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Aug 13, 2013

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Like the perfect mix tape Super Queenie brings you a super curated compilation of stylish vintage from the UK. Fun and quirky but always wearable. No nylon nightmares here!
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Vaux Vintage provides wearable, affordable vintage fashion for men and women. Discover more here: vauxvintage.com
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Height of Vintage is a reasonably priced shop with fabulous every day pieces you will love. I feel like everyone now a days is selling vintage, so I try to make it fun and offer pieces that are forever classic and those that are trending. I usually have a sale often so be sure to stop by frequently and dress yourself up in Height of Vintage.
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The sweet song of ThisBlueBird is calling you to peruse its ever-changing selection of vintage clothing delights from the 1920s through the 1980s. Captivated since childhood by the Bluebird of Happiness perched on her grandmother’s kitchen windowsill, Lauren Wayman founded her shop in the spirit of the vintage icon. Today, she finds her happiness in bringing little bits of joy to women who share her passion for fashions of the past. Visit ThisBluebird and find your happiness today.
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Whhttt is a massive collage of vintage finds from various decades and genres. Timeless beauty is a given but we also strive to find the diamond in the rough items. We love taking the trite, tacky and decidedly undesirable and giving them new life.

And in case you're curious, Whhttt is pronounced like a whistle; it is the phonetic spelling of a whistle!
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Folk and Fables is an Etsy shop dedicated to providing sustainable, eco-friendly vintage and handmade goods. We're excited to share that by the end of this month, we'll also offer jewelry thats proceeds directly benefit two non-profits we are passionate about! Hooray!
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From the daring to the demure and everything in between. Equal parts iconic era staples and over the top one offs; Nothing is off limits. Above all, our pieces are wearable and ready for regular rotation!
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ALACLOTH|vintage sells recycled clothing and accessories for rebellious, young and fashion conscious women.By exploring the cyclical cycle of fashion, I hunt and gather many gems waiting to be worn by stylish young ladies. I love repurposing items and the DIY movement. At ALA, I keep vintage pieces modern and collect pieces that have a little “something special,” as do ALA buyers.
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In stores I always go toward sparkly things, bright and flashy things, extra extra kitschy things, ballerina princess things- things that I feel like oh I'll totally wear one day but ultimately never do. I physically cannot stop myself from buying these things, so it's a good thing that others embrace them. I live vicariously through you guys, just so you know.
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Hello! My name is Brooke and I’m the vintage loving gal behind Sweet Bee Finds. I adore vintage clothing, from the cool brush of rayon against my skin to the tiny details on an eyelet blouse or a bold graphic print on a 70s skirt. But, it’s also the history of a different time and place, the mystery of the women who wore these things before us, and above all being able to share this passion with others!
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Hi! My name is Tracy and I'm the keeper of the Wondering Ruby Olive where I hope you will visit and share my passion for vintage. As a collector of inspirations and ideas and a rescuer of forgotten treasures of past and present, I cannot remember a time when my mind was void of artistic expression and a love for vintage. My creativity is fueled and nurtured by family, friends, beauty in nature, childlike whimsy, tattered old forgotten things, haunting beautiful architecture, people watching, words, music, memories, adventures, and a time of long ago. 

