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Sep 2, 2013

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You guys, I hiked up a VOLCANO on Saturday. You don't see that every day in the Midwest. All I ever saw were the rolling concrete plains of parking lots, so you can only imagine my giddiness when I saw this big ol' mountain that dog-dared me to conquer it. And conquer it I DID. Expect a bombardment of photos tomorrow.

 photo Whhttt-Etsy-Vintage-Dress_zps2ca5a631.jpgPioneer-Square, Seattle, architecture-photo, lifestyle-photo photo Whhttt-Vintage-Dress_zps961a0e98.jpg, Etsy-vintage-Dress, how-to-style-vintage  photo Whhttt-Etsy-Dress_zpsf7fc2093.jpg, Vintage-dress, how-to-style-vintage
As for yesterday, we had a series of fails that, thrown together, made for a nice evening. Around five o'clock I embarked into a type of boredom that inevitably morphs you into a brat, and so I found myself slumped on the couch, slowly sliding down onto the floor whining that my brain's melting. I did that for about ten minutes before Marc grabbed the keys and said we needed to get out of the apartment. Smart man. 

So we headed down to Pike's Place Market, where previously we found a bunch of cute European-lookin' restaurants tucked away into the winding alleys of the market, with little cafe tables and parasols sitting welcomingly outside. We went there and 1) eighty-five percent of them were closed or 2) the ones that were open were actually Irish bar chains. Oh. No thanks. So we headed back into the neighborhoods and found a greasy pizza joint that tasted like college, and we sat on their patio and demolished a large between us, reminiscing about those golden years and quietly supporting each other over the fact we're basically middle-aged now (24, man). After we had our fill of hot sauce and thin crust, we made our way (or, waddled) back to the apartment, but popped by the used book store in our neighborhood first, where we cruised through titles and stories that were already earmarked and explored by many hands before us. Together we picked out three that we'd read to each other before bed, and Marc somehow convinced me to buy Ulysses, so I'm going to be quite edumacated this month.

Pioneer-Square, Architecture-photo, Lifestyle-photo, SeattlePioneer-Square, Seattle, Architecture-photo, City-photo, Lifestyle-photos photo Whhttt-Vintage-Etsy_zps2232b794.jpg, How-to-style-vintagePikes-Place-Market-Gum-Wall, lifestyle-photos
And how pretty is this drop-waist dress from Whhttt Vintage? With it's bold checkers and pussy bow collar, I feel a little bit French walking through markets and book stores in it. It's such a simple and chic dress that I didn't even want to mess with it in terms of layers and jackets. And in case you were wondering, "whhttt" is the phonetic spelling of a whistle sound- so cute!

And since I nabbed this little number, I thought I'd show you some other vintage favorites that Whhttt Vintage has in stock right now, from bohemian dresses to lace collars:

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PS- the collars have free shipping right now!

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  1. Marlen, I'm sure I've said this before but you write SO WELL. There's just a certain charm to your style...ahh and it all flows so well. It's lovely. That being said, the "I'm bored" situation that you described is so similar to mine, down to the sliding off the couch bit.
    On another note, love your dress and you're right about the French vibez your look gives off!


  2. I love it how you have always some cool little stores to show us! All those amazing vintage boutiques = heaven! :)



  3. Ulysses - one of those classic books you try to read a million times and never get through it ;-)
    And who doesn't like a super grease pizza!?

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. Sounds like you had fun despite not finding a place to eat. I love how much you feature Seattle in all your posts now.

  5. Lovely! I love spontaneous little adventures!!! BTW... the hair is looking really great!

  6. Looks like such a fantastic market! Would love to visit Seattle one day. And a volcano climb?! Can't wait to hear more about it :)



  7. I feel so dumb. I feel like I always forget that there are volcanoes on the continental US. That's so cool though!

  8. Super jealous of your adventurous weekend (complete with gum covered window?)
    You look fab.


  9. It's a shame that it wasn't that great as it sounded like a perfect little corner :) I can;t wait to see the pics of the volcano, thats sounds like a very impressive achievement, I bet the views were beautiful :) Love the dress particulary the print and colours!

  10. Sounds like a pretty fun adventure, and yeah, 24 is feeling mighty old. Goodbye my youuuuuuth.
    The mental image of you slowly sliding off the couch saying "my brain is melting" is almost too much for me to handle. SO funny. And I do that all the time
    Love these photos, I want to go adventuring now!

