So Tony Soprano Cut My Hair...

Oct 3, 2013

Eado-Vintage-Dress Eado-Vintage-Etsy-Dress

I was never one that liked going to hair salons- just thinking about all that small talk I had to prepare for exhausted me. Which is exactly why I let my short hair grow into Lego-people-helmet-hair proportions.  But a lady can't pull that off for too long, and so yesterday morning I slipped on my coat and walked down to the neighborhood salon.

And here's a free tip for ya- never go anywhere during opening hour. Just think of the morning shift at a strip club...the scene ain't ever pretty. Which is why when I stepped through the door- the bell trilling behind me- out came Tony Soprano from the backroom, tying on his stylist apron.

I mean, of course.

"Yehs, hello. You want the haircut on your head?", he asked me in a thick gypsy voice. I got a quick flashback to the first time I ever booked a massage, and in came this huge bald man that introduced himself as "Dragon, your masseuse." 

I sighed defeatedly and to the rug of chest hair coming out of his unbuttoned shirt I said, “Yes, yes I suppose I do.”


I walked over to the swivel chair just as the Kings of Leon song "Sex on Fire" came on (awkward?), and Gypsy Tony took a spray bottle from the apron tied at his waist, and spritzed me directly in the face with a mist. He only missed my hair by a foot, but whatever. He then proceeded to cut, cut, cut, and I stared at the linoleum floor glumly, waiting for the inevitable disaster to take place on my head. 

When I finally glanced in the mirror I was met with the image of him squirting a healthy amount of gel onto his palm. And why you ask? So he can proceed to dip his comb in it and then run it through the sides of my head, slicking my hair back. I was met with a lesbian Fonzie blinking back at me in the mirror. Not sue how I felt with what was happening, I then proceeded to watch him fan out my bangs a la our mothers in the 80’s, and then spritz it with a healthy dose of hair spray that came out of God knows where.

He then took off my smock with a flourish and met me eyes in the mirror expectantly.

All I could do was smile weakly. And think of the shower that will wash this abomination away. And as you can see, that definitely helped ;)

Eado Eado-Vintage-Etsy
DRESS: c/o Eado Vintage| COAT: thrifted| SHIRT: Banana Republic| TIGHTS: Target| BOOTIES: Macy's| BRACELET: c/o Omnia

And now onto a more sartorial note, I'm definitely abusing the mustard tights and camel coat combo. But they create such a nice neutral background that I can't help it! When I received this Eado Vintage dress, I knew I wanted to make it subtly quirky while transitioning it into a Fall outfit, and what better way than with polka dots? 

And as I mentioned in a previous post, I've really been into layering long sleeve shirts under short sleeves, a la our awkward high school years. It's a really easy layer, and it gives you a chance to mix prints and make an outfit much more interesting. What do you think, would you try it? 

And this is the only cute piece from Eado Vintage- see my other favorite Fall picks from them below!

West Lake Brick and Mortar

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  1. i adore the pea coat, what a great vintage find. Also, laughed my way through the haircut story. Oh dear!

    eileen ragan | leaner by the lake

  2. That dress is gorgeous! I love how the whole outfit is yellow, but still neutral at the same time, you totally inspired me to go excitedly dig out those mustard tights! Second of all, I seriously think your haircut is amazing!!! Though it sounds like he styled it terribly, the cut itself looks perfect! I too hate the hair salon and grew up with my mom trimming mine for my whole life! I reallllly need to go get a trim, but hey, my moms visiting at the end of november so maybe I can just save $45 and wait?

  3. HAHA! Marlen, this was fun to takes me back to right before the first day of middle school and trying to hold back tears at the kiddie salon (Cartoon Cuts) as I got my hair done in a french braid and my bangs fluffed DJ Tanner-style. The whole time I had a bad feeling about it...don't know why I thought it would go away AFTER the damage was done. Anyway, your hair looks great and not Lego person-like! And, per usual, the outfit is cute, too!

  4. the perfect layering and great dress as always

  5. I love the mustard tights! Also, just FYI, "gypsy" is generally considered to be a racial slur, so maybe stay away from that one in the future?

