Dressed in Plaid Like a Present!

Dec 26, 2013

TURTLENECK: Banana Republic (stolen from mom muahaha)| DRESS: c/o Stranger Bird Vintage| TIGHTS: Target| BOOTIES: Macy's| MINT BELT: H&M| ROSETTE BELT: J Crew

This beautiful plaid dress from Stranger Bird Vintage is what I wore to Christmas Eve dinner! Dinner itself was really fun- my brothers, cousins, and I sat in the kids' side of the table and reminisced about Christmases ten years ago; back when we were little and had velvet bows in our hair or shiny oxfords on our feet. We laughed at how we used to run upstairs to the attic's window with the hopes of catching a glimpse of a red sleigh in the sky as our parents sneakily moved presents from the closet to the tree as our noses were safely pressed against the window panes. After admitting defeat and slumping our way back to the living room with pouts on our faces ("rats!"), we'd see a delivery of presents under the tree and freak out as our parents would act nonchalantly startled at the dinner table, swearing they didn't even hear Santa come in. For a second the kids would all exchange glasses that would say "I knew I heard sleigh bells", and then we'd turn into barbarians and lunge at the Barbie-box-shaped gifts. It was magic :)

But just because I'm in my twenties doesn't mean it's any less magic! And even though I don't wear velvet bows in my hair anymore, I still like to get all fancy shmansy for the occasion. When I saw this plaid dress in Stranger Bird Vintage I knew it'd be just the thing for Christmas Eve's dinner- the pattern reminded me of gift wrapping and there's nothing more cozy in December than plaid. But one thing I didn't expect is how hard jewel tones are to style! 

If you're like me and like a lot of color in your look then simultaneously toning down and amplifying a deep purple can be a tad tricky. At first I tried pairing it with mustard tights but then I looked like a Laker's fanatic so that was out. Then I tried going minimalist and pairing it with black tights, but then it looked to color block-y with the neutral turtleneck, so I crossed that one off the list. I knew the answer had to do with a colored belt but when I put the mint one on I still felt a little bit...boring. Which is when I spotted my rosette J Crew one from the corner of my eye and the light bulb went off on top of my head! I took the rosette belt and tied it underneath the mint one, only letting the redish pink flower pop out. And that did it- it was the perfect finishing touch that tied together my look. I'm definitely going to be using this combo more often- it's an awesome way to add in some subtle color- and if you don't have a rosette belt of your own I remember seeing a bunch of DIYs floating around Pinterest :)

And if you want some pretty winter dresses of your own, make sure to check out Stranger Bird Vintage here!

stranger-bird-vintage-plaid-dress stranger-bird-etsy

And here are some of my favorite picks from Stranger Bird Vintage- how cute is that peter pan collar dress?



Larkspur kaitie

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  1. Ohhh what a gorgeous dress! I am such a sucker for plaid anything and this dress is perfection. It looks amazing with that belt too. I love colour and find that somehow it's been sucked out of my wardrobe this winter! Must remedy this immediately!

  2. the neutrals are really wonderful with this beautiful jewel purple! Your belt really makes you look like a gorgeous present :D sounds like a fun xmas was had by all! Hope you have a wonderful new year! And as always i am favoriting this shop on etsy :) you have the BEST sponsors :D

  3. Plaid and purple are two of my favorite things so, naturally, I think this dress is awesome :) Great job styling it. I love purple and grey together. And sounds like a really nice Christmas Eve dinner.

  4. Haha! Your childhood Christmases sound fun!

    Also- I like how you paired the dress with grey. It really works well.

  5. I do love me some color :D You did an excellent job with the dress. That belt is divine! ^_^

  6. AwawaAW, your childhood christmas tale is too precious. Those sneaky parents! Yeah, I remember waking my parents up on Christmas morning at like 6am to open gifts. Those poor things. I'd jump on their bed until they got out of it. XD

    This dress is fancy shmancy indeed! I'm loving the buttons at the neckline *___*

  7. I always have a hard time styling dark purple too! I like to pair it with leopard print for whatever reason. I really love the gray turtleneck underneath this plaid dress though. The colors in the belt really work with the dark purple too. You look super cute and I love how you're rocking an almost double turtleneck!

  8. Love that belt! So bright and definitely festive :)

  9. Loving this outfit! That little rose belt is just too cute!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  10. Totally love tartan yours is no exception.Swingin by from Friday's fab link up. Sabina @Oceanblue Style


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