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Aug 21, 2013

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My adventures for this Wednesday goes as follows:

  • now that Breaking Bad is back on, Marc and I run to the grocery store every Sunday and each pick out a treat to make-out with while watching the episode. I, having Polish, thrifty blood coursing through me, went for a $5 tray of nine muffins. And we're pretty territorial when it comes to snacks so you better believe all nine are mine. Seeing how it's only day four and there's only one muffin left, I'm pretty sure I've developed diabetes. 
  •  randomly around noon there was a huge, falling thud outside my door and the power went out with it. My initial reaction was "banditos!", and to protect myself I stayed where I was on the couch (typical) and slowly raised one of Marc's smelly shoes from the floor as a weapon. I sat there for a solid two minutes, holding the shoe above my head like the Statue of Liberty and waging a staring contest with the door, just willing them to try and break in. After that I got bored and went to get another muffin, lolz.

On a more sartorial note, i'm wearing vintage Lacoste from Little Veggie Vintage! I love the pastel colors, and this dress in particular is actually a gem straight out of Jaime's closet. Below are some other favorites from Little Veggie:

 photo 4_zps51230167.jpg

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PS- have you entered my $35 The Great Society giveaway yet? Get awn it. 
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  1. I love your outfit here! Those boots are super cute! Also, totally cracking up about that story of you holding up the shoe at the door. I LOVE that blue skirt from Little Veggie Vintage!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. That blouse. DAT BLOUSE!! So pretty! I love the colors!!!

    I'm so excited Breaking Bad is back on too! Haha my snack of choice are actually Flaming Hot Cheetos. And I usually eat it so fast during the show that it's gone before the second commercial break.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Haha, sounds like a perfectly adventurous Wednesday! My bf is obsessed with Breaking Bad... I definitely want to start watching it soon, most likely while making out with some sort of yummy treat ;)



  4. LOL Aw well I'm glad the boom wasn't banditos!!! This is seriously my favorite outfit on you yet. I love it!

  5. HAHA you have so many great breaking and entering stories! I'm glad you survived though and one of my guy's smelly shoes would definitely defend against a burglar. Also, regarding snacks, thankfully Sean and I don't eat similarly so I never have to worry about him stealing my muffins!! Which is awesome.
    I hope you know how absolutely beautiful and funny you are :) Your eyes are simply shimmering in these photos! And I am in love with that top.

  6. Your outfit is so cute I can't take it!! And yes! Email me at artfawn@gmail.com :)

  7. Your outfit is ridiculously cute! I love the colours and the belt! Only just discovered your blog! I like it!
    Sign up for special AHKA store priviledges

  8. I like how when you add little triangles to your pictures, it looks so... good. YOU ARE SO GOOD WITH GRAPHICS even just simple little additions. I appreciate it, k? K.

    I am glad you were not attatcked by the mysterious thud (bc a stinky shoe may not have been the best of weapons) and are safe and alive. Except for the diabetes.

  9. As usual, your writing has slain me and you look totally adorable. :D

    I think stripes might be your thing. ;)



  10. I love that pop of yellow! I'm impressed that you at least grabbed a shoe to defend yourself. I'd just lock my door and hide, haha.

    fashion and tea

  11. Haha, oh man, don't even talk about developing diabetes...I'm trying so hard to curb my eating style so that I don't fall into that health trap! Mmmm, what kind of muffins btw? ;)
    Love that pastel, colorful blouse. Its wonderful!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. beautiful outfit
    I'm following u via GFC, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

    Moda della donna


  13. What an awesome dress! I love how unique the pattern is and the color combo is so fun. Haha, muffins are the best and I don't like to share snacks either.

