I Love a World That Has Octobers

Oct 1, 2013


We still have colorful balloons littering our living room floor, strewn haphazardly around like flecks of glitter that were just blown from the palm. The cheese, however, is long gone and has just met acquaintances with my thighs. I think they're going to become good, long time friends ;)

Once October rolls through, everyone starts feeling more cozy and low-key, and I, personally, start feeling more intimate. During the summer time we have patio parties and margaritas on the beach, boisterous shopping dates in the city and parties solely to give us excuses to dust off our best summer dresses. During those long, warm days everyone feels like a people-person and the more laughter and chatter around you the better! But during fall, all I want to do is bring my people closer and force them to sit on my couch and hang out in sweatpants til Spring starts lurking around the corner. It's all about long talks about nothing in particular, binge watching favorite shows while trying to mimic Glee dance moves during commercials, and just basking in good friendship while a fireplace is flickering on your computer screen (I gots to improvise, you know?)

And while I'm aware this outfit doesn't feature the sweatpants I'm all to eager to wear (anyone still wear their high school gym pants on the reg?) it's just as comfy! Lately I've been obsessed with denim on denim, and I thought it went so well with the tan hues from my Bear and Twine skirt that's for sale in my shop! And though it's a small detail, I feel like this Miss Molly Vintage belt just made this whole outfit. It's the perfect color, and that big buckle gave it a subtle vintage, southwestern touch that gave this neutral outfit some interest!

bear-and-twine-etsy-vintagebear-and-twine-etsy-skirt-vintageBear and TwineBear-and-twine-etsy

And this belt has made more than one appearance on the blog, see how I styled it in another neutral outfit!


Skirt- for sale in my store HERE!
Belt- c/o Miss Molly Vintage
Jean Jacket- thrifted, Levis
Shirt- Forever 21
Booties- Macy's
Thigh Highs- American Apparel

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. I am loving getting dressed in the morning...warm, cozy socks, plaid, fun belts, layers and layers and layers...And, my dear, why have I never thought to wear a vest over a dress? I really like that. xo

  2. This outfit is just darling and the perfect cozy fall look! The denim on denim is really pretty and I love the tights!


  3. I love fall too, although we only have it for about 4 days here. It goes from blazing hot to snow in no time. So fall for me is "look out, soon you'll be cursing your windshield scraper, soppy socks and shotty car heater". But your version sounds so much nicer . . .

  4. Wow I love the place you chose to use as your background. So old country and lovely! I am liking the denim on denim. I've heard of wearing denim with denim but never denim on denim; gotta say I think I like it!

    Yes I know what you mean! I just wanna say indoors and cuddle up with a good book. I also adore Glee :)



  5. This is such an incredibly cozy outfit, love that skirt!! I am so ready for cuddle weather, I just need a proper cuddle buddy...Mr.Duke will suffice

  6. Aww, you're cute beyond words - you summed up autumn wonderfully! Your hair is looking extra beautiful today and I adore your skirt. Your tights are awesome too- they look so cozy and warm!

  7. LOVE that blue and lace dress! Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, would you like to follow each other? Let me know!
    xx Kristina


  8. I agree. I think October is definitely a more intimate time of the year. I just want to curl up on the couch and do nothing except watch movies and visit with friends.
    LOVE this outfit! That skirt is awesome, and the I definitely understand what you mean by saying the belt made the outfit. I feel that way about a few of my belts.

  9. Sometimes it is the small details, like juuuust the right belt that really brings an outfit together to cohesively gel the look.

  10. The belt really is a perfect finishing touch :)

  11. Ah, what a lovely outfit! I love the denim-on-denim. And I must agree--summer days remind me of scenes in the Great Gatsby. Myriads of happy people throwing parties, talking about a lot of nothing, and indulging themselves. And then life begins over again with the fall. :)

  12. Aww, I love this look! The print on the skirt is ultra cool and the double denim looks great! And you're rocking the berry lipstick :)



  13. You write beautifully- love your words expressing how you feel about the summer times and how you feel when October rolls around. That's exactly how I feel, and I think that is what's best about the seasons. You and your outfit are charming dear!

  14. I love the earthy colors. As much as I love wearing pops of bright colors in the summer, I do love great neutral pieces for fall. I am loving the leaf print skirt, it is super cute. Your hair is also looking great in these pictures! :-)


  15. I love love the skirt. I wish I had one too!

  16. Love your cozy outfit, even so I prefer pants more, but I think such type of skirts are comfy as pants, btw your striped dress is adorable teamed with top it makes outfit standing out

    Have a great week ahead, thank you for lovely comment on my blog

  17. I reaaaaaaly love this skirt Marlen! The print and colors are perfect for fall <3
    Also, denim on denim looks so good for this. I'm excited to style up an outfit for tomorrow now haha, thanks for the inspiration!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  18. Cool outfit, it looks so put together!
    I also like a world with Octobers, not only because they bring autumn (and hibernation) properly in but also because my birthday is in October :)
    Have a lovely day, Marlen!
    xoxo Irene

  19. Cute outfits!


  20. I've always loved denim and floral together - especially with such cute details, like the belt :) It really ties it all together!



  21. I love the colour of the shoes and socks, it really complements the jeans jacket! And the skirt is amazeballs.
    Happy October!


  22. I love the outfit! Perfect for fall indeed!

    XX Red Sonja

  23. i am seriously obsessed with everything about this. i couldn't agree more. there really is just something about the cooler temperatures that make you crave for a more intimate setting. and uh, sweatpants.... still wearing my swim sweatpants from high school, so yup, nailed that one right on the head. haha

  24. Oh Marlen, how are you always so put together and gorgeous and adorable? You made me chuckle with the bit about the cheese and your thighs. ha! I'm like you-- I like my people indoors in the colder months, and I wanna be in layers, layers, layers! :)

    You haven't had lavender in pastries before? Girl, you are missing out. It is a bit of a surprise, because it's not a very common flavor, but it's bright and floral and very delicious with honey!

  25. I LOVE fall! I wish it would just get cold and stay that way already!

    You're looking adorable as always. :-)

  26. I'm in love with that skirt! Great outfit!

  27. You are seriously so cute. I love how cozy this outfit is. And I agree - Octobers are just so cozy! I love the idea of snuggling in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate... yay fall!

  28. This outfit is so cute! I love your little booties. And I totally agree that fall weather makes me feel more intimate- I find myself drinking lots of cocoa and watching movies and reading in bed!

    Xo, Hannah


  29. I wear my hubs' college sweatpants on the reg. Does that count? Haha!

  30. As perfect as it would be to toodle around a warm, sunny beach (cheesy thighs and all) every day of the year, I really cannot fathom a world without seasons... especially without autumn!

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  31. You're simply gorgeous, and you rock this outfit! Thanks so much for linking up with me last week for WIWW!


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