Home Sweet Home!

Dec 18, 2013

DRESS: c/o Moonchild Vintage| BACKPACK: c/o La Poule Noire (similar backpack here)| SHIRT: thrifted (men's) (similar shirt here and here)| TIGHTS: Target

I'm writing this to you from the comfy confines of my parents' gingham couch, which means I'm officially back in the Midwest! The move is over! If I never see a cardboard box or roll of mailing tape again it would be too soon- it astounds me every time I move just how much I have shoved into shelves and stowed away into the dusty corners of cupboards. It's enough to scare me out of ever wanting to shop again- less is more is my new motto! (That is until, well, probably tomorrow. #fickle). 

And now that I'm back in Chicago, it means that I basically fell head-first into a scene out of a shaken snow globe. There's snow everywhere- it's enough to make you spontaneously bust out into carols. And the obvious reaction to seeing so much wonderland-ness outside is usually to gravitate towards coziness and fireplaces, so I was in a total wool and gingham mood. Enter this stunning wool dress from Moonchild Vintage. I was beside myself when I saw it- the cowl neck, the A-line, the heather grayness. It was so simple but still so timeless. And since it was sleeveless I wanted to layer it with a collared shirt and new that a little burgundy and forest green plaid action would blend in so well. I really like that the neckline is a cowl because the collar of the shirt contrasts with it so prettily. This is an instant favorite! 

And to make such a classic piece a little more casual for a Wednesday, I thought this La Poule Noire backpack was just the thing for the job. I have been on the hunt for a clean lined leather backpack for ages, so when I saw the vast collection of purses and knapsacks that La Poule Noire had I knew I'd find something to ease my longing. If you're on the same hunt as me, make sure you check out La Poule Noire here.


And here are some of my favorite winter picks from both Moonchild Vintage and La Poule Noire- they're all so pretty!



baxter vintage-griffin

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  1. This dress is ammmazing, such a classic shape! It looks so wonderful layered over the plaid too. We have tons of snow here too, it's perfectly Christmassy!

  2. You look so pretty Marlen! That dress is absolutely perfect on you. So what prompted the move? I can't imagine what it must have been like going from Seattle to Chicago weather.

  3. Madly in love with not only that dress but the whole outfit you built around it. Unf.

    Also, I hadn't realized you were moving! I would've badgered you less about my giveaway if I had. Sorry!

  4. I love this dress so much and the way you layered it gives it such a unique look! In fact you may have been the first to ever layer this dress ;) Congrats on the move being over- we've been getting the itch to change cities but the idea of packing up our house realllly makes me think twice!

  5. glad the move went well. and i am in love with your dress!

  6. I love so so so much this vintage-inspired look!


  7. Love this outfit! I'm dying over that cozy looking dress and how you layered it. Beautiful! :D

  8. Welcome back! I love the tights and the back pack!

  9. Welcome back to the land of snow! Heehee... hope the move went smoothly! Loving that wool dress- and the coloured tights are so nice :)



  10. Love the look!



  11. Whoa, look at you kicking around in the snow! Congrats on the move! (Is it right to congratulate people for moving? I don't know.) And psssshhhhh, the idea of never wanting to shop again is amusing.

  12. Everything about this outfit is gorgeous! The dress, green paid, and awesome backpack. The swoopy bangs look super pretty too! I'm glad your move is finally over and you are back in cozy mode. Hope everything is going well with you, its been too long!!
    xo Hannah


  14. This wool dress is just so cute on you! It's definitely perfect for this snowy weather. I really like the plaid shirt layered underneath it too. So wintry and cute.

    I have a heightened appreciation for you and the people who live even farther north. Outfit pictures are hard in the snow! I was outside taking pictures with my sister today and the wind was freezing me to death. But anyway, hooray for being back in Illinois! We're probably really close by right now since I'm visiting my Grandma in Orland Park!

  15. That dress is darling. I love how deep in the snow you are! I wish we got snow like that here in the south!

    Love, Amy

  16. That dress is tres fabulous!

    Also- you are home for the holidays or staying in Chicago?

  17. Yay! Congrats on the move! I'm sure it's been quite the journey but you seem to have had an easier time getting settled (probably because you're originally from the area) so that's good :]
    Love the plaid shirt under that gorgeous dress! It just looks like it would naturally go together. Beautiful and quirky, as always :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  18. that dress really is stunning!! and wow, it looks like a snow globe, how fun! was it freezing when you took these. and ah, you answered my email question, so you moved back to Chicago? I guess I missed the post on this, did you get tired of Seattle?

  19. Oh goodness, both you and your blog are adorable! So glad you commented on my last post so I could find you! Definitely following now ;)

    xx -b.

  20. I absolutely love this whole look, Marlen!
    Glad to hear your safely where you need to be, and enjoying the copious amounts of snow!
    Happy Christmas season to you!

  21. Congrats on a successful move! But sad you're no longer in the PNW. Can't wait to see your Midwest adventures!

  22. Nice dress!


  23. Haha, I hear you on the fickleness! I always feel the same...
    Anyway, glad you got all your stuff there! I'm loving this grey dress on top of your plaid shirt. Talk about a perfect winter outfit :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  24. wow, amazing pictures!!!
    you look gorgeous!!!


  25. I want snooowwww!!!! :D Looove the layering here!

  26. I'm glad to hear the move went well! I absolutely adore that dress. SO gorgeous!

    Ladyface Blog

  27. How exciting that you've moved back to Chicago! Glynn and I will be living there in the summer, I'd love love love to meet up with you! :)

    Xo, Hannah



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