A Big Fat Celebration!

Sep 27, 2013


TODAY'S MARC'S BIRTHDAY! Oh my gawd. He's 25 and middle aged and geriatric and pretty blue about it. So to soothe his woes I'm currently blowing up a million colorful balloons (excuse me as I pass out) and sticking love notes all over the place. And since he's obsessed with cheese, instead of a birthday cake he's getting a brick of blue cheese with a big ol' candle in it. If that doesn't chase away his pity party I don't know what will ;) And to make the pot even sweeter I'm all jazzed up in my favorite dress from Fancy Lucky Vintage and the most amazing layering top from La Meow. And to tie together the whole combo I cinched it with a belt from the ever cute Miss Molly- an outfit isn't complete without a belt, amiright?

So my dears, wish my old man a happy birthday and you're all invited to come get a slice of fancy cheese tonight ;)


And if you like my outfit and want some pretty pieces of your own, here are my favorite picks from all three stores!


Booties- Macy's

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  1. 25 is not old. To be perfectly honest, 25 was the best year of my life (up to that point, anyway. 26 and 27 turned out to be pretty great too, and here's hoping the trend continues). The "quarter-life crisis" thing-based on my own and friends' experiences- is defnitely a thing and can be depressing. But there's also a sense that so many things are possible. Hope that is the way his (and your) years go.

    Plus, who could be blue getting a million balloons and blue cheese?

    PS adorable look as usual!

  2. Awwies, you are the best with those balloons and
    sweet messages c: Happy birthday to Marc! And you
    look nice as usual, lovelove the dress with those
    pockets! Xx

  3. Happy birthday to your fella, and I hope you both enjoy your slices of schmancy cheese!

    I love the big pockets on that dress.

  4. You and your outfit are gorgeous!! The color blue suits you so well. I love the mix of lace with stripes- I'll have to try it sometime! And your shoes are perfect. Happy birthday to your man! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Aww that's so sweet! I'm sure he's going to love the thought you put into it! And what a cute skirt... I love the quirky big pockets:) And yess you should totally build up your colorful tights collection... I feel like colorful tights is a total Marlen thing you would rock!:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  6. A block of cheese...haha, oh man, I hope you took pictures!
    Love your adorable striped dress layered underneath the crochet top :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. 1. You look beautiful, and I love this layering.
    2. Happy birthday to your man!
    3. Enjoy your cheese.




  8. He is not old! I turned 25 this month too. I am as young as ever! :D

  9. You look so gorgeous in this outfit, Marlen! Perfect for celebrating :) :)
    Happy birthday to Marc!

  10. marlen, vintage clothes fit you a lot!
    kisses :)


  11. I really really really love the lace top. Once again, you're kickin' ass when it comes to layering. Total pro status right there, people!

    Happy birthday to your old man! :) Hope it was great and he liked the cheese
    Have a very splendid weekend, my dear


  12. What a lovely dress! I feel so old if 25 is middle aged - I'm 35 next eekk!! Wishing Marc a happy birthday. I too would love a blue cheese 'cake'!!

  13. A very happy birthday to him! And the pictures are beautiful!

  14. Happy birthday, Marc :)! Hope you had a great celebration :)!


  15. The outfit is too cute! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  16. your dress is so beautiful! and i hope you both had a lovely day celebrating the birthday:-) xx

  17. Haha, 25 IS geriatric. I'm feelin' my 24 years in mah bones, it's a rough life. I love that you're getting him a hunk o' cheese for his day of birth.
    Love this lacey vest over the dress :)

  18. Ahahaha! Does that mean I'm middle aged, too, since I'm 25? SO OLD. :D Hehe. Happy birthday Marc! I hope he had a great one.
    You look adorable, as always! I love that dress AND that vest, and together they're just amazing.

  19. you are glowing and look gorgeous <3 happy birthday to marc! hope you both have a great day x


  20. oh my goodness!!! no stinking way!! today is my man's birthday as well! unfortunately, we will be spending it apart (he is working in Boston, and I am stuck here in SLC). But i just love this hahaha wishing your man a happy birthday!! and a block of cheese! what a good idea. i am also with a cheese lover. hahaha

  21. Yay happy belated birthday to Marc! I understand him though. I'm already kind of freaking out about turning 23 because that's getting close to 25 and that's close to 30 and then 40 and then 80. That's how it works, right?

    But anyway! You always look so cute in this striped dress. I love the big pockets on it. I think that lace top looks awesome layered over it too.

  22. Adorable outfit! You can't go wrong with stripes. Been away for a while now (super busy semester) but I've been checking out your blog and posting some of your photos on pinterest. I loved your Parisian outfit. Just Lovely!


  23. Happy birthday to him!! If it makes him feel any better, my old man only has months to go till 30...and I don't let him forget it.

  24. Awww, happy birthday, Marc! I hope you two had a lovely, romantic celebration :)

    Xo, Hannah


  25. Ah, happy birthday to Marc! I love the idea of a birthday candle in a hunk of cheese. Mmmm... :)



  26. Your layering is seamless and that top is beautifully detailed! Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

  27. Happy belated birthday, Marc! Wish I had read about this cheese offer earlier... ; )

    Ladyface Blog

  28. Aw! Happy (belated now) birthday Marc! You are the best SO ever! How sweet of you! And I love the layering with the top and the dress!

  29. Would LOVE to stop by for some blue cheese (love it) but I think NZ is a little far for a pop in :-(
    You look divine though so I'm sure Marc will cheer up real soon!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  30. The layering on this outfit is amazing! The lacy top ends at just the right spot & the little pop of the dress's sleeves is perfect.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  31. Amazing outfit!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  32. Awww I hope all your efforts cheered him up!

    at this volume


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