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Feb 22, 2014


SCARF: c/o Dottie Q
SHIRT: c/o Honeymoon Muse
DRESS: for sale in my shop here

Today I'm super excited to introduce you to a fun knit store called Dottie Q. I've been going nuts accessorizing with infinity scarves this winter, but when I found Dottie Q on Etsy I immediately had hearts in my eyes. They were so different! The braided scarves looked more like statement necklaces and I knew they'd work just as well during the summer over a jersey dress as in the winter over a peacoat. 

The mastermind behind the store is Dottie, and the idea was born a few years ago when she moved to a charming 90+ year old bungalow in St. Louis, Missouri. There her creativity went into overdrive and about a year ago she discovered she had a talent for working with fibers. It was basically love at first hook when she started crocheting, and last fall and winter she made more people than she could hope for feel cozy. 

What I really love about Dottie's store is that keeping her accessories eco-friendly is a high priority. She tries to use 100% organic cotton, sustainable vegan materials like hemp and bamboo, and upcycled materials as much as possible, and even mails them out in recycled envelopes! 

Dottie knits everything from infinity scarves, cozy cowls, scarf necklaces, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves, tech cozies and muffs. And what's even more impressive is that she's been doing this for about a year or so and she's already made it onto the Today Show! Her scarf necklaces were featured on "Bobbie's Buzz Cold Weather Must-Haves", and you can watch that here! So if you'd like to check out her amazing store, be sure to pop over and say hello here!

dottie-q-braided-necklace dottie-q-knit-scarf dottie-q-etsy

And here are some other knit picks from Dottie Q- keep in mind that these come in all sorts of different colors! 



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  1. Love at first hook...haha, awesome!
    Love the knit scarf - better enjoy them while we've still got this chilly weather :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I love your jumper! I have one in a similar style, which I enjoy wearing it around spring and summer time. I really like the way you styled it with the floral long sleeved top and crocheted scarf. You look ready for next season!

    "My First Peplum" Blog post on:

  3. I love everything about this. That red/mustard combo especially!

  4. That scarf is amazing, never seen anything like it before. And I'm really head over heels on your printed floral shirt as well. That definitely caught my eye before anything else.

    The Style Boro

  5. I can't even deal with your cuteness!

  6. This outfit is so bright, love the pop of yellow :-) xo

  7. Gotta love and support small businesses! I love your scarf. It looks great with this denim jumper!

  8. Well shoot, these are just so cute! I like how some of them are braided especially, and the fact that they are eco-friendly is just 1000x more rad. I love how ya paired it with that exciting floral blazer of yours, marlen! *____* your color combos always make me go eeee swoon!

  9. It is nice to hear the story behind a brand/business like this. Thanks for this great review.

  10. Omg the pictures are adorable! I love knit scarfs, my mom usually makes me one or two per winter but sadly I didn't get one this year due to the hot winter we had.


  11. omg that scarf is AMAZING. i need one in my life. love that her shop is ecofriendly.

    at this volume

  12. The scarves are awesome indeed, especially the mustard color of yours ^_^ I Love how you styled it with the denim dress and floral top, you're a genius! ^_^

  13. perfect:)) x

  14. I'm not very keen on styling with scarfs. I think the colour and design is really pretty though, but I'm not sure If I could pull it out.
    I'm loving your shirt, by the way! xx

  15. That is such a cute scarf! Like you said, it will work when the weather gets a little warmer too as a great statement piece! :)

    It's really nice with that floral shirt as well :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Away From Blue

  16. I'd never heard of Dottie Q before but I am so happy I have! Such cute stuff!

  17. I love that scarf, it is so unusual!

    Thanks for the lovely comment!


  18. Love that denim dress! xx

  19. I love the floral and denim together. That shirt is beautiful!! :D Gisforgingers xx

  20. The colours in this look are oh so perfect!! I absolutely love the mustard knit scarf, and that bright floral dress is gorgeous

  21. Ah, so so lovely! The floral print and bright red shade are so pretty and the scarf is fab. Love that you're rocking a red lip too :)


  22. Oh, that scarf is so neat! I like the texture the braids give it. And I am loving this floral top! So bright and cheery, perfect for the soon approaching spring. It makes me happy to just see a bit of grass in your photos! Hah.

  23. Those scarves are so cool! It looks like yours would be super versatile too. I could definitely see it being worn in warmer weather too. I also love this blouse you're wearing every time I see it. I need a red floral print asap!

  24. you look gorgeous girl!! i'm lovin your hair this lenght, cut, color, etc. is this close to your natural color? i also love the bright top paired w/ the light denim jumper & that great cowl, such good color combos!

  25. you look gorgeous girl!! i'm lovin your hair this lenght, cut, color, etc. is this close to your natural color? i also love the bright top paired w/ the light denim jumper & that great cowl, such good color combos!

  26. also, sorry for the multiple comments, all the text was whited-out on the page at first for some reason. super awesome she uses eco-friendly materials! i'm off to check her shop out right now.

  27. Wow, you look adorable!! And I love that scarf, I'll have to check out that shop!!


  28. While I still love your outfits, the days when every post wasn't advertising a shop, or sponsored are very missed.

    1. This blog is my job! No stores= no income for me :)

  29. I love that scarf! Also your lip color!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  30. you are such a cutie! LOVE that top!


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