Midwestern Fury

Jan 7, 2014

HAT: Urban Outfitters| SWEATER: Urban Outfitters (similar here and here and here)| PURSE: c/o Whhttt Vintage| JEANS: Zaras (similar here)| BOOTIES: Macy's (similar here and here)| TURTLENECK: TJ Maxx (similar here)

So, the Midwest got confused on us and decided to turn into Mother Russia, bringing in winds with icy teeth and temperatures that the arctic gets cozy with. It got to the point where cars wouldn't start and offices had to close down, giving almost everyone a chance for a snow day that consisted of diving under blankets and staying there. Or it gave you the chance to be trapped inside your house with nothing but yourself and cabin fever but, you know, tomato tomatoe.

I myself started to fall victim for the latter, something that became glaringly clear when I found myself standing in the living room with my nose pressed against the window, fogging up the glass with my breath as I stood there trying to weigh if I'd really slide into a ditch if I tried making a run for it and hightailed it to my friend's house. Who, by the way, happens to live across town, but surely the trip itself would be exciting? It'd be like that extreme truckers show on the History channel, where I impressively swerve and dodge death with every right handed turn onto an empty side street. I mean, if that doesn't chase the boredom away then I don't know what will, amiright?

But just as I started to convince myself that that's a good idea like a crazy person, something I read by Bell Hooks popped into my head the way reason tends to before you throw yourself head-first off of a cliff: "When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as an escape."

Well played Ms. Hooks, well played. With my nose still pressed against the glass, I sighed heavily and fogged up my view of the deserted neighborhood, knowing she was right. If I didn't enjoy my own company, then what does that say about me? If I feel lonely when I'm alone, should I really inflict myself onto other people? The thought of having the need to escape yourself- to surround yourself with other people and their chatter so that you don't have to spend some one on one time with your own thoughts and notions- sounded just a little bit sad to me. And made me feel kind of boring. And so with that I pushed myself away from the window and decided to go right that wrong.


And on a more outfit related note, I haven't been gravitating towards dresses as much since there are icicles the size of tree branches hanging outside, and so cozy sweaters are saving the day time and time again. I watched an old Diane Keaton movie some time ago, and I remember thinking how I really liked that the men had turtlenecks underneath their sweaters and filed that tid-bit away for a future outfit. It was so deliciously 90's, and God knows the extra layer wouldn't hurt. I also wanted to jazz up the look with a pair of cozy, patterned socks so I rolled up my boyfriend jeans and let a good portion of my calf show. I like how it's a small detail but also adds the perfect amount of quirk to the look.

But the real show stopper in this outfit is my clear Whhttt Vintage purse! Ever since the trend exploded I've been really, really wanting a little clutch of my own, and so when I saw this one at Whhttt I had to immediately snap it up. I think it's such a fun accessory, and I like that what you pack in there can also help to add more character and color to the outfit. If you have an eclectic style yourself, then you should hop over to Whhttt Vintage- they have everything from leotards and crocheted collars, to fur coats and sheer dresses.  


And to give you an idea what Whhttt Vintage specifically offers, here are some of my favorite items! How fun are those leather shorts?



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  1. I love this look for the snowpocalypse! I am loooving that thick sweater, it's amazing. It's been super cold here too, I've barely left the house. I get cabin fever super quick, I think it has to do with all those times post surgery I spent 2-3 weeks trapped inside with no one to talk to! AAHH! So I totally get wanting to get out and visit people

  2. Loving this look and seeing you in jeans!! It's great!!! Love the sweater too and you're right, Diane Keaton & turtlenecks are a match made in 90's heaven... Rock it girl rock it...

  3. Ooooh, I really like thise quote you shared. Especially since I'm often a loner haha!
    Anyway, it's difficult to stick with dresses when it's that cold out, huh? I like your look with jeans though! The fair isle print socks peeking out are adorable :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. This outfit is PERFECT on you! I love the bright lip!

  5. It's freezing here in MS but we have no snow LOL.
    I hate being alone at times but other times I surely enjoy except at night :/.
    I love this outfit from head to toe! You nailed it doll!

    p.s. I want your hat. Thanks.

  6. I find that a very interesting idea and one with some merit (I always felt the "you can't expect someone else to love you until you love you" very apt and this is a much broader, but similar sentiment). Still, I do think it depends. I think being with others can sometimes shake one out of oneself, keeping you from chasing thoughts in circles and it introduces you to new topics and areas of interest.

    You look very cozy and cute. Why am I not surprised Keaton was mentioned with this though? Somehow very in that vein :)

  7. the weather, winter and the snow here in my city pretty much have engulfed me to stay at home too.. but alas, here in my town even with wind chills of -50, we still have to go to work and all.. boo! hahaha!

    i think you still managed to look so chic with all the layering you did!!! love this outfit!! practical and comfy and yet still such a stand out!

    Animated Confessions

  8. I really really like this post. I can definitely relate. There are days when I need to sit down and just enjoy the company of myself and my own thoughts. And I'm having a lot of trouble wearing dresses lately as well. Curse the midwest.


  9. Oooh I love the not so peek-a-boo sock showing thing happening here and that sweater looks so cozy and warm, I kinda wanna dive into and kick you out hahaha! And all that snow! We've been hearing about it down under, kinda jeally of you all until you mentioned falling into ditches and stuff. Does that really happen?! I don't know if I should be impressed or terrified. Who knew snow could be a b***!


