Dec 3, 2013


Portland was....an experience. The town itself is adorable; it's got Pacific Northwest charm all over it. Stout square buildings, firs growing on the edges of downtown, a coffee shop and book store on every corner- it was so  much fun to explore! But the adventure itself was rather...bumpy. 

We bought tickets to take a bus into town rather than drive there ourselves and- with backpacks on our shoulders- we left our apartment at 7 AM towards China Town to be picked up. We left so early so we can purposely slowly stroll through Seattle on our way there, but somehow time got away from us (or we were walking slower than a grandma with a walker) and when I checked the time we only had ten minutes to get there and still a whole lot of blocks to get through. So panicking, we hitched up our backpacks and started trying to hail a cab- except, just as fate always arranges it during these moments- there were no cabs in sight. And so we did the only thing that was left to do: break out into a run and start plowing through sleepy pedestrians that were innocently on their way to work. I can't run for shit, and so I looked like a fat third grader on his last lap at gym class: leagues behind Marc and chanting "I'm going to throw up I'm going to throw up" as I slowly loose steam and slow into an injured limping waddle. 

In the end we caught the bus by minutes- and huffing and wheezing and purple in the face we made it to the back and collapsed into our seats.

Portland- we're ready for ya. 


And even though I was sweating profusely and cursing any and all verbs, ya know I still looked cute. I've been having a lot of fun with this Victoria Westbury vest- it's such a fun layering piece! I remember watching an 80's Diane Keaton movie recently and eyeing how all the guys rocked turtlenecks with vests- I felt instantly inspired! I'm sure my mom thinks it's hilarious that I'm copying guys in her heyday, but what works works ;)


And this is how I styled the Victoria Westbury vest in this post- so different!


And while this vest is a basic piece, pop over and check out some of the pretty dresses Victoria Westbury has in stock- I'm totally keeping an eye on that lime green velvet number!




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  1. I love that vest with that blazer- both the shapes really work but also the color story is so fun!

    Glad you enjoyed (or are enjoying?) Portland. We loved it when we visited.

  2. Love those pictures! I'd love to live in a place like that - big enough to have more than one movie theaters, but small enough to have all the quirks and charms of a small town.

  3. I am actually laughing at the mental image of you guys running to the bus. I actually did the exact same thing this morning. Except I didn't look nearly as cute as you did after you finished running...My hair had icicles (it was HELLA cold)

  4. Love the pics! I swear that every time that I use public transportation in Seattle, I end up running! Which totally sucks when you obviously have a place to go and want to look your best-- running negates it all. What's up with that, Seattle? Haha. Glad you got to the bus on time for your adventure though, hope you guys had a blast :)

  5. This location has the sweetest little buildings- I love that. Some of my favourite outfits of yours here because of the colours and the layering.

  6. I love that picture with the fish in the building. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  7. Glad ya still managed to look cute even after being a super sweaty monster. SUCH A CUTE SWEATY MONSTER YOU WERE I BET.

    These pics are rad. Also, I seriouslove (wow that merged into one word) that vest with your collar peeking out. TOO PERFECT.

  8. Trips like that always stress me out! Hey, at least you looked cute doing it and Portland is easy on the eyes.
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  9. The only part of Portland I have experienced is the Rose Gardens there, but you look like you fit in perfectly!

  10. I hope you liked Portland once you got here. I hate hustling to catch a bus/train/plane, especially when you're burdened with packs. I hope you made it to the east side too!

  11. Durr.. and I love the outfit! That vest is great!

  12. Portland is one of my favorite places, thanks for taking me back there with these pictures haha :) Loving the turtleneck and vest look on you too.

  13. Haha, at least you made it! Portland looks lovely, and you always capture the spirit of a place that I enjoy looking at. Your photography is awesome :)
    Just as awesome as your layering skills. Haha, love the blazer you're wearing here!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. To be honest, I can't say I was a fan of the one episode of Portlandia I was able to get through. But Portland looks gorgeous! Like you said, all pacific northwestern charm :) Even though the trip was rough, it looks worth it

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  15. I was cracking up at the beginning of your story, haha. The "I'm going to throw up" line in particular (I might have said the same thing after my boyfriend proposed to me...but it was a GOOD kind of nauseous if that's possible??). I'm glad you made the bus! That would have made me so anxious, too, but you definitely made the most of your trip once you got there. I love the turtleneck/vest combo. Just watched "Manhattan" and you're right, that was a popular combination back then. Let's bring it back! xo

  16. I LOVE that you are inspired by guys in movies from your mom's heyday. Haha! My mom often looks at stuff I wear and goes "People used to wear that stuff when I was in highschool!" or "I used to have a dress just like that!" But hey, we look awesome, so it's a compliment, right? :D
    Your story about running made me laugh. I am the SAME way. I hate running. Ugh.

  17. Ah, I always love reading your travel stories! Always make me chuckle ;) I have to visit Portland (and Seattle, for that matter) sometime soon! xo



  18. i love seeing your pics from around town! I dont recall any of these sights, but then again that was so long ago and knowing 16 yr old me i doubt i caught the cool spots. your bus story sounds like every trip of mine and jonny's in mexico/travelling last year. him sprinting ahead and me huffing, ok, just tell them to wait for me..... glad you made it though! and i adore this outfit, that print and the layering is beautiful. saw it pinned from Marisa and loved it.

  19. Ahaha oh man. I feel you about the running. Any time I have to run like that I think I'll throw up too. Not fun. I'm glad you guys made it though. And at least you looked super cute in your v-neck turtleneck combination. I would have never thought of that. You have me wanting a turtleneck. Or a turtleneck of the "mock" variety. I've been looking at thrift stores but none have jumped out as the perfect one. Oh well!


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