What to Do When an Indian Summer Blows Through

Sep 5, 2013


Well this is a new look for me, eh? Pants and no layers? Who even am I anymore. But with random gusts on Indian Summer coming through the Pacific Northwest, I keep see-sawing between wanting to put on caramel colored boots or shirts kissed with poppies. This blouse in particular is from Fancy Lucky Vintage, and when I saw it I knew there were about a thousand combinations I could pair it with. But then my eyes caught gaze with my "pant shelf" in my closet, and it stared back at me accusingly. I have a, what some would call, glutenous amount of pants, and I almost never wear them. So not wanting to be put through a whole guilt trip thing, I took one out of my many cotton-candy-colored pairs and left it at that. 

I think the outcome was really fun. I feel kind of like a cute version of one of those middle-aged, midwestern tourists at Disney World. You know, the ones with hawaiin shirts on, fanny packs, and visors? I kind of...dig it. And to add just a pinch of more interest, I put a sole bangle on- a striped little number from Omnia

You know, I think I could do this more often.


What's an item in your closet you almost never wear? Let's feel bad together. 

Pants- F21
Shoes- UO

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  1. I love that you described this as a more stylish middle aged disneyland tourist. You are so funny. And you definitely look more stylish than those tourists
    My pants are always giving me the stink eye, they want to be close to my buns and I rarely let it happen

  2. Sometimes it's good to simplify! I love the pants; you totally pull them off!
    Also, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your other photos as well. I love the exposure.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I have 4 maxi skirts and I've worn two of them once and that's it... I keep buying maxis because I like the idea of them, but being hippy they just really do not work! I end up wearing them around the house like they're sweat pants so that I don't feel as bad about neglecting them. xD
    That, and my vintage dresses that are seriously just too precious to wear out!

    Sincerely, Dani Rose

  3. Wow, I think this truly is the first time I've seen you wear pants on this blog. Love this outfit!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Love the print on the blouse! So colourful and cheery. Perfect in-between weather outfit :)



  5. haha disneyland. i was thinkinig more betty draper in slacks look but cute either way! i like the top knotted like that & the wedges so that ok, you're right, w/ some sneakers and untied you could look like a middle aged tourist haha. the high waisted slacks are super flatting though. and fanny packs. thx for the reminder! i thrifted one i need to bust out soon : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  6. The building in your first picture is so cool. And you look really cute in pants :)

  7. I also go through with the irrational guilt from not wearing clothes, about how they must feel so neglected! My item would have to be jeans.. but can you ever have too many jeans?! Even if you never wear them... I always love seeing pictures in your neighborhood/ city, they have such a warm feel to them :) I think you pull off the cute disney tourist look perfectly!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  8. You really should do this more often! The colors match together SO well and I love how you created this beautiful waistline. Pants suit you well!



  9. I love your outfit! It looks so vintage and you pull it off so amazingly well!


  10. I love this outfit! Unbelievably cute. The close up shots in particular are gorgeous! I think you should probably go the whole hog and don a bum bag (fanny pack) though :/

    I just had a clear out of all the things I don't wear (if I hadn't worn it for a year it went out) and there are 2 (nearly three) whole bin bags full. Shameful. Hello eBay!! So I'm right there with ya sister haha.

    Lucy xo | We Resolve

  11. Beautiful pictures :) I love your outfit-particulary the trousers, the colour is amazing and works so well with the top! I have so much unworn stuff, I think the one that comes to mind if a dress I bought for uni, so guilty haha!

  12. guess it's safe to say i'm not the only one with aesthetic dysfunction haha. though i can totally understand the effect that the weather does to us and the way we dress. but i lov eyour look, regardless,, specially that colorful blouse!

    xo, Carla
    Little Miss Violet

  13. There are SO many things in my closet that I don't wear, it's an issue. LOVE this blouse!

  14. Yes, there are definitly endless combinations that you will have fun with doing with that floral print. Stripes are great with florals. I love the colours, it reminds me of a watercolour painting! /Madison

  15. that shirt! i just want to go shopping with you. just once. oh, and your pictures are lovely.. and so is the place you live.

  16. This shirt is so popping and looks great with your single stripped bangle. Funny that you have such a plethora of pants, I think I don't bc I hate trying them on in the dressing room, such a hassle. However, I do have lots of dresses. As for an item I almost never wear... well, I have some items that are either too small or just not in style, but I keep them solely for the memories associated with them. Guilty.


  17. I almost never wear my cardigans but living in an awfully hot weather all year around island, is kinda understandable lol

    Awkward Heart♥

  18. This is a fun shirt! Also love the pictures of the city! Great post.

  19. Stunning photographs! I absolutely adore your outfit, so colourful and happy!

  20. Hi Marlen! Oh, I'm guilty of not wearing my coloured jeans...I don't know why, they just make my legs feel so chunky! However, your vintage blouse is tempting me to be brave and steal your style! Your photography is stunning! I will definitely be visiting your blog again! Thanks for stopping by mine!
    Donna xx

  21. Come on, you can!! pants are wayyy too comfortable to say no to them.

  22. These are such pretty pictures! I have 2 pairs of boot cut jeans that almost never see the light of day :(. I just always gravitate to my skinnies! What's worse is that my bootcuts are my most expensive pairs.. whoops!


  23. absolutely love this vintage look!

    xo Jessica

  24. Hi Marlen. You should do this more often. It looks really good on you. You look very pretty and happy. I like this outfit very much. It's cheery and yet chic.
    Yes let's feel bad together. Oh my! there's more than one item in my closet I have never worn. But I promise to get better about it. I swear! scout's honor!
    Have a lovely day.

  25. This floral top is seriously the cutest! Love your style, always!

    Xo, Hannah


  26. wow this is an amazing post! I’m so glad I dropped past your blog ☺!!!
    Keep up the great work and hope we can keep in touch!

    Xx Michelle

  27. You! In Pants! The world has ended!

    Juuuuust kidding. Really, I love this look and those pants. Have fun with the Indian Summer since I hear rain is what you normally get, yeah?

  28. This is one of my favorite looks from you! Those pants are so awesome and the bracelet adds a funky contrast to your shirt! Very cute and vintage-y summer look!


  29. LOVELY post :) and you look beyond fab. in that outfit. Your blog Is so inspiring and Im now following

    Check out my new post..cute office decor inspiration:)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  30. This is such a friendly outfit. Makes me want to share a cuppa and scones with you just to brighten the day. I love that the colors emulate the buildings in the top photo too!

  31. Great blouse! The colours and pattern are fantastic. :) XX

  32. Wow! Your photos are lovely. Your style is too. It's so colorful and comfy too. :) Big hug from Austin, Texas!

  33. I am just converting from skirts/dresses only to occasional pants wearer. Your pants show that they can be just as modest as skirts


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