Portland, Part II

Dec 5, 2013


The Portland adventures continue! So as we remember the going to Portland was rough, but once we hit the ground our luck took a u-turn and became kind to us. Before heading to our hotel we decided we couldn't go on unless we had some pizza in our bellies, so we stopped at a kitschy pizza diner to grab a slice. The pie took longer than expected (we didn't even notice) and as an apology they showered us with free brownie cookies as if our love could be bought. It could.

Afterward we just walked and walked and walked, soaking up the details of the neighborhoods and stopping by every coffee shop we passed to buy some liquid warmth. All that trekking can get a person tired, so when I saw this swanky, mood-lit restaurant I decided it would be worth the splurge to sit under fairy lights and eat burgers. The seating was family style at these huge, rustic barn tables, and when I looked to my left I noticed a fro that was vaguely familiar. Like Reggie Watts familiar. But cool stuff like that never happens to me so I went about slicing my burger in half and devouring a handful of fries, but then when I heard interesting beat boxing coming out of his mouth I spluttered and nearly choked. Apparently, cool stuff does happen to me!! And on top of that our bill was only $20 because apparently we came right before the end of happy hour so there's that too. Portland, I love thee. I truly do.  


And now onto the outfit! Like I mentioned in this post, I love this Bottle Blonde Vintage dress because it's sleeveless and has a turtleneck, which makes for some fun layering.


This time around I slipped a camel colored sweater underneath to give the outfit some texture, and then topped it off with my brown Mousevox Vintage vest to keep with the warm color scheme. What I ended up with was a toasty winter outfit that was still cute! What are some of your favorite winter looks?

And be sure to check out Bottle Blonde Vintage for some other wonderful winter dresses! Here are some of my favorite picks from Bottle Blonde Vintage, in case you need some holiday dressing inspiration ;)


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  1. Holy cow--LOVE all your photos! What a funky fun place!

  2. Already obsessed. These shots are just perfect. You have an amazing blog! I love the color combo in your outfit. :)

  3. The best part about exploring cities is all the walking and eating you get to do. At least in my mind, because it balances out (right?!).
    This sounds like a really awesome day!! And that turtleneck dress is so lovely, especially with the cardigan to keep you warm :)

  4. Haha, I just love your writing! Great photos and outfit too! :)(

    XX Sonja

  5. Such an amazing post as always, that is! ^^ Really loved the pictures, Portland looks fantastic, great that you had a chance to explore it! ♥

    The outfit is brilliant of course, love the layering and the gorgeous dress! Perfection!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  6. Whoa, so lucky! And a burger sounds really good right now. . .

  7. Lovely shots & i adore what you wore! xx


  8. Gosh, so jealous of your trips. XD

    You look adorable! I love the way your colors all tie together. :)



  9. Nice pictures! Portland looks really lovely, I've never been there.


  10. Love these photos! They're making me want to explore Portland now...I've only driven through it before, and never stopped there.(:

    decked out in ruffles

  11. i just bought a sleeveless dress too for the very reason of laying, i think i was subconsciously inspired by you. the print on that dress is amazing and i love the sweater with it. glad you had a great time in Portland, I loved just walking around there too when I went way back in HS.

  12. I love love love Portland. It's become one of my favorite places on the planet.

  13. I love Portland so much - you are making me want to go back!

    I love love love the fact that you have a sweater on under a dress and a vest on top - such great layering!

  14. Isn't Portland amazing?? I grew up in Eugene so I went to Portland a ton growing up but definitely started appreciating it's charm as a got a little older. Perfect city- except for that damn dreary weather… Glad you had a good time despite your bumpy journey! Stopping at every coffee shop there must've gotten exhausting ;)


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