Pioneer Square, aka the Best Place on Earth

Oct 11, 2013


HAT: Target| SHIRT: c/o Bijou Vintage Bazaar| SKIRT: H&M| TIGHTS: Forever 21| BOOTIES: Macy's

When roaming the streets of Seattle with best friends, I aim to be comfy and cozy so as not to spend too much time fidgeting with rising hems or scratchy materials (here's looking at you, christmas sweater). So my usual go-to for such an occasion is this plaid Bijou Vintage Bazaar shirt- which is as soft as buttah might I add. But plaid has a tendency of being boring when just paired with jeans, so I aimed to add some flair to it by pairing it with a paper-bag-waist skirt and some booties. And can I mention how much I'm loving beanies this season? I have a really girly style, and I really like the tomboy contrast it gives most of my looks. It was just the right touch to finish off this look :)

And this is my third piece from Bijou Vintage Bazaar, among a Brady Bunch-esque romper (seen in this post and this one), and a bell sleeved 70's daisy dress (seen in this post and this one). To say this is one of my favorite stores is, clearly, an understatement. If you're looking for some pretty, vintage pieces, check out Bijou Vintage Bazaar here!

The flowers Lina bought me- d'aaww

So by now you guys are starting to come under the impression that Pioneer Square is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle. One of my favorite things to do while walking to work in Chicago is craning my neck up at the old buildings and pretend I was back in the 1930's, walking the streets with other city slickers and dames that are off to work. It was so dreamy trying to imagine how those same blocks I was walking on looked eighty years back, and Pioneer Square lets me do that all over again. And while we were roaming around the cobble stoned blocks, Lina caught a restaurant window from the corner of her eye and shuffled us in to try it out. And ya guys, I felt like I was in the pages of a fancy pants magazine while there.  

The kitchen was exposed and looked like it belonged inside an Italian country villa, with a fire oven and fresh sprigs of thyme and lavender tacked onto the wall next to the copper pans. We stood at an island and ordered a big loaf of sourdough bread and interesting little cocktails to sip. I got something called elderflower because it sounded like a drink an elf would drink, Tom got a ginger cocktail (delicious), and then poor Lina got some sort of plum vodka drink because the waiter seduced her with his dream boat eyes and said it tasted like Christmas. Friends, it did not. It tasted like Polish medicine and it was hilarious watching her trying to drink the small shot glass for an hour, haha.


And here are some of my favorite picks from Bijou Vintage Bazaar- they have everything from 60's coats to cute housewares!: 

Fight for FLight Mary Alice Felt Like It

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  1. Oh my god, I LOVE this outfit. The plaid is so amazing with the pretty brown colors and the red hat. That sounds like a super fun day. I've been spending more time in Pioneer Square lately and it's pretty great!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Oh how lovely!

  3. I love everything about this post! Your outfit is spot on-I love it!!! And these pictures are gorgeous. I never spend much time in Pioneer Square, it's never been my favorite neighborhood, but your post is making me reconsider. Maybe I'll have to give it another shot. What was the name of the restaurant you went to? It looks dreamy!!

  4. Love these photos! They make me want to explore Seattle again. And that restaurant looks amazing!
    I love your outfit as well!

    decked out in ruffles

  5. That skirt is gorgeous and I love your friend's boots!

  6. Way to rework plaid! Love that you paired it with that a-line skirt. Very cute!

    And wow, the pictures are stunning. Pioneer Square does indeed seem like such a cool neighborhood!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. Oh wow, its for good reason this is a favorite spot of yours! I love these type of photos :)
    Really makes me want to go downtown and explore my area.
    And I love that you added a beanie to your girly look. The paper bag skirt was the perfect piece to mix with that plaid top! So cute :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Okay, I am in love with your amazing photos and style! Not only are those buildings incredible (I love visiting Seattle myself!), I adore your skirt! And once again those booties rock :P And what better way to say it's fall than plaid?

    Wonderful post! :)

    xx Debbie

  9. Ahahaha! I had a drink that was described as tasting like Christmas one time too. It didn't taste like Christmas. Maybe like the pine tree in the living room.