  10. You know, you're a fighter! I bow to people who manage to stay alone and love their own company, it's something very hard to accomplish. In the past I lived alone for 2 years, it was so depressing. I kept thinking how I would end up crazy. And one morning I just stopped giving a damn and now I'm completely relaxed and happy to be alone. I've gotten to a point that people don't give me the kind of happiness I can give to myself, it's so weird O_O
    As for the outfit, this is the best I've seen eveeeer! The layering is magic, love the white knit. And how damn cool is that transparent bag? O_O I need one!!!!

  11. what a great post...so true! and i love this outfit. so cozy, even in our horrible midwest weather!

  12. I love everything you´re swearing especially the sweater! Keep EXTRA warm over there!

  13. Stunning photographs, I love your outfit, so cosy and perfect for the weather you're having!

  14. Oh gosh, keep warm!! I love your purse, perfect addition to your outfit <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  15. HAHA I loved the first sentence of this post! I could not even believe how cold it was outside! We didn't get hit with a ton of snow (just 4 inches) but it was still crazycold!!

    Loving those shoes!

  16. Haha, it's feeling a bit like Siberia here in Toronto too! Loving that bright lipstick on you! xo



  17. Such a cute look! Love the hat and all the layers.
    xo Dina

  18. Love this outfit on you, so interesting, classy and modern! xx

    Participa no meu giveaway:

  19. bahahah, so basically I heard lots of those midwestern states are closed. That sounds absolutely disasterous not being able to go anywhere at all! I'm just imagining all of these houses covered in snow with little lights peeing out from them.

    I love that last part of your post--I definitely feel at ease when I'm with myself, but then when I'm around other people, I feel like I'm just there to be there. I actually really don't enjoy being in the company of other people (yet online I love it??). It's quite strange, but probably why I've been alone for so long. I can seriously not see myself dating anyone because I feel like I wouldn't be doing it for me because I'm happiest when I'm by myself. I remember when someone said once that I was one of their best friends and how... strange that was... e____e

    oh geez just went on a rampage there SORRY

    You always are a layering queen/princess/magical person. I love that boot/sock combo with the rolled cuffs. SO GOOD.

  20. This is an adorable outfit!

    I'm so with you! I'm like ummm -30 wind chill? AM I in Ohio? Goodness.

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  21. So beautiful look <3

    Love you blog, very nice*

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  22. I love the way you style your outfits!
    I loved this post! :D the photographs were so cool!


  23. I can totally understand not wanting to wear dresses in this kind of weather. I haven't really experienced this treacherous cold front because I live in Florida, but on the days that the cold has really hit us, I can't bring myself to leave the house in a skirt.

  24. Those leather shorts ARE cool! And you stayed in, it was on the news that a women got stuck in her car b/c the doors froze while she was in it driving! Luckily int todays day and age we have cell phones. She had to all the police to come get her out. That is scary cold!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  25. Something similar happened here too last year! However I love the hat! :)


  26. Definitely food for thought - thanks for sharing!

    And on a side note, the purse is so fun (as is the hat!). I'm going to have to check out Whhttt Vintage I guess!

  27. Loving the vintage look! That sweater is so cute!


  28. LOL at that snowpocalypse comment above. Too funny! You know what my favorite piece on your outfit is? YOUR SOCKS! Those are so cute and they totally coordinate with the rest of your outfit. I'm digging the idea of statement socks. :)
    On the Daily Express

  29. Hope you're staying warm out there in the Midwest!! And I lalalaLOVE your lipstick color, it's such a wonderful color on you. And a great accessory ;)

  30. And I thought it was cold here in Texas! The only thing I am jealous of is all that beautiful snow :) Thanks so much for linking up!

  31. Yeah… so you are pretty much a rockstar. And well done on the staying in! It just figures that the winter I move out of Chicago, ya'll get TWO snow days in a row! I love snow days, but definitely do not like driving in the car! My poor tiny little sedan has a love of fishtailing! Where in Chi are you? I wonder if we were neighbors all our lives and didn't realize it!
    : signe : the daily savant :
    : blogspot
    : bloglovin

  32. Love this outfit! I would never think of styling jeans/socks (tights)/ankle boots this way ... looks great!

  33. Haha is it bad that I love days when I sit inside all day? I love a good rainy day when I don't have to leave the house and can sit on my computer in front of the TV the entire day. That's probably a sign of my lame-ness...
    I was hearing all about how crazy cold it was up there. It even was weirdly cold down in Georgia. I guess the polar vortex is moving on though so it should return to normal up there! I hope you're not freezing to death!

    Also this outfit has so many awesome layers. I'm definitely embracing the return of the turtleneck - something I never thought I would. I love the mock turtlenecks I'm finding at the thrift store. I found some really good sweater ones at various Goodwills when I was up in Illinois! I like how yours looks layered underneath that cozy sweater.

  34. I think you should just always wear that lipstick. It looks phenomenal on you!
    And I love that you're inspired by 90's men. I don't think this is the first time you've mentioned dressing like a man from a movie, and it's great! It definitely works on you. I loooove the sweater.


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