My shop name is a nod to the magnificent women with whom I come from. My mom, Wanda (which means the wander), my material grandmother, Ruby, and my paternal grandmother, Olive. The pictures above are them. Don't I look just like my mom??!!
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My Name is Heather and I'm a vintage addict. Group hug! Maryalicefeltlikeit has enabled me to pursue my passion for vintage. I am addicted to the hunt and love all eras and styles. I especially love dresses! I am so happy to share my vintage treasures with you.
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I opened Blue Fennel Vintage during a period in my life when I realized I was too concerned about conforming and being liked by others. As I regained my sense of self, I rediscovered my love of vintage. My shop is an extension of my own collection, which means that when I acquire items, they are pieces that I love. And what do I love? Fashion with beauty and personality. I hope that others find items in my shop to express their own unique points of view.
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Miss Molly Vintage is a sweet southern vintage boutique created by Emily Riddle and her mother Missy Schmidt. The ladies have an Etsy shop, in addition to their small shop inside Feather Your Nest Antiques in Lexington, Ky. There is nothing more enjoyable to us than hunting for vintage treasures and sharing them with our customers! Our style is very girly mixed with a touch of eclectic southern charm!
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I love funky clothes! 60s 70s & 80s are alright with me.Life is too short to be dull. If its fun or unusual you'll find it at Scarlet Monkey.
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Hello fellow vintage lovers, 
Perhaps your a collector like myself, boarder line hoarder?
My shop is a reflection of the things I love and can bare to let go. I adore my vintage clothing that I have accumulated through years of rummaging, and on certain occasions I find it in my heart to let them go... Hoping fellow lovers, love them as well...My favorites being clothing from the 1960s 1970s, ethnic designs, and things with incredible handiwork!
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NautieGodiva Vintage is a small but well-loved store run from her founder's bedroom in an overcrowded New York City apartment. Eileen, former med student turned fashion designer, has always loved a good treasure hunt and hated having to let go of special pieces when they were either too big or too small for her Mediterranean physique. The result? A store curated for those desiring cute, quirky, and comfortable vintage finds.
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My shop, Studio Mucci Jewelry, is the second addition to the Studio Mucci Family. Our first Etsy venture was a decor shop and we wanted to translate our passion for decoration into clothing and jewelry. We create handmade jewelry from fine materials. Each piece is made from our hearts to your closet :) photo Answercopy_zps5b170532.jpg

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Brick & Mortar Vintage is for the girl that loves trendy styles, but who also wants her wardrobe to be one-of-a-kind. My shop collection includes unique clothing and accessories from any era that I can get my hands on! My current favorite fashion era/style is 90s grunge, however that is always subject to change!
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The glint of sterling next to the vibrance of turquoise plays nicely with a soft and supple pair of worn leather boots. Pair this with intricate Southwest embroidery and an old graphic t-shirt and you have found yourself hunkered down with Southwest Vintage. I offer a shop filled with an ever growing collection of vintage clothing and accessories from the 40's to 90's all with and emphasis on a desert bohemian aesthetic and rooted in an infatuation with fashion.
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Hi! My name is Amber and I'm the one-woman circus behind Anatomy Vintage. I sell vintage clothes (and housewares!) for many reasons, but foremost, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside to sell someone a truly unique item that they cherish AND it keeps me busy busy busy! I'd love to say I'm in it for the glamorous dresses and the Grace Kelly style, but the truth is that I dig the digging in thrift stores and I relish the feeling of rescuing garments from their unwashed, unmended, unloved state. My personal style is much more Liz Lemon chic, choosing comfort and mobility over fashion most days. Occasionally I put on a really nice dress just because I can. I try to keep style offerings that clothe women like me: Lemons most days, but Kellys when they feel the need.  
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  1. Love learning about new vintage shops theyre all so interesting and varied :) I've just started selling some vintage an newer pieces and its always helpful to hear from more seasoned sellers. Really cool sponsors :))

  2. That midnight flight necklace / accessories look super unique. I normally don't go for that kind of thing but could really see myself wearing that. Great post and cool design too!


  3. Oh gosh that tambourine hat is crazy- how fun would that be to wear! Great post- loved reading it!
    Simply Akshara

  4. Thank you for all of these great names! I will def. have to check them out in all their fabulousness. :D



  5. I really enjoyed this post! I am quite weary about getting things on etsy sometimes, but I might just have to go for it!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  6. DAGGONE mine is like the least kitsh find ever.

    well done, ladies. I see my hunting skills are getting rusty.

    ever so fondly,
    of www.DOTTO.etsy.com


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