  11. Haha, oh man, boredom does reduce you to a brat, huh? That's so funny though, sounds like you ended up having such a nice night out. Seriously, reading about your random little adventures make me wish I had your life sometimes. It might help that you're a wonderful writer, so you make these moments sound extra special :)
    Anyway, love the vibrantly print dress you're wearing!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Hahahaha! Oh man, you sound like my husband when he gets bored! I'm always content to sit and read or just relax, but he's always like "I need attention! Let's go do something! I'm bored!" and it cracks me up. I just laugh at him, say he's such a poor baby, and smother him with unwanted cuddles and kisses until he decides he can entertain himself. :D I'm evil like that.
    I love seeing Seattle through your eyes! You find such cute little places that I didn't know existed; I really need to play tourist there more often! By the time I actually get to come meet you, you'll probably be a better tour guide than I ever could be. Ha!
    That dress is amazing on you. How is it you always pull off stuff nobody else can wear?

  13. Pike's Place is just one of those underrated gems - As a coffee lover, I feel like it's my solemn duty to go on a pilgrimage there just once in my life.

    Your dress is beautiful! You look like you're having so much fun! Lucky!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  14. I think reading with one another is one of the most romantic things a couple can do! Good for you guys! =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  15. I love the print on this outfit. Its uber cute!




  16. I really love those moments that just happen! Sounds like you guys definitely turned a boring night into a fun one! I can't believe you hiked up a volcano!!!!

  17. HA! I lOOOOOVVVVVEEEE reading your blog....It is such a good pick me up, and I know I can always expect something fresh and witty...so thank YOU! I am so thankful I am not the only one who experiences the boredom brat syndrome!!!! ANd Also so glad I am not the only 24 year old who feels like they are in a complete and total mid-life crisis!!! ( I thought that was just mom thing PHEW!) And can we please talk about these stunning pictures? Its official...kick Marc out. You have a new room mate. I hear Seattle calling my name.

  18. Love that dress - it's a great colour on you! x

  19. Cute outfit and beautiful pictures!


  20. that dress is FANTASTIC! amazing psychedelic print. Love it! Beautiful photos, as always though:)




  21. Another beautiful dress!!! To me it looks kinda inspired by 20s, adorable!!!

    Thank you for lovely comment on my blog, have a good week

  22. Middle-aged, are you? haha! I doubt I'll ever admit to that. The mountain looks like an adventure!

  23. Such a cute post. Love, love the dress.

    Sounds like you ended up having a great spontaneous evening, which is often the way!

    Plus, you've given me a new favourite word ('edumacted') so thanks & all the best.

    Lucy xo

  24. hahaha pizza that tastes like college, I liked that little tidbit. Sounds like a pretty neat evening you had, especially after lolling about from boredom. I know that boredom feel, girl. Sometimes having free time on the weekends can be torture to yo mind.

    I love how your sandals match your purse. LOOK AT YOUUU

  25. these pictures are so lovely! absolutely love the print on your dress
    Across the Nightingale Floor

  26. hiking up a volcano sounds so cool! you look lovely and so does that place:-) good luck with ulysses, haha! xx

  27. Nice dress! Blue red and brown look fabulously together!
    Kisses from Hungary,

  28. Ahhh, I wish I could live in Seattle. It's such a fun city and we had a blast exploring while on vacation there.

    Also, I can totally commiserate over being 24. ;p I keep thinking, I'm almost 25 and that's practically 30. Time flies.

  29. Whooo! That's the sound of my thinking when you mentioned you bought Ulysses. I have read it about three times because I did a whole semester course just on that one book. All I can say is go with the flow of it. Otherwise it just ends up a fight. Enjoy!! P.s: your dress is super cute.

  30. Fabulous pictures! I like your style. Stopping by from the Style Sessions!


  31. I love reading your tales of life in a new city. Lovely pics too- makes me miss the NW, although I don't envy those months of rain ahead ;) You have the most amazing dress collection, I'm sure of it!

  32. Lovely pictures as always and I really love reading about your life. Your pictures make me want to move to a more city-like environment. I love buildings and walking by shops and restaurants. Also the new layout looks fantastic!


  33. First of all, good for you guys for getting out of your funk! Sounds like you guys had a great evening!

    Secondly, I am so jealous you live near Pike's Place Market. I am so ready to visit Seattle again!

    Thirdly, love the dress :)

  34. Cutest dress!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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