The Waiting Game

Dec 21, 2013

HAT: Urban Outfitters| BOOTS: Macy's| PEACOAT: thrifted| VEST: c/o Mousevox Vintage| DRESS: thrifted (similar here and here)

So the Amazon nail-biting waiting game has begun! Every day is like the spin of the roulette- will the package finally come or will I be forced to sweat nervously for another twenty-four hours whilst imagining my family opening wrapped boxes with nothing but lonely IOU scraps of paper in them. It's enough to give you an ulcer. Though I did get to avoid being elbowed in the eye during Black Friday, so I at least have that going for me. 

Meanwhile, how perfect is this Mousevox Vintage vest? I've been searching for a denim vest that wasn't cut straight across at the waist but in angles, and I was so pumped when I found it in their store! The reason for being so anally specific over that one detail was because I think it would look awesome actually buttoned up over a dress (rather than just left dangling open like I usually keep it.) And while buttoning it I thought it looked very Great-Gatsby-menswear-y, so I took it a step further and added a peacoat onto the look to mimic a men's blazer. Not to shabby, eh? And make sure to check out Mousevox Vintage here- they have all sorts of classic, clean-cut pieces that will catch your eye!


And here are some of my favorites from Mousevox- how perfect are those heel booties?



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  1. Whether it is an IOU or the gift itself, they will still be happy :)

  2. That coat and dress are so pretty! :) Love how you topped it off with a hat! :) xx

    Chic Nikkie
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  3. You are always the wiz at layering Marlen! That dress is one of my favorites of yours. I've been playing the waiting game too, haha.

  4. Oh man, I looooove this coat. Other items are amazing of course, but the coat made my heart tremble :D Most of my packages are not arriving till January...blah :D

  5. I am loving these layers!! You always do them so well, that denim vest is pretty fantastic over the dress like that.
    Waiting for mail/packages at this time of year is super stressful!!

  6. I looove that dress! The vest is pretty cute too :)

  7. Cute outfit! I don't think I could pull that off!

  8. Rachel has a knack for finding amazing things to put in her shop, I feel so honored to call her a friend :)

  9. I'm grateful my waiting game is over...aha, I was stressing over that same thought! Thankfully, they came through for me. Hope you get your gifts in time!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. Waiting for packages is the worst! I have two left and I really hope they come today!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  11. Haha, I can totally relate to your feeling of anticipation for packages to arrive! Amazon is definitely my best friend in December. Love this outfit!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. I'm still waiting for packages I ordered about a month ago. It's getting ridiculous, for real! Especially since one is a present for my cousin and I'll be going home soon. Ugh. Shipping.

    But anyway, I really like the pattern on your dress. Those colors are so pretty. I think this dress will be great in the spring too! But for now it looks great all layered for winter with your classic coat.


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