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Aug 12, 2013

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This past weekend we decided to scrap our usual lounging-like-fat-cats routine and venture outside the house and be seen in broad daylight. And what we decided on was the usual dinner and a movie date, but with a twist. The movie wasn't in a theater, but in the park! We grabbed our favorite blankets and tastiest snacks and ventured up to Capitol Hill, where the 1966 Batman was playing. And Lord was it funny. Marc said that when he was younger he was always absolutely riveted by the action scenes and would fight along with Batman in his little pajamas, saving the world and fighting some serious crime with his little fists and flayling legs. So you can only imagine how baffled I was when, right in the opening scene, Batman was hanging off of a helicopter's rope ladder and fighting a shark that was munching on his leg (very suspenseful) and then calls up to Robin for some good ol' Shark Repellent that they carry all nonchalantly in their plane. I died. It was so corny in the best of ways (ex: there's a bomb in a bar and Robin just wants to let it go up in flames and Batman goes "Alcoholics. Are people too. Robin". Enter the crowd cheering raucously) and was an awesome way to spend an evening that cost us nada. 

What other free activities have you tried this summer? I want more ideas!

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And do you recognize the top? It's my Hey Viv! Vintage romper that I styled in this post. I couldn't help but play with its candy colored hues and pair it with a pastel blue skirt and neon belt :)

And since my romper is one-of-a-kind, here are some other favorites from Hey Viv! Vintage that are equally as pretty:
 photo viv_zps58a85eaf.jpg


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  1. Seeing a movie in a park sounds like a fun idea!! I should find something like that around me!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. love these little snaps of the city! what a fun night. that is why i love summer. all the fun, free activities that can be held OUTDOORS! p.s- your hair is adorable! love it!

  3. I love that skirt and that you are remixing that dress. So fun to see how you remix things.

    We love doing movies in the park. no one does them here, so we started hosting them. Well, this year we haven't; we discovered it was much easier to get a turn out in the fall, when the sun sets a bit earlier.

    More free things to do ideas? I've never been to a big city, but imagine there are street festivals and markets that would be fun, beaches (have you made it back to that warf/boardwalk you showed this part month), and the library (I am such a bookworm!) probably has cool events for free too. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures.

  4. Gorgeous photos and I really like those sunglasses!

  5. 60s Batman sounds awesome! Now I want to see that glorious movie.
    Also this outfit is so incredibly cute. I'm in love with the print on your romper and how you wore it as a top. The blue skirt looks perfect with it. And your sunglasses. I need a pair like that!

  6. I love that you reworked your romper as a top! I always appreciate when bloggers maximize each piece in their wardrobe. I said it before the last time I saw that romper, but I'll say it again: The print is adorable!

    I love the movies that they show on the Hill. Recently, though, I had a picnic date in the Smithsonian sculpture garden - the "Jazz in the Garden" series, I believe. It's great to go on those fun, cheap dates. Who says you have to drop a ton of money to have fun?

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. I love the original Batman! So campy! KEXP does a series of free concerts at the Mural at Seattle Center that's pretty fun! I always forget to go though...

    Ladyface Blog

  8. We just watched the orginal batman a few weeks back and couldn't stop laughing! It's hilariously cheesy :) Sounds like an awesome date night! I love when they do free movies in the park!
    And you look darling of course! I love those sunnies and that romper looks perfect with the skirt belted over it

  9. coisa fofa de fotos e roupas!



  10. I don't know if it's weird but every summer I NEED to take a walk at night when it's raining! Fortunately, we got to do it last weekend when we also wanted to go and see a movie which was happening outside as an open-air cinema. It was raining as hell but we still watched the movie, being god damn happy about the rain :D Hehe, also I just had to mention how AWESOME your outfit looks! That belt adds so much detail and I love the shape+the length of the skirt. The colorful top is just perfection! :) Such cool post, girl!


  11. Your pictures are so lovely! I love all the colours of your outfit, makes me happy when looking at it ^^


  12. Um that movie date sounds like the best movie date in the entire world!! I love the old batmans for how corny they are, all that "KA-POW" action.
    You look as pretty as a picnic (whatever that means...) but seriously love this skirt and that romper

  13. you look so cute <3 i love this outfit! very colorful and summery

    Alexa <3

  14. You seriously have the cutest retro style! Love this outfit. The colors of the top are so bright and fun and I love how the skirt flares out and the buttons down the front. That sounds like a really fun weekend. Lounging like fat cats hahaha I love that. That is me and my boyfriend every weekend! I need to go see an outdoor movie this before summer ends : )


  15. Love the cute floral top! xxx
    H&K, Olivia

  16. Oh I wish we had a little park here that played movies!!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  17. What a perfect outfit for a summery day in the park! Love the print on the top. I love watching movies outdoors- glad you enjoyed it :)


  18. Oh I love seeing movies in the park!! Last year my husband and I watch The Artist... it was magical! Loved every minute.. still have had a moment yet to do it this summer but it's on my list!

