the store" in Japanese.

    I can understand changing style a lot. I have always been kind of pattern phobic but I think now in my old age (har har) I am wearing significantly less ruffles than when I was teen. This is a very good thing.

  17. That skirt is just darling (: by the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award! There is no obligation to participate, but if you are interested go check out my most recent post and follow the instructions. And if you do participate, let me know because I'd love to read your answers to my questions!

  18. That's funny that you should mention our personal style evolving - I was just thinking the other day how boring a blog would be if one wore the same thing year in and out. It's nice to see change, since it's only natural. This more "simple" ensemble is beautiful! I love how you belted your jean vest and that skirt has the prettiest print!

  19. You're writing a book!? *explodes* How exciting is that? (I am reading your posts backwards from where I left off, so spoilers first, I guess?)

  20. love the print of the skirt! I have definitely been gravitating towards simpler outfits...or at least pinning them (is that the same thing?) it's making me long for easy summer style! I totally know the feeling of looking back over a weekend and only remembering what I ate- ha! Still, I liked following along with your edible diary.

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  21. girrrrl i feel ya on the shifting style. my style is definitely changing and i dont know how to feel about it.

    at this volume


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