The Hunt for Sea Creatures

Oct 23, 2013

SKIRT: c/o New Old Fashion Vintage| POMPOM BEANIE: c/o Fall Code| TURTLENECK: J Crew| COAT: thrifted| BELT: Calvin Klein (thrifted)| PURSE: thriftd| BOOTS: Macy's (Lucky Brand)  

Yea, I'm going to be abusing this Fall Code pompom beanie to the max this Fall. I thought we should just get that out of the way so as to prevent future eye rolling when you see it for the ninety-eighth post in a row. So you've been warned. Now onto more important things:

Back when Tom and Lina came to visit and we were poking our way around Ballard, we came across this seafood restaurant named The Walrus and the Carpenter (adorable, right?) Well, it happens to be so good that the average wait time for a table was two hours, to which our only response was a deep frown aimed at the hostess that dared tell our rumbling tummies such a ludicrous thing. So, suffice it to say, we didn't stay. 

BUT (undeterred and determined) Marc and I decided to head down there on a Wednesday just as it opened- surely there couldn't be a line at that time. I mean, people had work, right? They were still trapped in their cubicles and crunching numbers at that time (or whatever it is people do under florescent lights.) 

Erm... wrong. There was still a small mob of people standing outside the doors, patiently shuffling from foot to foot as chefs filtered in and out the doorway with crates of oysters and other tasty sea monsters. This was like our very own cronut situation! But the mob was small enough that we still got a table once those doors gloriously swung open.

And let me tell you, it was so worth the wait. As we slurped up salty oysters and dug into tartare and filleted fish, all I could think of was that I really needed to expand my kitchen skills passed boiling noodles and zapping leftovers. Mayhaps one day.


And on a more sartorial note, how adorable is this wool skirt from New Old Fashion Vintage? Ermahgerd it's wool and plaid and matches with just about everything. I decided to go classy by pairing it with a dark navy turtleneck and peacoat belted at the waist. If you want to copy this look then you're in luck- New Old Fashion vintage has plenty of tartan and plaid pieces in stock ;)

And here are some of my favorite picks from both Fall Code and New Old Fashion Vintage- happy shopping! ;)


Gold Seam Cut and Chic

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  1. Ooh I love your coat!!! Its fabulous!

  2. Great skirt and I love that you belted your outfit over the coat!

  3. k. totally obsessed with this belt over coat thing...and this skirt..and your pom hat! always adore the way you style things girl! so cute and funky and girly all at once! xoRach

  4. Your pictures always make me wish that I lived near you :) Love the red beanie - it looks awesome on you!

  5. Long time no see Marlen!! Hahaha. Finally found some down time so prepare for a mass load of comments from me catching up on your blog lol.

    Also, I LOVE this beanie. I wouldn't blame you for wearing it like every day bc i'd totally do the same!

    at this volume

  6. Looks like you're having my ideal fall weather right now. I have major coat envy.


  7. Sounds like a great experience! And you look so cozy :) Man, this is making me want to go visit some of my favorite trendy seafood restaurants in SF that I haven't been to in a while. . .

  8. Aww, you look lovely! The camel coat is stunning and the plaid is great. Love the way you've belted it! And mmmm... that food looks amazing :)


  9. Mmm that restaurant sounds (and looks) delicious! I love seafood, but rarely make it at home. I understand. Noodles are so much easier to not screw up.

    Also this plaid wool skirt! I love that it's such a neutral-colored plaid so it could really go with anything. Great classic coat too!

  10. I love the belt over your coat trick! I'm going to have to try that soon.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  11. That coffee sign is adorable! Sounds like the perfect haunt.

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  12. I could never wait 2 hours for food, I am a hungry angry human. But that sounds DELICIOUS, I'm salivating just thinking about it. Also salivating over this look (that's weird, isn't it?)
    This plaid skirt is AMMMMAZING. And you can wear that beanie everyday if you'd like, its fantastic

  13. I love everything about your style. This color palette is so perfect. I really want a wool skirt for fall...surprisingly I haven't found one at a thrift store yet! That food sounds amazing. Seattle was the first place I tried seafood and while it isn't my favorite (I fault growing up in the midwest for that one), it certainly was a fun experience!

  14. The restaurant sounds delicious, nice photos as well! I love the skirt, the colour combination is perfect!

  15. Sounds like a pretty fun outing! And thick plaid fabrics are the best when it's chilly out!

  16. Liking the outfit, the colour combination is lovely - your red hat is awesome.

    The green door is amazing, would love to see it real life!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  17. Super!:) xo

  18. I just adore your outfit :) That wool skirt is amazing and I love how you layered the coat and the belt with it. My coworker grew up in Seattle and keeps telling me to check out Ballard. Now that I've seen pictures of it in your posts, I definitely want to trek over there next time I visit.

  19. What a great fall color combo!

    And is that tartare - I love that stuff!

  20. Ah, adorable. And how perfect it is named the Walrus and the Carpenter.

    The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things!

  21. You look lovely! I especially love that your skirt looks scarflike, it's really really cool. That restaurant sounds amazing. Wish I could eat shellfish... And yeah, noodles are pretty easy, thank goodness.



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