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Dec 17, 2013

Shout out: In today's post there are a few items that are from a site called Swapdom, which is awesome. It's a site where you can post up old clothes you don't want anymore and swap them for free for other items that caught your fancy. It's like a huge blogger swap! And they have amazing bloggers like Delightfully Tacky up there, so if you ever coveted her closet this is your chance to actually nab something ;) Check it out!

Items Found Here:
  1. The Silver Silhoette wine colored wool coat
  2. No Carnations lace collar
  3. Tanaka leather backpack
  4. Swapdom sheer floral dress
  5. Swapdom tall boots

Items Found Here:
  1. Swapdom printed sweater
  2. New Old Fashion mustard shift dress
  3. La Poule Noir woven riding boots
  4. Vintage Griffin wool fedora
  5. La Poule Noir rucksack (only $35!) 
  6. My Little Belleville Christmas card (5 pack)
  7. My Little Belleville Christmas card

Items Found Here:
  1. Straylight Vintage red dress
  2. Straylight Vintage flats
  3. Voyeur Vintage houndstooth coat (only $30!!)
  4. No Carnations 1940's hat
  5. Tanaka Italian backpack

Items Found Here:
  1. Red Hawk Attic leather butterscotch jacket
  2. Parasol Vintage 60's dress
  3. Southwest Vintage vegan woven bag
  4. Larkspur Shoppe t-strap sandals


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  1. Ah, I've been loving this series! So many fun, colourful outfits and makes me feel like I should be engaging in more festive activities :)



  2. That addressing cards outfit totally caught my eye! I'd wear that all day :)
    Also, Swapdom is definitely something I'll hae to check out!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. SSSSTYLE!!! I love this so so much. I wish I had all of these clothes *sigh* right? well you are just the coolest.

  4. Such great dresses! Love the last 60s dress!
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  5. Omgoshhh great concept this Swapdom
    having, I'm so checking right now if
    they do international......... Xx

  6. cute cute outfit picks! I think the hot cocoa one is my favorite. Although I've been doing quite a bit of card making/sending, so that one might be good for me!

    And I KNOW I've said this before, but your blogger bio picture is absolutely perfect. And adorable. Just placed an order from PrettyCatVintage, so naturally I'm back to enter some more giveaways :)

    perfectly priya

  7. Seriously......

    Your taste is just SO spot on.

  8. That mustard dress is gorgeous!

  9. Reading this series allows me to pretend I'm some PYT living a charming life being always well dressed, even when in reality there are tasks and days I'm totally in PJs.

    (Oh! This series would probably show really cute PJS. Mine aren't like that, lol).

    Seriously though, such a fun series.

  10. Hello! I am a new follower and trying to catch up on my reading, I adore ALL of these dresses!!! So excited to keep reading!

    Amber :)


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