  6. OMG That is one of the funniest stories I have ever read. This is why I have a specific stylist that I always go to--she is the only one I trust with my hair for sure. Your hair does look great btw (LMAO at "lesbian Fonz") and I love your layering (as always) with the dress and long sleeved blouse!

  7. oh my what a story... now that is why i stay away from hairdressers! strangely though I would have quite liked to have seen evidence of this hair style from hell!! It looks lovely and textured now though :) Did he dye it too? Looks darker somehow. Oh and thats such a darling embroidered dress! xx


  8. I am laughing so HARD at this right now! I feel the same way when I get my haircut, ESPECIALLY with short hair. I now only let one lady touch my hair.

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  9. Your hair looks adorable and I love those booties!!
    xoxo Danielle

  10. Really Nice Blog . . . Thanks as always for sharing

    New Year Text Messages

  11. Darling, you look gorgeous!
    I like your new outfit and I like your hair <3

    Christina Klein

  12. Oh my stars and garters. Seriously, one of my favorite outfits from you. I feel like I say that every few weeks but this one really, truly knocked it out of the park. I love the dress. I love the coat.

    Your haircut came out well, though it sounded a bit iffy in the story. I almost never like how the hairstylist styles the cuts. You have to play with it yourself to see what you've really got (and I love what you've got here.)

  13. That hair appointment sounds like a nightmare!!! Fortunately, your hair looks great! I actually really love the cut.

    Ladyface Blog

  14. This post made me laugh hard enough to be embarrassing! I never never never ever like the way my hair is styled after its been cut. I always go home and curl/sea salt over dose it! I love this whole outfit as well, especially the tights! Abuse the mustard! I look forward to seeing it!

  15. I've had many a bad blowout by an overzealous NJ hairstylist. I love your floral and dots mix!
    Penniless Socialite
    $25 Target and Jewelry Giveaway!

  16. Oh no, I know exactly how you feel about the hair cutting and have experience many similar situations (with the exception of Tony Soprano). However, I think your hair looks great so you either style it to perfection or are greatly delusional about the cut :P
    Not to mention, I adore your amazing outfit! That dress's print is so lovely, I love that jacket, and those booties are to die for!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog earlier, I really appreciate your comments :) Let me know if you would like to follow each other's blogs on GFC, I'd love to keep in touch!

    xx Debbie

  17. Hahaha. Well at least you were able to salvage your hair. It actually looks really cute! As does the outfit. I really love those booties. I need to find a brown pair for myself this winter.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  18. Hahaha you are one of my favorite bloggers ever! Not just because I like your style but you are totally hilarious! I laugh every time I read a post from you. Sounds like it was bad BUT your hair looks REALLY cute so he must have sort of known what he was doing. Oh dammmmmnnnnn girl, you are lookin' good!

    Now onto the outfit. You look like Anne Hathaway meets Twiggy. And I think they're both GORGEOUS. So you know :)
    I really like how you layered the dress with the shirt underneath. But I always talk about how I love your layers.

    Anywhoosies, you're amazing! Cannot wait to read more!


  19. Going to the hairdressers, always an adventure! I am in love with this outfit, the dress is stunning!

  20. Hahah, I know what you mean by those awkward small talks at the hairdresser. I hate them :)! Anyhow, you look awesome :)!


  21. Oh, you summed up going to the salon perfectly, with it's awkwardness and all! 'Tis the reason I never go. Your hair looks gorgeous though, it looks darker than usual, but maybe it's just the light thought. You look very pretty in white and tan, and again, awesome orange tights!

  22. I really, really like your hair. The shorter cut suits you. I am thinking of having long hair cut but am not sure if a shorter style would suit me as much as it does you.

    I am about to start wearing pants having been skirts/dresses only all my life so perhaps too many changes to my image might be too much!


