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Oct 30, 2013



This amazingly fun Sourpuss Knits pompom beanie is becoming my LIFE! That doesn't sound dramatic at all does it? I remember last year around winter time, I saw a pin floating around of a girl all dolled up in her usual-monochrome-winter-gear and this electric pompom beanie on her head. I clutched at my heart and stared and stared at the beauty of that outfit, vowing that I'll be able to look like that too in the Chicago snow. Ever since then I was on a hunt for a replica of it- especially since all my winter coats are all boring black and beige colors. And a whole winter went by without me finding it- but I am well prepared for this season ;) I love that the beanie also works during the fall, adding a quirky touch to a layered dress and boots. I literally just sighed typing it- I'm just so happy it's in my loving arms now, haha!

And if you want a beanie of your own (or the same as mine), check out Sourpuss Knits here AND enter their giveaway here to snag a giftcard! (I spoil you guys, don't I?)

HAT: c/o Sourpuss Knits| JACKET: Levis| TURTLENECK: c/o Voyeur Vintage| DRESS: Thrifted| PURSE: Urban Outfitters| BOOTS: Macy's| GHOST BROOCH: Bibik and Roro

And here are some other tasty tidbits from Sourpuss Knits, for your browsing pleasure!


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  1. Love your beanie, it's so cute!! x

  2. the ghost brooch Is adorable! the whole outfit is awesome too <3

  3. I can understand why you were mesmerised by the lady's beanie, a pop of colour in winter really does brighten up the day. I love to wear bright colours in A/W!

    The beanie does look lovely on you and goes nicely with your outfit :)


    Fashionicide | Manchester Fashion & Beauty Blog


  4. You couldn't be more right - that beanie looks adorable! :)



  5. WHY DONT I LOOK AS CUTE AS YOU IN HATS. Ugh, I tried one on the other day and I mostly just looked homeless. I wanna be cute tooooo
    These layers are perfection, totally going to have to recreate this in the near future (sans hat..:( )

  6. Love that brooch! Happy Halloween-Eve :)

  7. That hat is super cute! Love the color!

    Ladyface Blog

  8. It's totally cool for a hat to become your life. It happens to me with shoes all the time, to the point where people think it's weird when I am not wearing them. AIN"T THAT THE SHIT THOUGH.

    I love your hat. I wish I looked cool in hats like youUuuuu Miss Marlen~

  9. The hat looks pretty good with that jean jacket too, so I'm sure it will brighten those "boring" winter coats ;)

  10. I love the cheery colors in this outfit, and that ghost pin is so so so cute!

  11. You and your hats! I need to bust out my pom pom beanie. Haha, I have one of these, only the pom pom at the end is rather ridiculous in size, thus why I love it :)
    Love the quirky touch it adds!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Cute outfit!

  13. You know it's a rare find of a blogger whose outfits don't look overly styled but instead actually look like something I'd like to wear out with friends on the weekend. So refreshing. Well done!

  14. such a cute beanie! and i love your crossbody bag~

  15. Oh my gosh.. that infinity scarf is the Love it!

  16. I love the beanie, it's adorable. You look great!

  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! I've just had some free time to visit your blog and what a wonderful surprise! O my gosh, you look so cute and the colours are so happy -- no wonder little Ghostie is cuddling up close!

  18. I love all the fun colors in this outfit. You pull off the beanie so perfectly. I love your jean jacket and turtleneck combination. Your ghost pin is the cutest thing ever too!


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