Sponsor Spotlight: Part I

Oct 21, 2013

Happy Monday ladies! I've already seen the usual "I spilled my coffee/ I bit my tongue/ I HATE LIFE" Monday grumbles on my newsfeed, so to help alleviate some of the pain I thought I'd offer up some fanciful vintage window-shopping this fine morning ;) I'd like to introduce you to my sponsors- the beautiful etsy stores that help my amazing day job possible! So cozy up, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy checking out these darling stores!

jooleedoh click here

Whhttt-Vintage click here

West-Lake-Designs click here

Voyeur-Vintage1 click here

tulle-and-tiara click here

Trendy-Hip-Buys click here

The-Wandering-Ruby-Olive click here

Tanaka-Vintage click here

Sweet-Bee-Finds click here

Straylight-Vintage click here

click here

Sourpuss-Knits click here

Rust-Belt-Threads click here

Rosslab click here

Red-Hawk-Attic click here

Rebel-closet click here

Persnickety-Vintage click here

New-Old-Fashion click here

Nemres click here

Modern-Hearts click here

Metric-Mod click here

Mary-Alice-Felt-Like-It click here

Little-French-Dress click here

Kaitie-and-katie click here

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  1. your sponsors are wonderful! Always gives me new shops to look out for on etsy!

  2. You definitely have a spectacular round of sponsors! Great Monday post :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. You know that moment when you walk into a store and there is so much awesome-ness everywhere you don't know where to turn first? This is what this post feels like! Oh the glorious scarfs, plaid pants and vintage lovelies... Holy crap...

  4. AH window shopping through your sponsors is always so fun. They're all amazing! I hope your Monday gets better; Mondays used to be my favorite because I had the day off, but now that I work from home they're just... the sad day after the weekend when you don't get to sleep in.
    But hey, at least working from home = sitting on the couch watching Netflix while working, so, y'know, that's a plus!

  5. Thank you and damn you for those links all at the same time. Thank you because, as always, your links are awesome, but phooey on you for making me want stuff I am in no monetary position to buy. Just phooey. ;)



  6. So, so many amazing shops
    with soo many lovely things.
    And all of your favourite items for fall
    that you've picked out are gorgeous (I LOVE the green and blue tartan dress:))


  7. great list of shops! i love the colorful knit hats from jooleedoh's etsy shop. the pom poms just tops them off perfectly :)


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