Layered Like an Onion: Tiny Blazer Edition

Nov 20, 2013

Today's Layered Like an Onion isn't going to be so much about layering per se, but about playing with loud colors and new ideas for accessories (you'll see what I'm talking about). Today I'll be tackling this mint Cult of 8 blazer in all of its electric glory. 


Step One: First thing's first, choose your neutral! When playing with loud colors you need something to balance them out and shush them down a little, so poke around your closet til you find a basic. I personally love a chambray top for this type of a job, but a white or grey button down would look pretty too!


Step Two: When working with cropped blazers or sweaters I like buttoning just the first button and making my collar peek out from under it. It creates pretty lines and works really well when you add the skirt into the mix. Which leads me to our next step...


Step Three: Here's the fun part, add your second color! You'll know what works best with your piece, but I think that this really works because the skirt is one solid color (no patterns no nothing!) Also, the mustard is bold but its still a muted color rather than an electric one, so it still lets the jacket be the star of the show. 


Step Four: Add an unexpected accessory: a ribbon! I've got a haneous amount of necklaces, but my favorite one at the moment is just a simple ribbon tied in a bow. It always adds the perfect finishing touch :)

And since I nabbed this minty blazer, I thought it would be fun to share some bright favorites Cult of 8 has in stock right now- can we take a moment to talk about the quilted mini?!


graced-vestige Fuschia-Foot

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  1. Man, while I would've had a hard time putting together something for such a cropped blazer, you make it look effortless! I love it Marlen :)

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    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I love your color-mixing, Marlen! Your blog is just such a happy event.

  3. This is great Marlen! I never would have thought to even attempt styling a piece like this b/c it just seems to intimidating. You broke it down here perfectly and I LOVE the end result!!

  4. I love that your style is so loud yet so polished.

  5. Amazing and adorable as always! ^^ Love how you layered that super cute blazer, such a beautiful and unique result - you look super pretty! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  6. I love this colour combo! You and your styling skills, this is awesome once again!

  7. So cute! You always find the most adorable ways to put the vintage combos together! By the way I still love that hair cut on you! It's adorable!

  8. Hehehe this was the cutest how to. Definitely the cutest I've seen, loved this!


  9. Thats a cute blazer. You always have great styling and different styling from others. Loving it.

  10. Wow, that's the cutest little jacket! Perfect layered over the chambray :)


  11. So much cuteness and perfect layering, as always. That little jacket is so cute and has such a fun print! I love the idea of buttoning only the top button and adding the black ribbon. I need a black ribbon like yours. I have some really long ones that originally were sashes from dresses but their length makes them cumbersome.

  12. This jacket is gorgeous, I love the colours, which look perfect with that skirt! You are the best at layering m'dear :)

  13. Never would have thought to put together an outfit like this. Fun to see it.

  14. love how you put this outfit together!

  15. I love the bright colors :) And you really are the queen of layers!


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