  19. True genius wearing that romper as a top! The colors here are so pretty together that I can nearly take my eyes of this ensemble! Loving the photos you've capture around town too - looks like my kind of town :-)
    xo Marisa

  20. Beautiful outfit! I love going to galleries and free museums for fun, cheap dates!

  21. That outfit is a perfect Capitol Hill movie and dinner night outfit! I lived in Seattle for a year and Capitol Hill was my favorite spot!


  22. I've always, always wanted to go to a move in a park but alas haven't done so yet. Hopefully soon! It seems like you had a marvelous time!

    Free activities are the best. I like to take the opportunity to spend time with family whenever I can. A simple game is all it takes to rev up the fun meter.

    Simply Akshara

  23. Dewd.
    Ur glasses. I love.
    Me and Johnny go to the Santa Monica pier every thursday in summer time. Bands always play and everyone spreads their blankets out on the sand as the sun goes down. The english Beat is playing this Thursday! Woohoo!

  24. Awwww how fun! I have been meaning to go to a Bryant Park movie but have been failing miserably.

  25. Hattitude Style Blog

    movies in the park are the best! as long as it's not too chilly! sounds like it was a blast from the past. love this pastel coloured outfit.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  26. Holy cow, you cut your hair! (I guess this how far behind I am on everything.) But WOOOW, it looks freaking amazing. I've been thinking about getting this same haircut for a while now and have just lacked the motivation to get up and do it but when I do, I'll have to take in a picture of you because this just looks amazing. Short hair is so awesome but it really just looking flat out stunning on you, it really shows off your pretty face and I think it looks amazing with your personal style. Ack, I have to stop or I'm just going to gush non stop over it. (Seriously though, the short hair is gorgeous on you, I love the bangs.)

    Hair loooove aside, I really like the one shot of the houses with the "rough road" sign, you have a killer eye for photographing buildings.

  27. Hmmm we don't get any free entertainment in our neck of the world. Maybe we do and I'm not one of the cool kids but meh! Hahaha! I love your photos, I seriously want to visit Seattle one day soon


  28. Cute outfit!(: I love the print of your top! I also love the photos--especially that one of the Paramount. I've always love the whole look of that building, especially that sign.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  29. You look stunning in these pictures! I think your photos are always looking so great - can I ask you what camera or filter you use? :) They have a kind of vintage look and I'm loving it (always coming back to your blog to check them out haha).

    Great post!
    X Valérie

  30. hahaha I love the way you're crafting your stories lately, they make great read and put a wide smile on my face! Seems like Seattle is sparking your creativity :)

    That sounds like such a fun evening! I love open air cinemas. There's one in Basel every summer but not for free ... maybe I'll give it a try this Friday though, as they'll be screening the new Great Gastby film.

    Have a lovely week!
    xo Irene

  31. I've been going to movies in the park in my city this summer as well, it's a fun way to spend the night eh! Next week is Dirty Dancing and I'm oh so excited haha. I love your outfit here, it's bright and colourful! Great styling with your romper, I do the same!

  32. love this look! so bright and summery! would you like to follow each other? just let me know. xo

  33. Your description made me laugh so hard. xD I guess it's kind of like ourselves as little girls when we would try to imitate princess. My six year old self would wear Pokemon T-shirts and pretend I was a trainer while I threw a plush Pokeball. Those were the days....

    The gold (?) gilding on the building is beautiful. One of the fondest memories I have of Seattle is the architecture. My cousin from Korea once came just so she could see the architecture. I couldn't understand the fascination at first but as I've gotten older, I've grown to appreciate it, even the more modern types.

  34. Ah man, that sounds like an awesome time! Better than a drive-in movie, for sure. I wish we had cool events like that... actually, we probably do, and I probably just don't get out enough to savor 'em hahahaha. But hmmm, as for free activities, I'd go with hikin' or picnicin' or something. I'm not so creative. YOU COULD VISIT AN OLD FOLKS HOME AND SING THEM SONGS!!

    see I told you I'm bad with ideas (sobs)

    You're a pastel dream here. And those sunglasses are SWEET. I love the clear-ness of 'em.

  35. I love the whole movie in the park thing. It's the best!

    When I was in London, I really appreciated the free, massive museums. In San Diego, it's all about the beach!

  36. thats awesome! they were playing mulan at the local performing arts center recently and we tried to go but we got there and it was like on concrete and we brought blankets to sit on. UMMMMM. yeah. no. haha. we then ordered chairs on amazon to prepare for their showing of evita buuuuuut we forgot about it and now all the showings are over. we suck hahaha. but we use the chairs now when we go to the park, i sit and write while the boy skates. occasionally i creep on him still haha.

    at this volume

  37. I have missed every single outdoor movie they've shown this summer. Have you ever seen that episode of Portlandia when they go to the outdoor movie?? It's funny. Old Batman is so silly. I used to watch the old show on reruns when I was a kid and my brother and I always made fun of it. I can't help with any free activities. Go for a walk in the park?? lol

    Life of Mabel


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