Red, White, & Blue

Nov 12, 2013


Isn't it ever so awkward when you're in the midst of apartment showings? We're moving out mid December and so our landlady warned that she'll start bringing strangers around to judge our living situation, and it has been torture. Mostly because Marc and I live like dirty mole rats. Truth people, truth. We both work from home and on any given day you'll find me pushing our two love seats together to create a giant crib I can nestle into, twelve thousand socks strewn across the carpet courtesy of Marc, a working Leaning Tower of Pisa in our sink, and plates set up as bear traps left forgotten on carpet corners. You can only imagine the panic when we hear that fateful knock on the door and the warning "yoohoo, coming in!" from the other side. It's like "!!oh no, people will know we live like heathens!!" and then we scramble as fast as we can to shove everything under the bed in those twenty seconds it takes to turn the lock. 

Plus side though? I get my twenty seconds of cardio for the week. At least there's that.

vintage-griffin-striped sweater
SHIRT: c/o Vintage Griffin| SWEATER: thrifted| SKIRT: thrifted (similar here and here| BELT: thrifted| SHOES: Urban Outfitters  (similarish here and here)

And recently I've been feeling very preppy with my outfit choices- enter this Vintage Griffin sweater. Right when I put it over my head today I knew I was going to go for something red, white, and blue- I love how cheerful it looks!

And below is how I wore it last time in this post:


And here are some of my favorite picks from Vintage Griffin- they have tartan skirts!!


Shop-Vintage-Minnie pretty-cat-vintage Dividers

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  1. That is a nightmare!!! I have three kids and I can tell you that on most days our house rivals a zoo. I love your denim skirt!

  2. Um... I love you. Me and my Hubby are the EXACT same. We live like freaking pigs! It's so embarrassing whenever the landlords surprise us with needing to come look at the furnace or something stupid we start shoving things everywhere like crazy! man, I thought we were the only ones...hahaha.
    I'll never get sick of these sunnies on you and those shoes are darling!!

  3. I am loving this sweater with that skirt, such a great combo!! And I am a dirty person too, my car looks like a homeless stripper lives in it (I say stripper because I have some bright sky high heels laying on the back seat)

  4. Eek, stranger invading personal space! But cardio is always a plus!
    Lovely outfit! xx

  5. Your oxfords are just perfect. I've been on a hunt for some time but just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Perhaps during some Thanksgiving break shopping!

    eileen ragan | leaner by the lake

  6. Haha, oh man I can't imagine having to have people (strangers) come look through my house... let's hope that when the time comes for us to move, the property management people don't want to show the house till we're out, because there will be a baby and I can say with certainty it's not gonna be pretty.
    But hey, at least you see the bright side. 20 seconds of cardio is better than none! HAHA!
    And now I have to go read through all your posts I've missed because last week was lazy internet week and I didn't read anything... and I want to know where you're moving in December.

  7. That shirt is so cheerful, and I quite enjoy it one you. Both outfits you've worn it with are so different yet both very happy and pulled together looks.

  8. I can only how stressful having strangers come look at your place could be! BUT 20 minutes of cardio is better than no cardio amirite? :D
    Your sweater is so cute - I've bee on the hunt for a colorful striped sweater so yours really stood out to me. Love the styling - it looks amazing with that mustard skirt!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. It's very important to get that 20 second cardio sesh in =P

  10. Loved the whole outfit <3 you look gorgeous :) i am following you now :) it would be great if you follow me back :) nice to connect :)

  11. Hahaha! Oh man, picturing this made me start laughing outloud like an idiot, because I feel the same way when my parents visit me at my apartment. Its like CRAP I'LL NEVER HEAR THE END OF THIS! And poof, I'm suddenly wonderwoman with a vacuum.
    Anyway, love this patriotic colored outfit you're wearing!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Haha, cute post! I love your writing style. I can totally relate to the socks.... Oops!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  13. Cute outfit dear. I love me some red white and blue!


    Where The Water Meets The Sky

  14. Your sweater is so amazing! Love the colour combination! I know the feeling of having people come over unexpectedly while your apartment looks like a dump, haha!

    XX Sonja

  15. wow I am so much loving the colours in this outfit, so pretty!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  16. oh my I'm so happy I don't have people like that coming in and out, they could find some super embarrasing things there :D So I can only say good luck to you guys! And of course I have to mention how amazing you look! :)



  17. Your shoes are so incredibly lovely! Your opening paragraph made me giggle so much, I would be doing something very similar in your situation, we aren't the neatest of people either! <3

    Jennie xo |

  18. ok, a) this cracked me up, love the honesty! and b) you look just adorable. those sunglasses are incredible. also, I would love to know what font you use for your "coffee break" image. it's just so perfect. I can see it on future invitation designs of mine :)


  19. You look really cute.. but I have to say I think by law your landlord MUST give you 24 notice before just "popping by"... I feel for you.. I get the most cleaning done in 20 minutes before company comes over than in my usual weekly chores...

  20. You look so patriotic and beautiful!

    Xo, Hannah


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