Cozy Up in Plaids

Dec 1, 2013

DRESS: c.o New Old Fashion| SWEATER: thrifted| HAT: Urban Outfitters| BOOTS: Lulu*s

So yesterday Marc and I cozied up and watched the wine documentary Somm, with the intentions of becoming wine snobs ourselves with our boxed Franzia and aged Yellowtail. After spending two hours nervously sweating with the Master Somm candidates (you wouldn't believe how intense the studying is- like they have to know the soil the grapes were grown in just by tasting a glass), we decided to pop the wine corks just to take the edge off of our fried nerves. And after two glasses in we thought, "hey it's a Saturday, we're young, why don't we go out?"

So we slipped on our shoes and went in the direction of Queen Anne's little dive bars with every intention of drinking cheap beer after cheap beer. So as we rounded the corner to the first one we were met with the curious sight of an empty sidewalk. We didn't see the usual line of semi-sober people standing outside the door, and when we came up to the window the lights were still fairly...bright. Thinking it was probably an off night, we kept on towards the second bar in the block. We passed by it and there was only one bored looking girl sitting at a table, playing what was probably Words with Friends on her phone as she sipped her beer. We looked at each other in confusion and I went for my phone to check the time.

You was eight o'clock. I am officially a ninny and am expecting the grey hairs to start sprouting any day now. Good Lord.


But on a more fashiony note, if I did make it out to the bars I'd sure look darn cute. This New Old Fashion Vintage dress is quickly becoming one of my favorites. A girl can't go wrong with plaid during the winter, and the dark blue and green tones are a fun canvas to match berry and rust colors with. Last time around I shrugged on a thick cardigan and beret (seen in this post), but this time I turned it into a skirt and threw on my favorite sweater. When layering in that kind of way, I really like making sure the collar peeks out and that the sleeves of the sweater are rolled up far enough to let the dress sleeves poke out, so you still get the sense it's a dress under there and not a skirt. And if you're in the market for a pretty dress of your own, be sure to check out New Old Fashion Vintage here- they have tons!

And here are some other favorites from them that I just can't stop drooling over- how pretty is that pumpkin spice color mod dress?

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  1. The city was definitely dead this weekend, very surreal. And I say A for effort in trying to go out! That's all that counts ;)

    <3 Bri

  2. Sounds like a typical night in my life, except instead of a boyfriend I'm with my dog....I'm an old dog lady, officially.
    You look ohhh so cozy, love the plaid and this rusty coloured sweater

  3. Haha, you old lady, you :P Hopefully your next night out on the town goes better!
    Love the orange sweater belted over the dress :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Loving both outfits! plaid is my favorite too :)

  5. LOL That sounds like my husband and I for sure. I love the rust sweater over this plaid skirt!

  6. Love it! I seem to make it till I eat and then age tells me its bed time, either way - its an early night :p cute dress!
    Sarah x

  7. You look so cozy :) Near miss with the cheap beers--alas!

  8. i love both of these ways with the plaid dress so much! you always wear the most excellent clothing with perfect layering. i loved how you described your night, i've been like that lately too!

    lindsey louise

  9. That's so adorable! And I can't say I don't relate.... I love it though! It's fun to go out with someone you care about, no matter how early or not-crowded it is. I love this outfit!

  10. Adorable story hehe! Love the outfit of course, the plaid skirt is so cute and love how you styled it! Definitely cute, amazing work! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  11. Oh I must be ancient as 8 sounds like a fin time to be out.

    You really can't go wrong with plaid, as outfit after outfit of yours proves.

  12. bahahahaha, I love you, Marlen. 8 o' clock, huh? It's okay. We can both be old grandmas together. Sigh. :)

    On the outfit side, ermehrehgehrd these COLORS! They're so autumnal and brilliant. I love the sock/tight/boot action going on down there. UNF

  13. You look so cozy! I love the outfits.

    Love, Amy

  14. Haha this is the kind of thing that happens to me too! ;)

    Loving your cool, eclectic style <3

    Sophie xo soinspo

  15. It's official- you have the best sweaters. Loving these looks, they seem so cozy but so put together!

  16. Cute outfit! It's sooo very vintage I can't get over it!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  17. Loving the mix of plaid and knits, Marlen! So up my alley. Fall dressing at its best :)


  18. This is literally one of the coziest looks EVER! :) so cute!




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