Cracking those Cardis

Nov 7, 2013


SHIRT: c/o Something Borrowed| SKIRT: H&M (similar: here and here| SWEATER: Forever 21| HAT: c/o Fall Code| TIGHTS: Forever 21| BOOTIES: Macy's (similar: here

Yesterday I decided to walk to the grocery store for maple syrup (yes, a journey just for the sweet stuff) and I ended up standing, God knows why, behind the woman that was buying out the whole store. She had about an aisle's worth of food tetrised into her shopping cart and I, with my one purchase, decided to patiently stand behind her. If there was a time a brain short circuited, it would be that time. I can't even explain to you my reasoning.

Maybe it was because there was a People magazine directly in front of my face and I was all "Ooo let's see Prince William's baby", but after those pages were flipped through I had nothing else to tide me down. I glanced at the woman and she was busy disputing some 50 cent coupon that didn't go through, and there was still a whole Thanksgiving dinner on the conveyor belt. I smacked my lips and went back the the magazine rack, trying not to tap my boot impatiently. I made my way through an Archie comic that was nestled next to the beef jerky at the checkout line, and side glanced at the progress. There was none. At this point most would move to another line. But me? No, I was already in too deep. I've been standing there for ten minutes now- I was committed to that line, we had a sweet little thing going. No, there was no moving for me.

And that, people, is how my brain works. Oi.


Now onto a more sartorial note, if you've been with this blog for a bit you'd notice I'm not much of a cardigan type of gal. Sure I'll put on a thick grandpa sweater time and again, but I almost never reach for those thin cardis that look oh-so-sweet over dresses. I don't know why, but they just don't have that sparkle for me. I always felt like they gave my outfits weird proportions, but I think I've finally cracked the code on that one: tuck them in! When I first saw a girl wearing it that way on Pinterest, I almost upended my coffee out of excitement. By tucking in the cardi, it looks more part of the outfit rather than just an outside layer- almost like a second top. Yum-my.

And a striped cardi was just the thing to contrast with this Something Borrowed polka dot top. I liked the neutral but still quirky look it created. Something Borrowed is an Etsy shop that is the definition of eclectic- they have every style you can hope for. Bohemian is rubbing elbows with hippie; equestrian is sharing the same racks as equestrian and hipster; and mod is rooming with classic. It's the perfect spot for those of us who can't really make up their mind what style they fall into and just want to love everything ;)


And here are some of my favorites from Something Borrowed, for your browsing pleasure :)


victoria-westbury sun-and-lake

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  1. I love this outfit! The skirt makes such a cute silhouette and the booties +matching tights = legs that go on forever! Love it. :D

  2. I laughed at your waiting in line story. I've definitely made the wrong choice when it comes to which line to stand in before! And I'm not much of a cardigan girl as a rule, either, but I like this combo!

  3. How annoying of that lady!!!! Ugh! But I totally, TOTALLY, get where you are coming from. It's strange the connection we get right? I usually have this guilt for the cashier like "we're all annoyed here, but I'm here to stick it out with you" I always think they are going to be offended or think that I think that they are the ones causing the delay so I just hang with them. I love your mix of prints as always. Love the cardi!

  4. I loooove cardigans, and this one looks great! Tucking it in is a good idea. Plus, you look so cozy, especially with that beanie :) And I totally know that feeling of being committed to a line. YOu don't want the previous waiting time to have been wasted!

  5. Cardigans are my fall staple! They help me to stretch out my wardrobe since I can layer them over just about everything.(: I love how you styled yours! I had never thought of tucking one into a skirt! Haha, and my mind works exactly the same way. Once I'm in a line at the store, i'm committed.

    decked out in ruffles

  6. You pull off the sweater over button-down thing so well! I try to do it but it always looks a little frump-olee on me.

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  7. It is funny to me that you say you didn't like Cardigans because you often felt it gave the outfit odd proportions, since I associate often oversized or different proportions with you style. Yet, I totally got what you mean. That happens to me too! Light bulb moment.

    I like the way the stripes and dots combine in this outfit, and, of course, the tucked in cardigan.

  8. Stop being such a layering genius! Actually continue, because I love stealing ideas from you. This cardigan is amazing with the skirt :)

  9. I love this ensemble! The polka dots and stripes are absofruitly perfect. And your hat just ties the whole thing together. Pretty much you look perfect, so there's that. :D


  10. haha I seriously laughed when I read that story because I have been in the exact same situation. When you commit 10 minutes of your time to an aisle, that's serious. You can't just suddenly pick up and start going to another aisle! Haha
    And I feel like I've said this before but your print mixing skills are at level expert! Stripes and polka dots, all in different colors - how wonderfully fabulous!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  11. I love that skirt..........and I think we must have been at the same grocery store this week. A coupon dispute...........standing in line FOREVER!!!!!!!! I ended up buying three candy bars......because I stared at them for so long!

  12. Oh man, that's the worst. Express checkout lanes, ftw! I love how you buttoned up your cardigan, I never do that. But it makes for a more interesting look and an extra layer!

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  13. I love this! I've tucked in cardigans before but I forgot all about it for whatever reason. I love how this looks like another blouse layered like that. Plus the mix of stripes and dots is wonderful. Such a cute look!

  14. haha that was hilarious :D I hope you got out of the store in a decent time in the end :D however, I really have to say you look so freakin adorable on these pictures!!



  15. I admire your level of patience. I would have gone completely gaga after those first ten minutes. And, seriously, your styling skills are flawless. I love this outfit!

  16. super!:)) xo

  17. I love how cute and intricate this outfit is! So many different patterns that make it fun to look at!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Pleased to meet you!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace

  18. I agree with first comment--you are a LAYER GENIUS! I love your hat and your colors and your stripes and stuff. And polka dots. And you are good at playing with textures, too. Marlen, YOU DA QUEEN!

    Line commitment is something I feel like we all face. Because hey, chances are, when you leave the line, it will MAGICALLY GET FASTER AUUGHH. Always happens. So why bother leaving it. Line probs, man.

  19. Those people at the grocery store are the worst! And she probably payed with a check right? lol. I always make a beeline for the self checkout stands if places have them because I know those people aren't going to use them.

    And tucking in cardigans is such a genius idea. It makes your outfit look so well put together and I love the polka dot top.

  20. Once again you've outdone yourself with the pattern mixing and layers- best. Whenever I have a full cart I let all the people behind me with a couple of things go first. I always feel so bad making them wait, but then I end up being there forever :)

  21. I absolutely love your style, you are so good at layering! Loving the skirt, suits you so much! x

    Rebecca Coco

  22. I LOVE LOVE this outfit - the pattern mixing, the fun colors, the tucked in cardi - so cute!


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