  14. That outfit is so cute! My husband and I love Breaking Bad! We are terrible at snacking while watching our shows as well, ha ha!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  15. whoa those buttons go really well with the print!

    at this volume

  16. It's so brilliant how you mixed modern and vintage things in this outfit!:) Just perfect!:)
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I also suck at skateboarding but well I keep trying!:)
    Have a nice day! <33

  17. That surely looks like a wonderful Wednesday! I love that blouse/skirt combo. The yellow belt is a fabulous eyecatcher! Thanks for your lovely comment, I'm def having a fantastic summer :-) xoxo

  18. haha, we are majorly territorial when it comes to snacks, too!
    I like the colors in your outfit!

  19. Awesome skirt!

    Christina Klein

  20. breaking bad! I love that show ahhh 5 epsoides left ever?! :D so excited to see how everything will end

  21. Grest blog :) I'm following!


  22. Your stories always crack me up! I love your top, too.

    How are you liking BB? It's so intense!

    I'm afraid I can't reveal my boyfriend's name because he doesn't want to be part of my blog life lol. But his name rhymes with the word, "bye."

    Life of Mabel

  23. Yum yum yum, muffins are too good to resist. I wouldn't be able to make them last longer either lol. I love how you paired the yellow belt with this look, I would have personally never thought of it but it works so well!!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  24. I'm so territorial about snacks my family now buys a bag of this amazing kettle corn just for me and writes my name in black highlighter on it. DON'T TOUCH MAH SNACKS.
    This blouse is so lovely, love the coral and yellow together!

  25. Cute, I like the lite yellow belt you teamed with it :D

    Did you ever found out what the noise was??

    Cc x

  26. Love your style! It's so unique, classy and adorable!


  27. Okay so I laughed a little too hard at how your Wednesday went. And WOW I love your shirt, just checked out the store on Etsy and I may have fallen in love with a few things... Pay day needs to come quicker!


  28. I adore this sweet outfit! Everything about it, so cute. Kinda in love with this vintage store, even the name is sooo cute.

    I love that you used the term "making out" with a treat because I have TOTALLY said that (in reference to a plate of spaghetti). Getting junky snacks and watching TV is always delicious.

    perfectly priya

  29. I love the disclaimer in your side bar about the pronunciation of your name! I'm sure it must be really annoying to constantly have to explain your moniker to people!

    Anyway, i can totally relate about the snacks haha and i really must start watching Breaking Bad!


  30. That dress as a top is gorgeous! I love the print and the pretty pink shade.
    If there are pastries around, believe me they won't last long. I can't resist cakes and treats of that sort. I have to watch my snacks now because Matt really loves snacking at all hours of the day. I may need to write my name on stuff eventually...

  31. That dress is SO pretty, I definitely have a thing for soft pastels with grey. And girl I love your you and Marc stories because I can always relate so well! You should see us split a pizza. Seriously. We would STAB eachother if the other one took the other slice. We get half plain half mushroom and there's rules about slice sizes, rotations,and you have to go every other topping so its easier to count what slice we are on. ITS SO SAD.

  32. That shirt is just so adorable! I really love the color and your shoes are the perfect touch! Mmm, muffins sound pretty good right about now!


  33. 1.) I love the outfit.
    2.) The color of the skirt is to die for. I absolutely loved it!
    3.) The pictures are spot on!

    You honestly have some of the best outfits and pictures out there. I always enjoy coming to your blog for inspiration. :-)


  34. Adorable!

    Eating 9 muffins isn't normal for other people? :)

  35. Oh, I absolutely love the shirt you are wearing. Gorgeous colours and so vintagy! Love it!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I really appreciate it.

    Sofie x

  36. Haha, me and my boy have the same routine before checking some of our favourite series :). Btw, I love that skirt, it fits you more than perfectly.
    Have a great weekend! :)


  37. Hmm....when I lived back in Washington State, my dad and I would always go to the local grocery store during the evening for their newly-reduced 99 cent box of a dozen doughnuts. We always left feeling great, knowing that we got a steal for so much, even if more than half the box's doughnuts are just carbs with no glaze. Then of course in a few days we would feel terrible about our bodies but why we continue to do that bad habit, even I don't know why.

  38. Those booties are perfect for fall!! I love #2 in your vintage items. You have such great style!



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