  23. Haha, I love your writing! Too bad about the hair cut story though! But I do like how it looks in these pictures! :)

    XX Red Sonja

  24. Hahaha, I always enjoy your stories, Marlen! Glad everything turned out ok after the re-style. Think it looks great! And wow, that coat is perfect :)


  25. This post just got me so excited for the weather to cool down here in AZ. I can't wait to pull out my thrifted coats!!!! You are the cutest.
    Love & Lace

  26. Haha this was so funny to read! Although, I gotta say, you look good so he didn't mess up your hair at all :]

    And your dress is seriously the cutest thing I've seen all day! You're the master of print-mixing! Love how the polka dots and floral print work together!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  27. Ahaha! Oh man, that sound awful! I almost wish you'd taken a picture of this monstrosity though...hehehe ;)
    Anyway, it looks much better with all the gunk washed out! You look so stylish with this gorgeous vintage dress (seriously, I want to steal it out of your closet ♥_♥) and the matching mustard tights. Plus, that camel coat on top? I LOVE

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  28. Lol.. I hate going to hair salons too!! I always wait until I absolutely can't wait any longer and need to trim my hair to avoid the "Tony Soprano Experience!"

    Love your blog!

    Thanks for visiting mine!

  29. You are just so darling! Your hair is to DIE for! I love it sooo much! Also, I'm loving your outfit! Can we shares???? lol

  30. Oh girlfriend I feel ya... I've had my fair share of bad hair cuts.. and I heard the phrase and it couldn't be more true.. One thing a woman never wants to change, her hairdresser and her gynecologist... word.

  31. Haha lesbian Fonzie! Looks great now. I hate the hairdresser too and insist on leaving with it wet as I HATE the way the dry it so straight and plastered to my head!

    This dress is seriously awesome and I love how you've layered it over the spotty shirt. I'm going to have to try this. I'm a girl that love a mixed print but I haven't tried this! x

  32. HA! The title of this is THE BEST. Great dress! I think your hair looks good!

  33. Your hair looks so good even if the appointment wasn't! I really love that dress too!


  34. Once again, your writing has slain me. XD

    I only go to Salon's to do big changes to my hair -- the pixie, the red, trimming it off, going back to platinum -- but try to do it myself at home. I'm an expert at fixing my roots now. :P

    I don't think you should stop abusing those tights, because they rock. The end.


  35. I am absolutely in love with this outfit--such an amazing mix of patterns and colors!!! You look gorgeous!!

    I just had a fairly harrowing haircut today, myself... jeepers!! I almost had to pull an Americas Next Top Model and cry in the chair.

  36. Wow what a strange trip to the hairdressers but it looks lovely in these pictures!

    Also fantastic layering - I'm eager to try the long-sleeved under short-sleeved thing now as well. Maybe when it's just a little colder, it's still warm here! XX

  37. I think your hair looks great, especially now that there's no gel in it! Yikes, just reading about that appointment scared me!

  38. This sounds like the worst haircut experience. "do you want a haircut on your head?" what kind of question is that, ESPECIALLY at a hair salon??? oh my gosh!! This guy sounds a little nutty, but your hair turned out great-so apparently he knew what he was doing? :) I might not rush back to see him again, but at least he didn't ruin your hair!

  39. your hair looks amazing! so tony soprano obviously knows how to cut hair, even though it doesn't sound like the most pleasant trip:-) i don't trust hairdressers, which is why i more than often cut my hair myself, haha! also, i love your dress! xx

  40. Beautiful dress! Hair looks great. x

  41. I've always wished I could pull off such a short hairstyle--alas, not with these chipmunk cheeks! It looks amazing on you though, I'm quite envious.

  42. HAHAHA Oh Marlen! I'm so sorry, that experience sounds scarring (as does the massage experience...) but I'm glad to see that the cut wasn't the problem and you're still rocking the short hair better than anyone! And this outfit...Oh my! It's just gorgeous perfection. Definitely pin-worthy :) I LOVE the dress.

  43. Hi Marlen! Just stopping over from the Shenanigans link up and you crack me up. What a terrible story but I think it looks great! So mature and adorable. :)

  44. HAHAHAHAHA! This made me crack up! Hilarious story...I mean not for you...sorry hehe!

    Thanks for linking up with Kimberlee and me for Monday Morning Gossip :)

  45. Okay, I'm seriously in love with this outfit. Floral and polka dots?! Who knew. TOO cute. I LOVE reading your blog. So much.


  46. You are a brave brave woman and lovely as well. This story made me lol, glad he didn't scalp you.

  47. Marlen, you look soooo darling in these photos! Love this outfit so much. Also your whole haircut story just made me laugh ridiculously loud at a barnes and noble café so now I'm the crazy girl with the teal hair laughing to herself. Lololol

    at this volume


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