Sponsor Spotlight, Part II

Aug 21, 2013

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Hi! I'm Amy Honey and Fancy Lucky is my Etsy shoppe as well as a bricks and mortar shoppe that is open year round in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Fancy Lucky was born in 2009 after ditching my chaotic big city lifestyle as an indie record store owner and touring musician in Vancouver, BC and moving back to where I was born and raised, in a sweet little rural village by the sea. 

Things here move verrrrry slowwwwly. Which is awesome, cause I love the slow and simple things in my life; my quirky 1800s farm house, my garden, my kitchen, my woodstove, my dog, my husband, the beach, a kickass gin cocktail at dusk with my best friends… I try to channel these simple pleasures (and what to wear while enjoying them!) into the clothing I choose for the shoppe. You could call it "slow fashion".

Selling on Etsy has allowed me the freedom to simplify my life, and has evolved organically to become a lifestyle that I truly love. I spend my days finding new homes for beautiful clothing and chatting with lovely people from all over the world, all without having to leave my homestead! It's truly a no-pressure gig ;)

Photo Credit: DeeDee Morris Photography
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“Dressing up vintage is my favorite way to brighten any day!” --Viv

It’s been almost 30 years since Viv parlayed her love of backwards-looking, fashion-forward style into her much beloved Hey Viv ! vintage store. After surviving bell bottoms, blue jeans, and grunge, Viv finally packed up and moved online. Today, Viv offers retro style rockabilly and sock hop gear from her heyviv.com store, while Hey Viv ! on Etsy specializes in fanciful and vibrant vintage clothing. Viv believes that vintage style should be wearable, affordable, special, and fun, and treats each piece accordingly.
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Daria Vintage is about anything that is fashionable and vintage, from a simple tank top to a glamorous dress, personally handpicked from all over Asia. We love colorful, bold and unique prints, youthful and cheerful shapes, yet they all represent the good old days of the era between the 50s and the 90s. photo Answercopy_zpsdb154d00.jpg

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We have been blending "BOHO TOUGH" with "CHIC SWEET" on etsy for over 3 years. I guess you could call us "hunter gatherers" in the best sense of the word and tend to be drawn to bohemian fashions of the 60's, 70's and early 80's, such as gauzy wedding dresses and ethnic jackets.

Recently we have been hoarding lots and lots of comfy oversized sweaters, leather briefcases, bags and ankle boots in fantastic fall colors and back to school styles, we just wish we had more time to list them. We believe life is like a giant treasure hunt and we are fortunate to be able to do it every day in our business..and share those treasures with you.
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Straylight Vintage- Apparel that has survived time and space! Straylight ....light that strays from the ordinary. (Also the name of an other worldly place in a William Gibson novel.) My name is Cynthia Newport, I love finding beautifully made clothing from other eras to live again in the present / future. Sort of like time travel, stepping back and bringing a treasure forward to shine again.
All travel is my passion- my International customers keep me connected to fascinating places. Here I am last spring in Costa Rica with Susi, a future fan of all things vintage.
At Straylight you'll find unique vintage, always cleaned, mended if need be, fun to wear and just possibly the only one like it left in the world!
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Hello! My name is Kerry and I run Baxtervintage from my home in Northeast Ohio. I've loved vintage my entire life (and yes, that's me in my shop photo in 1982 sporting my grandpa's signature hat) My favorite thing in the world is hunting down vintage treasures, never knowing what you might see day to day.
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Omnia Vintage is veritable wonderland of found fashion and new treasures, all meant to take you on a journey from day to day life. Perhaps that extra etched metal bangle on your wrist will transform your subway ride into a camel-back sojourn through the Rajasthani desert? Or that floor sweeping floral maxi dress will suddenly have you dancing around a bonfire with half naked hippies. Why not?! Both stores carry an eclectic mix - www.omniavintage.com features worldly statement jewelry & feminine bohemian clothing. And our 3 year old etsy shop (OmniaVTG) is stocked to the brim with reasonably priced 1960s-1990s vintage, specializing in great leather bags & wacky prints. Visit and share your dream journey!
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Anthropolotique is my made up word of blending Anthropologie with antique. In my shop and my wardrobe, I style modern pieces with affordable and wearable vintage. I love to find pieces that my friends can't believe I would buy and then style them so that they wish they had them. I add new items almost everyday, so come visit my shop and then check back often.
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I started Gilded Gypsies with one dream in mind and that's to travel the world sourcing wonderful vintage garments & accessories. So who is a Gilded Gypsy? A Gilded Gypsy is a lady after my own heart, my kindred spirit...The Free Spirit. The Artist; The Gorgeous Hollywood Actress; The Bluesy Cabaret Singer; The Dancer; The Broadway Star; The Chorus Girl; The The Fashion Model. She is...The Dreamer.  
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My name is Amanda and I'm the lady behind the monitor at Rust Belt Threads. Rust Belt Threads is an online vintage shop that is run out of my apartment that I share with my husband, Nate, and our cat, Toulouse, in the westside of Buffalo, NY. I have a strong passion for vintage, especially mid century modern design, pre-prohibition cocktails, cats, and drag queens. I'm lucky enough to live in a city that is rich with history, has gorgeous architecture, and fantastic hidden treasures waiting to be found.
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The California Dream, for me, is about natural fabrics, beautifully draped silhouettes, creative embroidery, and love of color... all of which compliment the free-form lifestyle that we live on the edge of the continent. I specialize in pieces from 1960s and 1970s, when West Coast flower children had an intense love affair with Art Nouveau and Victorian motifs.
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Vera and Victor are time travelers -- anachronistic treasure hunters of a bygone era. We are but visitors here, spending our days in dusty attics and our nights in dimly lit boudoirs. The aroma of antique books is our cologne, we sew our clothing with the threads of time and when we sleep, we rest our heads upon a pillow of folklore and fairy tales. Thank you for having us here.
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My little Etsy shop is stocked with midwestern vintage clothing, accessories and housewares, most from the 1960's – early 70's. Many items are from my personal collection while others I've discovered in my thrifting adventures along the way. What are my weaknesses? Bright floral prints, girly dresses, and anything boho or western!
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As a collector, beautiful things inspire me. I fall in love when I see intricate detail, sparkle, luxurious fabrics, and bright bold colors! 