    But anyway! This is such a perfect way to wear a plaid shirt. I love yours with the paperbag waist skirt. Your boots are great too. So cute as always!

  10. Getting to see little parts of your city is actually my favourite thing about your blog.

  11. Beautiful pictures! I like how you edit them, the colors looks so beautiful!
    Your plaid blouse is great! That last picture looks fun :)

  12. I'm absolutely in love with this outfit, the shirt is amazing! I really like the beanie with the girly outfit :D and gorgeous pictures, that one with the fire burning in the background is lovely!

  13. wonderful photos! <3

  14. So lovely. . . I want to visit Seattle and have yummy ginger cocktails!

  15. I am slowly becoming obsessed with beanies, love how you wear yours here! Plus your plaid is so cute, and looks beyond comfortable.

  16. As always, your architectural/city snaps are breathtaking and make me feel a part of the city! I absolutely love how girly you can make a beanie and plaid shirt look. That skirt was the perfect way to do that. And what a stunning restaurant, wow! It almost looks as if it is someone's home instead of a public place. Haha, I hate it when you purchase something you don't like while at a restaurant. You feel obligated to finish it because you paid for it!

  17. oh my goodness, that skirt is a dream!


  18. first off, your pictures are GORGEOUS as always. second, i am pretty sure this is my favorite outfit EVER!!! beanies have definitely been on my mind for this fall/winter. third, a girl is so helpless when it comes to a waiter with dream boat eyes. i don't blame her for one second! haha

  19. I LOVE this outfit!!! The plaid and the beanie are just perfect with that skirt, and I have this weakness for girlified mannish clothes (plaid shirts always seem manly to me).
    And I love Pioneer Square. It's so fun! Have you gone to the toy store there? We spend hours playing with and looking at everything, because we are totally kids at heart.
    Man, I hate it when I get something at a restaurant that isn't as good as it should be. I never know whether I should complain, or just buck up and pay for it. My very first drink on my 21st birthday was like that; it was a pale moon, which is white chocolate and vodka and sounded really good (chocolate? Yes!) but it was not. Possibly because I'd never had alcohol before and vodka is probably not a great thing to start with, ha!

  20. I am a huge fan of how your wore that plaid!

  21. I love how you show us so much of Seattle in your posts. Also, your outfit is quintessential autumn! Love that.

    Poor Lina. When in Prague, we all got a shot that sounds very similar (they outright told us it was also used as "herbal medicine" too). It was... strange.

  22. This looks like such an amazing neighbourhood. It definitely seems like a place I would love to visit, exposed fireplaces are always so gorgeous.
    Also, I must say that you look like the cutest little lumberjill in your plaid top and beanie. And that is a big compliment coming from a Canadian ;)

  23. I really like the pairing of the plaid with the skirt with jeans is so expected. There's nothing more unexpected in the cold than a skirt. Love the booties and light colored tights.

    I love me some Pacific Northwest. I used to live in Seattle and miss it every time we need rain and it's too sunny here in San Diego.

  24. You are just absolutely killing me with all the loveliness in these photos!!!! Pioneer square is just breathtaking! And that kitchen!!! And I looove your outfit!!!! Love you in a beanie!

  25. Love your plaid shirt!
    These pictures are super rad!!

  26. Loved this photos, I wish I could visit this amazing city!


  27. such great pictures! I love all the green and the brick buildings -IN LOVE! and that kitchen is heavenly. something I can only dream of having! haha! Cute blog, lady!!

  28. I love the plaid, and you look great in a beanie! I never wear them, unless I'm sledding. I'm so used to my big hair, I feel like my head looks unnaturally small (just in comparison to my hair, I'm sure!)

  29. You did it so perfect, love it all!

  30. As usual, you rocked that plaid top like nobody's business!
    And thanks to your posts, I am now planning to retire to Pioneer's Square. So awesome!

  31. This place looks so perfect! I've never been to Seattle, but this really make me want to start planning a trip! Love your paper bag skirt with the plaid blouse!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! I've been following on Bloglovin for a little while now - I love your vintage style!


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