Coffee Makes Everything Better

Nov 5, 2013


Even though I work from my cozy home, I'm still prone to have some off days from time to time. Like the type of days where I just want to come up to my desk, contemplate at the computer for a few seconds, and then slowly close it shut while innocently looking towards the other direction. Buuut sometimes that's just not a good idea (can I please be 5 again?)

But it seems like if you have some yummy coffee in a pretty cup, the work load can become a tad bit more bearable. And this Espressions cup is my go-to favorite. Number one, it's about pumpkin spice which makes me feel all fall-festive, and number two, it's handmade with love by Rawa, the clever owner of the shop. She's got a ton of other selections with literary quotes, cheeky sayings, and Ryan Gosling memes, so if want a to add a pretty mug to your selection, check out her store here!

Also, she's offering my readers 15% off with code "MESSANDESPRESS"! Yayaya! And I also have a giveaway running for a $30 giftcard to her store right HERE. There's two days left so don't miss your chance to enter!!

And here are some my favorite picks from the store, just to give you an idea what the gots: 


Wayfarer vintage-adoption-agency

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  1. Your walls are absolutely adorable. I just love it all and I love love love that mug!
    I have checked the facebook page and Rawa has some amazing designs!

    Have a nice week :)

  2. That mug is adorable! And cheers to Chicago, from one Chicago blogger to another.

  3. that mug is adorable! I always drink a cup of coffee to start my day :)

  4. Now all we need is Ryan Gosling and pumpkin spice together on one cup! haha

  5. I like the peeks at your home.

  6. That mug is so freaking adorable! As is your space, I love these interior shots :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Hi Marlen, great pictures! Your mag and scarf are absolutely adorable and cozy!

    Have a happy rest of the week

  8. Great post as always, I am SO loving that mug, so cute! ^^ Will make sure to enter the giveaway, the store looks awesome so thanks for the reminder and opportunity! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  9. I have a slight relationship with coffee :D I can't really do any blogging work without my cup - all the days start with blogging and coffee! Match made in heaven :)



  10. I agree, everything gets better when there's coffee! Coffee, coffee, coffee! And I need your retro chair.

    XX Sonja

  11. I love coffee and this pictures. Beautiful! I follow you now, follow you back? Xoxo

  12. In love with that cutie pie mug! <3
    xo, Emma

  13. aww lovely mugs! bookmarked as they would make a brilliant Christmas gift

    The Young Bridget Jones

  14. I couldn't agree more about And that mug is so cute. That always makes it taste a little more special. :)

  15. Coffee does make everything better doesn't it? And two? Twice as nice. :)
    Had a peek around your fun. And I see you have a penchant for all things vintage...would love to hear what you think of my mama's vintage finds. I've styled them on the blog a few times.
    Thanks for visiting! xo

  16. You work from home? Oh I'm insanely jealous, it looks like such a nice work space, love the prints. x


  17. that travel mug may be a christmas purchase!!! love it & your post. i'm at work & i do this ALL the time! haha
    xx Corinne

  18. That mug is so adorable and I love your space! It seems like it could come straight out of a movie!

  19. your mug is so cute! and your walls look great! i love the hanging leaves banner, i did the same for fall decorations, just with fake leaves!

    lindsey louise

  20. The mugs are super cute! And wow, your place looks amazing! I love the decor so much.


  21. oh yes, coffee does make everything better :). love the mugs!

    Lady à la Mode

  22. Coffee really does make everything better. Love the pictures...your space looks amazing, and your pumpkin spice mug is so cute.(:

    decked out in ruffles

  23. alexis ka 39 at yahoo.comNovember 9, 2013 at 8:51 AM

    Those posters in the first picture are amazing! And I love your little lead garland. Very cozy looking!

  24. Cute new mug! You're definitely right that coffee makes everything better. Actually, I think any hot beverage makes the day much better. (I also really love the Chicago print on your wall!)


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