Fremont, Seattle

Oct 16, 2013



The neighborhood Fremont is an interestingly quirky place- and rightfully so, seeing how their motto is "the freedom to be peculiar". So, ya know, I fit right in there ;) While there we roamed the blocks and poked our heads into kitschy shops that sold knick-knacks, lunched on meat pies, clambered over trolls, and sat by the river way, soaking up the fickle sun. If I actually knew Seattle before I moved here, I'd so pick Fremont to be my home. But me blindly picking my apartment through Craigslist did not lead me in that direction, haha!

Also, if you want to see my other Fremont posts and pictures, check them out here and here


And on a more sartorial note, I have been going nuts with this Voyeur Vintage turtleneck. In the last post that I wore this, I mentioned that I first nabbed it because it so reminded me of Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park, and ever since then I can't veer away from the retro feel of it. Every time I style it I go for a super mod look, which has been really fun. Luckily, this time around I didn't accidentally dress as Velma ;) Though...have I just found my Halloween costume in that one? Below is how I styled this Voyeur Vintage top last time


And since I nabbed this mustard number, here are some other favorites Voyeur Vintage has to offer:

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  1. Love that amazing turtleneck top! It's great layered over the polka dot top. You are the queen of layering!!

    Fremont seems like a fun neighborhood!

  2. That's it - I'm moving to Seattle. You always seem to have so much fun wandering about town!
    And I'm obsessed with your outfit. OBSESSED! So many of my favorite fall colors and patterns in one. You nailed it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Love the color blocking you have going on. Fremont sounds fun.

  4. Marlen, you look awesome.

    Love, Amy

  5. Ah, what a cool little neighborhood! I love that colorful wall mural. And the sign on the door - so cute!
    Thanks for sharing these snapshots :)


  6. This neighbourhood looks so cool and cultured :) I love the yellow and green together-it works so well!

  7. What a lovely looking neighborhood! I wish I lived somewhere with some personality!

  8. I realize I say this on everyone of your posts, but UGH! Your photos make me want to visit Seattle again sooo bad. A close friend is moving to Vancouver in January, so maybe I'll get back to Seattle then! Looks like you are having a blast with your friends!

  9. Fremont seems like a place fitting for myself too!

    Dancing in Black

  10. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I want it in my closet right now. Seriously awesome. The colors are the best! And those sunglasses are amazing.
    Also, that shot of the colorful wall! So cool. I want a wall like that. Sigh.
    I've never explored Freemont very much, but seeing all of your pictures makes me want to come explore. You find the best places ever!

  11. Haha, I just love that sign :)
    These are great photos once again Marlen! And I love your outfit too. The mustard yellow turtleneck layered with the green skirt is a fabulous combination!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Beautiful photos, that one with the colourful wall is awesome! The skirt matches perfectly with the mustard top :D

  13. I'll be considering this place when looking for a new home after graduation. Looks so fun. Very me. <3


  14. Ah I love Fremont! When I lived in Seattle I worked in Fremont for a while for a cell phone company. It was long commute from Capitol Hill. Sometimes I really miss living in Seattle. But I will admit I don't miss the rain. The rain drove me nuts after a while.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  15. Oh the mod look is adorable on you!! Love it!!

  16. That neighborhood looks awesome and I adore that pic against the painted wall! I love your yellow and green outfit. That is a great color combo and it took me years to start to love it and not just think of it as my college color ;) Everything in Eugene is gold and green!

  17. I love the sign on the door!! Don't ever want to let awesomeness escape!! You seriously make me want to visit Fremont! I have never been but looks lovely!! That green you are wearing is one of my favorites and you rock it!!



  18. Ouu, I loved your yellow top with the burgundy pants, but it looks amazing with your green skirt as well! And that "please shut the door" made me chuckle.

  19. I love Fremont! You are making me miss Seattle...:)

  20. what fun pics!! you are both adorable and i just love that green and yellow look :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  21. I lived in Fremont and worked there for has changed tremendously with new buildings and landscape, but the feel of it is still the same...peculiar but fun and beautiful. I miss it there tremendously. love the outfit and your blog!

    Mary @ Reinventing Merdy

  22. girl, I lerrrrrve that blouse on you! Are the polkadot sleeves a second blouse? If so, genius! they totally looked lik perforated leather at first glance. PS, I officially promise to stop being lazy with my blog!!! XO, Amber

  23. Oooo! what a cute/cool little town! love your pictures ALWAYS!


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