Let's Shake Things Up

Sep 13, 2013

I can hardly believe it's Friday- these days have been going in a blink of an eye! The reason for that may be because the days have started to take an uninspired turn, and each hour fell into it's own set routine. I wake up, eat breakfast sprawled out on the couch while watching an episode or two of I Love Lucy, pick out the day's outfit and get to work, stretch tiredly, and then watch something with Doris Day or Cary Grant before climbing into bed and starting it all over again. It's like I'm stuck in this ebb and flow and don't notice when the day begins and when the night ends! 

So I think the cure for that is to either 1) buy the September issue of any magazine and spend the afternoon in a cozy cafe that looks like someone's great-aunt's house, becoming deliciously inspired with all the new fall lines or 2) sling my camera around my shoulder and start exploring new nooks and taking pictures (that are not clothes related, haha!)

Just thinking about it makes me sit a little straighter. How have you been feeling? Similar or the exact opposite?

PS- Does this Fancy Lucky blouse look familiar? See how I styled it (with- gasp- pants!) in this post

Blouse- c/o Fancy Lucky Vintage
Purse- c/o Vintage Adoption Agency
Dress- H&M
Necklace- J Crew
Shoes- UO

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  1. thanks for stopping by! LOVE your haircut- looks great on you, makes me really want to give it a try!

    Love your top here too!


    Christina, Esq.

  2. I'm feeling similarly! All the days blend together if you don't get out and go somewhere new every day. Can't wait to see more photos from all your little outings.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. I think I'm starting to get into a routine, but to me it's a good thing. I like schedules. :D
    I'm in love with the print on that shirt. It's seriously awesome.

  4. I just love your short hair! When I look back at old posts it just looks weird because I feel like your hair should have been short all along!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  5. This look is so romantic to me. Probably due to the floral print top, soft-pink skirt, and those pleats! Ah the pleats - I love it *_*
    Haha, and curling up with all the September issues sounds marvelous. With some hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers on :P

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Yes to taking pictures and exploring a city! I totally feel that slump over here too - I've become so unimaginative I was thinking of taking my camera for a photography sesh.

    Love your outfit - the skirt is so pretty! And your top is so much fun!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose and Pretty Clothes

  7. I totally have that skirt. We were meant to be blogging buddies:) You seem to be able to pull off anything:) Cute outfit!!

  8. Dang, gurl...you make that bag look goooood! Don't mind if I do link back to this! As always, love the way you mixed it up; the color of that pleated skirt is everything and I like it with that brighter floral top! And that necklace! I was feeling this way a few weeks ago, but I always get excited for fall and more productive...it's as if some kind of built in back-to-school mentality kicks in and just straightening up my workspace or treating myself to something small makes it feel like a fresh start! Those September issues are required reading!

  9. That top is so pretty - love the print and the colours! :)

  10. Oh gosh, I love the narrow pleats in that skirt. And great-aunt-style cafes are the best ones!

  11. The rain has been making me feel it is definitely September, but still the days just fly by. I love the idea of getting a September issue and hanging in a cafe.

    that skirt follows the curves of your body so beautifully, but never seems too clingy or tight. Love that.

  12. Oh I know what you mean about a routined Monday to Friday. I'm trying so hard to break out of it! But great looks btw! I love your shoes :)

    x Gi

  13. Haha, I've been so so busy lately--clearly, by my less than awesome comments on posts lately. GET IT TOGETHER, ALI. But college... college is a busy tiems for thE ALI

    Sigh. I love this outfit on you. The floral top has such a neat-o shape and looks seriously FLAWLESS with that awesome necklace. I think that necklace would be awesome around Christmas, too, but not in an obvious "deck my neck with pretty jewelry, fa la la la la la la la la" kinda way. :D

  14. you look so pretty! i love that skirt and blouse together :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  15. I love this! It's like you stepped out from a completely different decade, my love.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  16. My days have been crazy busy, I can't wait for a steady routine to emerge from this chaos! But after a while routine gets a bit too routine, I hear ya!
    Ah florals and soft pink, perfect combination :)

  17. I love this pairing! You look super cute and if I had been in the same city as you with my camera I would have totally stalked you paparazzi style. :P It would have amazing, my friend.

    I dunno. Autumn is depressing for me because summer is ending and I have to get used to all the cold weather, but on the other hand SWEATERS that I love. My routine is pretty much the same day after day but I don't mind it cause I'm a sucker for dependable circumstances. ;P



  18. Aww, you look really fantastic Marlen! Love the combination of your floral blouse and the necklace in the same color! :)

  19. I love that skirt. I have one similar here. That color is just fun.



  20. Ok, seriously, that skirt is amazing! It's the perfect colour, the perfect shape and it suits you like crazy.
    And yes, days seem to go by so fast! And soon it'll be October already - crazy!


  21. Both days sound fun to me :) Love the colorful top-- with the skirt and pants!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  22. Ooo I totally love this with the pale pleated skirt AND with those awesome pants!! It's so romantic with the skirt and so fresh and fun with the bright blue pants.. you have the best mixing skills :) And both those ideas sound pretty great to me! I feel ya on the everyday routine thing..

  23. Ah, love the mix of pleats and florals! So much up my alley. And an afternoon at a cozy cafe with fashion magazines sounds so perfect right about now :)



  24. this look is so perfect. you wear the most gorgeous clothes, and manage to be cool and quirky but classy and timeless at the same time <3


  25. Love this look with the skirt!

  26. I LOVE this look, I love how you've worked in all of the colours in the top, and that necklace works so well with the whole ensemble. http://messagesonanapkin.blogspot.co.uk/

  27. I think both of those solutions sound perfect! Your routine sounds similar to what happens to me when I'm on a break from school, but I have been feeling like that lately too. I wake up really late, go to class, eat dinner, do readings for school/write some essays/research, stay up too late watching tv/blogging, sleep. Over and over! So I feel you.

    But anyway, that top is absolutely wonderful. The colors are so pretty! Your hair has been looking particularly adorable lately too.

  28. Lovely blouse. The colors flatter your skin a lot!!


  29. Hah, I started feeling this very same feeling after graduation. Without my days planned down to the minute, I now feel the days just float on by. I'm thinking of creating a book club, it'll be just like homework! Anyways... your outfit in once again very classy! That skirt is so feminine and fits you so well! Awesome necklace too!

  30. Pants?! Amazing! Actually, I am more of a dress/skirt person myself. I just love wearing things that boys can't :)

    I know what you mean, about doing each day over and over again. Ever since "fall" started it's been crazy/busy around here and it just feels like life is passing by. I am so glad I got some relaxation time this weekend - I read a magazine or two myself :)

  31. Oh myyyy you watch I love Lucy? We're destined to be friends...I think I've seen every episode and could probably watch them all again and again-if nothing else but for the fashion inspiration! This pleated skirt is about the prettiest thing ever, it is a lovely color! Plus I really enjoy the juxtaposition between the pastel skirt and vibrant blouse. Cool as a cucumber, as always :)

  32. Such a cute floral blouse and so well mixed.

  33. Love the skirt and blouse outfit!
    Winter had me stuck in a rut. But with Spring creeping up on us over this side it's time to get up, dust off and make that change.

  34. LOVE the shirt with those blue pants. I have been feeling blah lately too, yesterday I was so bored for some reason - I just fiddled on my electric base and read a book! Not a novel - a book about histories monsters! That Henry the 8th was a bad dude ;-)

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


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