Tulle and Tiara Vintage is meant to feed every girls princess complex, we all have one. Sometimes it's not about function or practicality; sometimes you love something just because it’s beautiful! I hand pick each item for the shop with this in mind.

The story behind each piece is the best part of curating a collection; it’s like a fairy tale. I want to provide everyone with stunning antique items they can add to their personal collection, and unique vintage pieces they can incorporate into their everyday wardrobe. Things that will make you feel beautiful, free, and like a princess!
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Hello everybody! I'm Laura, shop owner of La Dea Dei Sogni, which means The Goddess Of Dreams in Italian. I'm a hot blooded Italian with so much passion for life and for beautiful vintage things. I really hope you can find your dream piece among my treasures.
Finding unique vintage clothes is my addiction and the best part of my job! Looking through piles and piles of clothes to find those special pieces that speak to me is an amazing feeling and makes me happy! 
Color and texture play an important part for me when selecting items for my shop. I'm definitely drawn to natural fabrics, silk being my absolute favorite. Ultimately, I follow my instincts and simply pick items that make me feel something special.
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I'm Jaime, the one woman show behind littleveggievintage, a shop born out of equal parts necessity and love, because there was no earthly way to keep all the wonderful treasures I have found over the years. littleveggie is the embodiment of my interests and passions, which tend to be quite random, and are not confined to any particular decade, but more a reflection of my scattered imagination. Everything I sell speaks to my soul and I love nothing more than when I pass these items onto folks who will enjoy them for years to come.
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To me one of the greatest things about vintage is you get to express yourself in a unique way by bringing old things a new perspective. This brings me to my shop name NovaLux which means "new light" in greek- so fitting <3 Incidentally, nova also means "chases butterflies" which describes perfectly my work process. I flit from project to project, item to item, stop to play with my 2 little ones, on to pictures, then back to the computer i go... contentedly.
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Thrifty Vintage Kitten is all about the FUN in vintage. A few years ago I stepped inside my first estate sale and never looked back. My passion was ignited! That day I left that estate with a new business and new love.

I've been scouring estate sales almost weekly since then. It's my passion to bring you the very BEST vintage out there. I'm picky in what I choose because I want my shop to represent me: a little fun, a little girly, and a little weird. Fashion is meant to be fun, right? Happy shopping!
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WARNING: Fight for Flight is not for women who want to hide in the crowd. These ladies wanna fly. 

Fight for Flight Vintage provides unique apparel for the bold, fashion-forward, and unafraid. I bring the clothes. You bring the attitude. Let's fly together, babe.
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The inspiration for my shop, Logan's Clothing comes from nearly a decade of thrifting, antiquing, and collecting clothes. Clothing has always been a fascination of mine and my shop allows me a way to share my finds with others. I am very attracted to floral prints and dresses, sometimes bordering on the "grandma" side of fashion, however I also try to find styles that are current and keep up with trends.  My favorite style decades are the 40s, 70s, and 90s and my personal style draws on elements of all three. I try to reasonably price the items in my shop because it is always extra fun to find a piece that you love at a good price. In addition to the vintage items in my shop, I also offer handmade scrunchies and bracelets. 

Special coupon offer for readers of this blog: $5 off a purchase of $25 or more through the end of September. Use coupon code LCBL925 at checkout.
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My name is Samantha, I'm an architect, a photography and fashion lover and of course a “Vintage Junkie”

I opened my store thanks to my vintage addiction two years ago. Since I've been looking for something that has that uniqueness of encapsulating time, that is classy, stylish and sometimes Fun. The Shapes, colors and fabrics tells the story of the time a garment was made. That is what I love about vintage clothing.

I think every woman should have vintage pieces in her wardrobe that can be blend with modern clothes and.. voila! You have a piece of art.
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