Baking Not-So-Fiascos

Oct 26, 2013

TOP: American Apparel| BOOTIES: Macy's| SKIRT: New Old Fashion| BERET: Moonchild

Yesterday I baked a huge batch of pumpkin spice cookies, and while I was busy spilling powdered sugar all over my socks and splattering batter on the tiles, I got a quick pang of missing my momma. No matter how many terrible creations she brought to life in the kitchen, she loved nothing more than getting that egg beater in her hand and plowing through until a recipe finally tasted right. The last time I attempted these cookies I grabbed a Pumpkin Pie Mix can rather than a Pure Pumpkin can (why must they look so identical?!) and ended up with these god-awful orange sponge cookies. Afterwards I called her while simultaneously beating my head defeatedly against the counter, vowing to never try anything with pumpkin again. And then her Polish-accented voice trilled through the phone, telling me nooo you must never give up! Recipes are always horrible the first time around! Haha not sure if that's necessarily true for everyone but it's definitely shaping up that way for the women in my family. 

And so they turned out pretty good the second time around (nothing a heavy dose of cream cheese frosting can't fix) and we made a dent into the batch while watching Rosemary's Baby to get into the Halloween spirit. Speaking of which- any good Halloween movie recommendations? 


And I've been going a little nuts with my Frenchy outfits, haven't I? The last time I wore this New Old Fashion Vintage skirt, I paired it with a camel peacoat and red beanie to make it all "sophisticated Fall chic". But this time around I went more simple (and mime-like) with a black leotard and a Moonchild beret. It's fun how New Old Fashion is very preppy and Moonchild is more folksy and rock n roll chic, but I'd still raid both stores and find a way to piece their looks together. If you have a moment and want to window shop vintage, check out both of their stores! 

And here is how I wore the skirt in this post where I hunt for sea creatures!


And here are some of my Fall favorites from both New Old Fashion and Moonchild!:


Untitled-3 Jooleedoh

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  1. oh my polish baked goods are like heaven. these sound amazing!!!!!!! :D xoRach

  2. Nooo don't give up on your pumpkin cookies!
    Just try again c: Your mum is right! Anyway
    you look lovely, love that checkered skirt
    and omg another beret?! Xx

  3. Aaw, I adore your skirt - you look lovely! xxx

  4. I really like this outfit. Also- not scary per say, but Bell, Book and Candle is delightfully witchy.

  5. I love this outfit, Marlen!

    Love, Amy

  6. love the skirt! absolutely gorgeous <3 love the autumnal feel.

  7. Your hat is so cute! Reminds of Picasso! And your skirt's print is amazing. :)

    xx Daphne of

  8. Ha, I relate so much to this post. Recipe or no recipe, things always seem to go much more smoothly the second time around (or the third, or the fourth.....).

    Hocus Pocus is my go-to movie for getting in the Halloween spirit. I'm perpetually 7 years old. ;)

  9. Ahh I can't get enough of your beret - baking cookies and that beret? Looks like you're still channeling your inner French woman!

    And how adorable is your skirt? Love the colors and the checked pattern - for some reason it reminds me of something that Eponine from Les Miserables would wear (she's one of my favorite characters!) ...or maybe I'm just still associated you with the French because of that beret haha. Anyways, it's cute!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  10. Adore how you paired your top with the skirt! xx

  11. That skirt! Pure love! :)


  12. Again, I'm in love with this outfit, I love how you paired the denim shirt with the black top. Everything fits so well together with that skirt!

  13. No shame in all of the French-inspired looks-- you totally rock them! They are the perfect fall looks :) And I agree with you, they seriously need to change the label for the pumpkin pie mix. I almost made that mistake when making pumpkin smoothies, I can't even imagine how bad they would have turned out! <3 Bri

  14. LOVE that skirt! I've been wanting to add a tartan/plaid midi skirt to my wardrobe!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  15. Hattitude Style Blog

    totally cute how you styled this skirt. I LOVE it. I just got back from England and am so inspired by plaids and tweeds. I need to collect more for my collection! ha

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  16. Brilliant outfit! I love the skirt.


  17. Moms and baking are the best! I don't know why they make those damn cans so freaking similar! But she's right--you gotta try, try again! I love your skirt and actually this whole outfit is so pretty and fall-y!

  18. GAH! I'm LOVING this outfit! I need to get that top from American Apparel!

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  19. i love your skirt and coat! and oh man, i am such a horrible baker. anything to do with mixing, batter and oven is a disaster for me. but i keep trying! and my husband keeps having stomach aches (from having to eat them!) :)

  20. Love this outfit! That skirt is so, so, so cute! I love me some wool plaid!

    Ladyface Blog

  21. My jaw seriously hit the floor when I saw you in this outfit. Marlen, you look soooooo sophisticated and beautiful!

    Xo, Hannah

  22. aww sounds like you & your mom are so close, def makes sense you'd miss her amidst the festivities. will you go home for thanksgiving? and, no worries on the lots of french over here, you look gorgeous! I wish i could pull off long skirts like you. very clever w/ the button up under the off the shoulder, i'd have never envisioned that looking good.
    Mitla Moda


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