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Sep 23, 2013

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Oh hi there Monday, it's nice to see you around again. And since you're here, let me introduce you to my favorite outfit, ever! Seriously though, if you all wouldn't be bored of seeing the same look seven thousand posts in a row, that's just what I would do with this My Avonlea outfit. I love a good polka dot, so when I saw this ruffled number from My Avonlea, I pounced on it before anyone could nab it. And even though there's a bunch of different ways a girl could style a neutral piece like this, something about it made me want to keep it simple but also more vintage than modern. So I decided to whip out the chartreuse vest again and give this dress a bit of a drop waist look. I love how it turned out! 

Also, if you remember this chartreuse vest from this post, you'll know that it used to be a hideously large sweater, and I just snipped off the sleeves to make it usable in a way that didn't revolve around using it for a tent or a winter's blanket. After doing that, I now kind of got a fever and want to go wild in the men's section of a thrift store and find other sweaters I can make into vests. It's such an easy layer and really adds that pop I was after! 


Vest- Goodwill
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Booties- Macys

Omnia right now is offering my readers 15% off any purchase with code 'NAPKINSHIP'. And here are some favorite picks from both My Avonlea and Omnia to sigh over wistfully: 

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  1. I love a good drop waist too! Lucky you for scoring this polka dot gem! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Nikki at

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  2. This outfit looks so very "you"!

  3. You're awesome at pulling off the drop waist. I, however, do not have the balls to do so!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  4. I am especially excited to see your fall wardrobe creations because it means even more layering! Drop waist dresses are the cutest and I really love that white polka dot number from their shop! I feel like its been awhile, totally need to catch up on your posts! You are missed at flock together too, I was going to send you a message too but life has just been kind of crazy! I hope all is well though!
    xo Hannah

  5. You're lucky you're so tall to pull off these cuts! I'd kill to look ok in a dropped waist. Again, mustard on you is so lovely!!

  6. I might have to do that too--go buy some men's thrift store sweaters & chop them up. Lovely outfit, for all the usual reasons :) but other things I'm loving? The boots & socks, & your choice of the striped bracelet with the polka dot dress!

    Flounces & Hubbub

  7. Seriously, love how you just wear whatever the frig you want and look awesome always. I'm serious. It's effortless with you.

    ps: yellow plus blue is always a win in my book.


  8. You in hats- a combination made in heaven!

  9. Seriously, you are the cutest ever! I love the pattern of your dress with the color of your sweater vest:) Also, I would just like to say that I'm following you on Bloglovin':)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  10. That's such a cool DIY twist to your cardigan. I just thought it was a vest, but it totally works!

    Random, but I also love the way you paired those socks with the booties. I'm trying to find some good socks to do that with...but all of my socks are the same - thick woolies!

    xoxo Jackie

  11. This outfit is SO fall! Love it!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. Hurray another use for the chartreuse! It's looks so resplendent paired with the navy, there's a kinda nautical 80's golf club member about to venture out on her neighbors yacht for Sunday brunch vibe about this. Oh la la!

    Hope you have a brilliant week darling,

  13. Hey girl! LONG time no see! I'm back in the blogging world, my friend. Great look by the way! A nice way to transition from summer in to Fall. I adore those shoes so much and I love how you're this layering genius.


    And my new blog:

  14. What a beaut! You and the dress :)!


  15. Snapping off those sleeves was a great choice because I love it this way! It really adds a lot, especially together with the hat :)


  16. I love the dress and it's a great combo with the vest :D

  17. I like the retro vibes of the look.


  18. i love that vest! men have such nice jumpers and cardis and everything:-) and taking off the sleeves was a brilliant idea! xx

  19. This is probably my favorite outfit of yours! I really love that dress and your vest, of course! :]

  20. love this outfit. so chic yet it looks comfy too! <3

  21. oohoooho YES! I love this outfit and I wouldn't mind one bit if you just continously wore it. That vest atop of it is amazing... you're always exposing me to interesting pieces to style and I just wanna try some new fashionthings this autumn... like cool drop waist vests and your traditional way of styling collars under dresses so nicely. :D

  22. LOVE this outfit! I love that oversized sweater on you! And I really like it with the polka dots as well...perfection!

    decked out in ruffles

  23. Well shoot, you couldn't look more adorable if you tried! I love love love everything about this outfit. The colors are dreamy, and the boots, socks, and hat? The perfect icing on...the uh...outfit cake? Ugh, sorry. I just really like this outfit.


  24. Adorable! You look like an explorer.


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