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Sep 25, 2013

Fight-for-Flight-Vintage-Etsy Fight-for-flight-vintage-dress

So Marc's parents are visiting us from Chicago and it's been so much fun! We haven't really played tour guide yet (other than with dinner restaurants of course- with that we're pros), but the first 'hellos' were rather interesting. Bend a knee and let me explain to you why.

Back in the day when I was a kid (with, believe it or not, the same chubby cheeks I have now) my mom would drive me up-a-wall-crazy when we'd be expecting guests because she'd go into this irrational cleaning frenzy. She'd have a handkerchief tied around her hair and a cleaning bucket permanently attached to her arm, shouting orders and getting stressed while I was trying to be a slob and just watch You've Got Mail for the twenty-eighth time. I'd sigh heavily and roll my eyes from my spot on the couch, not getting why she just didn't give the house a quick Swiffer wipe and call it a day. 

That is, my friends, until I found myself in that same exact spot during the morning of his parents' arrival. I found myself furiously dusting obscure corners of the apartment no one would even notice and, catching myself, almost brought a startled hand to my hair, just to check if I actually had a handkerchief on or not. The horror. I am officially my mom. And at that, officially Polish. Babcia would be proud. 

La-Meow-Vintage Fight-for-Flight-Vintage

And on a more sartorial note, what with all the nights out on the town we've been having I actually now have an excuse to dress nice! Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy putting on fancy dresses to work from my couch, but it's nice that someone other than the mailman gets to see my outfit from now and then. And this outfit in particular is a gem. I took this red Fight for Flight Vintage dress and went into a sort of...Nashville-chic route with it?  When I got this La Meow Vintage lace top, I knew instantly it'd be my new layering piece. It's got no sleeves and no collar. Can you imagine all the things I can put under it?! My heart nearly exploded while I did the math. So on it went over the red dress, and then I decided to slip on a jean skirt to add a little color into the mix. 

I know I say this about all my looks, but I'd wear this all day er' day.


PS if you think this red dress looks familiar, you're right! See how I styled the vintage dress in this post.

Also, here are some of my favorite picks from both Fight for Flight and La Meow. Look at those fall florals- yum:


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  1. Ahahaha! I always wondered why my mom got all stressed trying to clean things before relatives came into town too. Then I found myself super cleaning the apartment before Matt's mom came to visit. Oh no... I am my mother too. I understand!

  2. Those #2 shoes are ah-mazing!


  3. Haha, I think we all start to turn into our mothers when we live on our own! My husband is always looking at me like I'm crazy and reminding me that nobody cares when I furiously clean the house on expecting guests. He doesn't get it.
    I LOOOVE this outfit! I'd wear it every day if I were you, too! It's so pretty, and I love the red and cream together, and your boots are awesome! I need good fall boots...

  4. Aww what a cute outfit - love the lace details and that red dress - it's so cute!

    Haha I'm glad you're having fun with the out-of-towners! Seattle seems like such an interesting place to visit and I'm sure they're having a blast :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Haha oh man, we never realize how much we become like our parents until later, huh?
    Love your dressy top underneath the cheery red cardigan <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I literally LOL at this because I am SO the exact same way--down to the handkerchief in my hair. I wish my kids were old enough to appreciate this though. They still think I'm nuts!

  7. I also learned from my mom to go on a crazy cleaning rampage when guests are approaching! :)

  8. I've just found your blog and I love it. That's an amazing outfit, lovely lace top. :)

    Check out my blog if you want

  9. Perfect layers- that lacy top was meant for that dress! It's funny how that changes, eh? It's like over night you start feeling like you want your house to be it's best every time someone comes a callin'- I was the same way as you when I lived at home :)

  10. I can't believe that these are separate pieces-- that the red is a dress, and the lace is a top? I just thought it was all one top. You've Got Mail is a great movie-- I'm pretty sure I've sat on the couch watching it while my mom prodded me to do some chores and help her clean. Now it's my husband that prods me to help clean while I blog, haha

  11. Ha- My dad was the same way about cleaning, especially when his parents came (My mom figured out early that her mother-in-law would clean it all again anyway, so why deprive her of the joy when anything we cleaned would just be clean again?)

    I Adore you in this red dress- love the styling before and love the styling here.

  12. Too funny. I totally had the same kind of experience with my mom when I was growing up. I think when we have our own places we get that urge to make them look more presentable when we have guests. And this outfit is awesome. You look so lovely in it :)

    Also, I'm coming up to Seattle in a few weeks and, since you mentioned dinner restaurants, are there any that you can recommend?

  13. What an adorable outfit and I have to say that your hair looks great too! I hope mine looks nice when I decide to grow it out.


  14. Haha, I've recently been realizing how much I am like my mother...It's actually a really weird feeling.
    Love your outfit! I love all the details, like the lace texture and the gorgeous sleeves.

    decked out in ruffles

  15. O, I love this! And you look so pretty, like a young Ingrid Bergman :)

  16. I love the combination! The top works really well over that dress, looks very nice on you :D

  17. You've got mail is one of my faves! I'm a sucker for Tom hanks and Meg Ryan. I love love love that little lace top!

    It is the neatest thing that you are polish!

  18. You are also officially a cutie! And the queen of the collars. Queen of layers. I've been pronouncing you queen of so many things--I think you need to get one of your sponsors to send you a tiara! That's probably not your style, though =P

  19. Cute look. Love the peter pan collar.

    Thank you so much for linking up this week. See you next Thursday.


  20. You definitely have a way of putting together the most interesting pieces and making it all work. I adore that top!


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