Goodbye, Friends

Oct 22, 2013



Booo, these are the last of my photos from when my best friends came to visit! Sad face. On the last day we kept it local in Queen Anne and just mosied up and down the hills of my neighborhood, equal parts peeking at the Seattle skyline and craning our necks to catch all the pretty, hodge-podge houses set up like building blocks on the winding roads. Poor Lina was in day three of wearing heeled boots, a fact that made me and Tom laugh as we had her hike up and down with us. 

After getting sufficiently sweaty, we decided to hightail it for a last lunch together, to which Lina asked "Are we taking a bus there?"


"Oh...okay" *face crumples*

Somehow she still loves us.

SHIRT: c/o Bijou Vintage Bazaar| BEANIE: c/o Fall Code| JACKET: J Crew| MAXI: Topshop| BOOTS: Macy's (Lucky Brand)

And what better thing to wear during long strolls around the city than a beanie and a plaid shirt? The plaid shirt is from Bijou Vintage Bazaar, and last time I wore it I went for a lumberjane look similar to this one. As I was styling it the second time around, I originally reached for a mustard yellow pair of high-waisted pants and even wore it for a couple of hours as I was working from home. But every time I passed by the mirror (i.e. went out of my way to check myself out in it) I felt kind But why- colors are my jam! It seems to me like my style might be going towards a more tame route, but I can't help but add in a quirky touch here and there. Like my knit pompom beanie from Fall Code. I can't get over how cute pompom beanies look with dresses and skirts during the cooler months, which is why Fall Code nearly made me pass out with their selections, haha. 

queen-anne Downtown-Seattle-5downtown-seattle-4Downtown-Seattle-3Downtown-Seattle-2Downtown-Seattle-1Fall-Code-Beanie


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  1. Beautiful photos. So sorry for your goodbye to friends. Those are always tough! Glad you got to document it so beautifully! :)

  2. Great oufit! Love how the red stands out :-)

  3. Ah, friends visiting is one of my very favorite things...and friends leaving is one of my least favorite. Love that hat!

  4. Your outfit is everything I want in a fall outfit! Love it! Looks like you had a fab time with friends…fall + friends= the best!

  5. I really enjoyed your photos they are lovely. Love the red beanie,

  6. It's always a sad day when our friends leave, isn't it? And an olive cargo jacket with a plaid shirt - looks like you and I are on the same page! Your outfit is cuter though, with the skirt and all :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. I wish I could pull of a beanie like that but my hair is just too poofy. You are lucky. I love how it looks with the plaid shirt. The part about your friend wanting to take the bus made me laugh - when I was just there I think my friend wanted to kill me because of all of the walking we were doing. At one point she refused and made us take a taxi haha.

    It's too bad we didn't get to meet up but I will be back in April so maybe next time :) And you should definitely do the underground tour! There actually isn't a lot to see underground but it's only $17 and so worth it for all of the stories that they tell and the gift shop is pretty neat too.

  8. I've made that mistake so many times... especially walking around in San Francisco in heels... wow do my feet hate me when it's all said and done.. but at least I looked cute while my feet were shouting curses at me!

  9. Obsessed with your red beanie. Your fall outfits are INCREDIBLE!

    Xo, Hannah

  10. Very cute & fallish look, though sad your friends' visit has ended.

  11. STOP LOOKING SO CUTE ALL THE TIME. I need to bust out my flannel asap so I can be lumber jill cute too.
    Whenever I visit my brother in Vancouver I make him walk everywhere and he hates me for it, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Its the best way to explore!

  12. Saying goodbye is the worst part of a visit like this coming to an end. It really sounds like you had a great time though!

    On another note, I think this outfit is one of my favourites. That's such a cute skirt and I love the jacket, too!

    Oh....and the sandwich looks SO yummy!

    xoxo Jackie

  13. Aw it's always sad when visitors go back home. And I feel so bad for your friend wearing heeled boots walking around for three days!

    I think yellow high-waisted pants would look so awesome with your plaid shirt! Yellow and red always look great together. Lots of things look great with plaid shirts though. I need to bring mine out of my throw-all-the-long-sleeved-things-under-the-bed-during-summer bag.

  14. Ugh!! That outfit! Just stop it!!!
    But don't, because you are brilliant. I am kind of dying over the beanie and skirt.

  15. Your look was perfect to walk around the city. I'm sure you did enjoy your friend's visit!!

  16. You look like such a cool bunch! And poor girls, I can totally relate to her bootie-pain :D! Love this plaid and beanie, I think it's a perfect combo. You're my autumn inspiration for sure :)!


  17. You had me at plaid shirt my all time favorite thing to wear no matter what season it is!

  18. This outfit is PERFECT. Love everything about it.

  19. Your stroll looks like it was rather dreamy, though! *___* My goodness, just LOOK AT YOUR RED THINGS! yes, your red things. Your red hat and red check-y pattern in your gnarly top. Lookin' lovely, Miss Marlen. And lookin' ready to embrace... COLDNESS

  20. gorgeous photos...I love your red hat!

  21. Had a mini panic attack when I saw the title of your post (and thought you were closing up shop). Thank GOODNESS that's not the case!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  22. Every time I look back here, I find a new favorite outfit of yours! This is great. You look so fabulous. I'm glad your friends were able to come visit you. It's so hard to say good-bye, but worth it for the chance to visit with them again. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  23. So sad they had to leave! Great that they could visit tough!

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  24. THIS OUTFIT. MARLEN. okay so I'm totally obsessed w this outfit. Im gonna steal this look bc I'm that obsessed with it!

    at this volume

  25. Beautiful beautiful pictures. I absolutely love coming here and getting to look at your photography. Also you look absolutely adorable with the red beanie and plaid.


  26. I just love your photos! And the plaid shirt with the maxi and boots is just too cool. Great outfit!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  27. That skirt is just so perfect! Looks like you had an amazing time with your friends!



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