Little French Dress

Sep 24, 2013

Little-French-Dress Little-French-Dress-Blouse

Little French Dress vintage, in a word, is sweet. Seriously, all their clothes make me want to put on a Doris Day pillowbox hat, slip on some white gloves, and go nibble on macaroons on a park bench while leaves slowly fall down with the autumn wind. Yea, it's real specific.

This delicate floral blouse is no exception. I don't own many non-collared blouses (because I have a sick obsession) so I didn't really know the layering possibilities. But ya guys, there's an abundance of it! After seeing Madewell's fall lookbook I became obsessed with putting long sleeve shirts under short sleeve anything. It sounds reminiscent of our weird cargo-pant-and-puca-shell-choker junior high days, but it's really cute when done right! And so *pop* this top keeps going over just about everything and anything I own. Have you ever tried that before? 

Little-French-Dress-Etsy-Blouse Little-French-Dress-Blouse-Etsy

Also, if you're curious to see how I styled this top last time, check out this dress layering post!

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And here are some of my favorite picks from Little French Dress Vintage- which one's your favorite?


1/ 2/ 3/ 4

Blouse- c/o Little French Dress
Skirt- thrifted
Belt- H&M
Chambray top- Forever 21
Booties- Macy's

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  1. Short sleeves over long evvvverything!! Hell yes, I can get behind that. This blouse is gorgeous and so versatile :)

  2. Love that mustard skirt! So pretty!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I always do love that shirt. Also, your writing never fails to make me smile.

  4. Ah, what a perfect look! You've definitely inspired me to go for the layering long sleeves under short sleeves look (although not in the middle school way, which totally made me laugh)! The shop has such pretty items! That striped number four is swoon-worthy :)


  5. I'm liking how you pulled off this long sleeves under short sleeves trend. I think it adds that Pacific Northwest vibe to your top, which is definitely very sweet. And great Doris Day scenario haha.

  6. This is a really cute top! I have said it before and I'll say it again--you are the layering queen. This is such a fun and cute look! The top goes PERFECTLY with the skirt!

  7. Can I have that shirt and belt? It's waaay too cute! <3

    Where the Water Meets the SkyBlog

  8. You really are the queen of layers! Or princess, if you'd prefer =)

  9. You've convinced me I need a non-collared blouse like this. It just looks so great layered over your denim top. I love your mustard skirt too. And the color of your belt. Basically everything!

  10. I am digging this floral blouse on top of a longer sleeved top! You and your layers...always so creative and fun :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. i LOVE those flats in that roundup!

  12. I love the combination! Great colours and the shirt looks very good on you!

  13. every time you do layering like this I don't even notice it until I start reading .. because the top always looks so "united" and looks like a whole, not to separate tops :) Ps: this little skirt with a straight cut really looks appealing on you!


  14. My dear web friend, you look super-adorable! That skirt rocked my socks off! :)


  15. I perfectly understand what you mean... I think this has got to be an white-gloved, macaroon-nibbling, bench-sitting, autumn-enjoying outfit if I ever saw one!

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  16. SO cute! I love love love the pattern on that shirt, and both ways you styled it. Hehe, and your really specific vision of Little French Dress vintage. Although around here it'd be more like you sit on a park bench in the rain dripping... but... you know. ;)

  17. Aww, you look so sweet and pretty in this outfit! I love how you styled the longer sleeved top under the shorter one - once again, you're the layering genius.

  18. Aww , this is a super cute outfit! Love the pop of mint against the mustard tone of the skirt. Love that colour combo! :)


  19. That mustard skirt is amazing! You honestly find the best thrifted pieces.


  20. Doris Day fits this outfit perfectly! I want the whole thing! (Especially the skirt!

  21. You look so adorable! That little tee is just so cute and versatile!


  22. You are the layering queen - when I try creative layering it's more marshmallow than chic! I'm liking the shorter hemline here, it's a fun look for you.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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