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Aug 23, 2013

 photo cc318deb-eded-46d0-aa20-991d88ce2cbf_zps08ecca77.jpg, Seattle, Capitol-Hill

 photo IMG_6644_zpsf8a67fc1.jpg, Omnia-Vintage, Etsy, Dress-layering photo IMG_6605_zpscd0f9d01.jpg, Omnia-Vintage, Etsy, Dress-layering, ribbon-vector photo db4babe2-47e2-46f0-b660-ae90b2afc335_zps9ac51996.jpg, Seattle, Capitol-Hill
Remember the Omnia dress I wore in this post- the one that looked like 80's bathroom wallpaper? 

Well it turns out it's a pretty fun skirt, too!

I seriously can't get over this print, but it makes it a bit hard to mix and match since it's so "HELLO I'M HERE". So I had to fight my instinct to dive into the patterns, and instead went with a trust chambray shirt. This one I actually bought from the men's section of a thrift store and snipped off the sleeves- it cost me like a dollar so that's a tip from me to you. And I borrowed one of Elana's (from the blog Room 334) signature moves and tied it at the waist for a retro, summery feel. I love the outcome of it- it's still very loud and fun, but it's balanced out with the neutrals of the chambray and black shoes!
 photo IMG_6616_zps0f14eab5.jpg, Omnia-Vintage, Etsy, Dress-layering
 photo IMG_6622_zpsfcff0e8b.jpg, Omnia-Vintage, Etsy, Dress-layering
And funny story today. I was eating a bowl of cereal while standing (I live a quirky life) and noticed from my living room window that someone threw out this Brady-Bunch-lookin' wooden bar cart, and it was just sitting there waiting to be snapped up by the dumpster. So putting the knock-off Cheerios down, I slipped into my Keds and went to go claim my prize.

It's just really unfortunate that I have the arm strength of an infant. The whole process was a disaster. I was still in my pjs and, admittedly, had mascara smudges under my eyes which gave me the look of a lunatic scoring another piece of trash for her season-finale-of-Hoarders worthy living room. I rolled it noisily through the alley and then struggled in a wobbling manner to carry it up the short flight of steps through the back door. Through the process two wheels fell out, and only being able to reach one, I left the other behind. It was fine, it's not like I was going to be wheeling it around my apartment, ya know? I then tried rolling it into the hallway so I can make my way to the elevator, when one of the (surviving) wheels caught on the door crevice on the carpet and bounced us backwards rudely. I did this awkward, gangly fling backwards onto the carpet, and another wheel decided to fall out during the accident. I did, in the end, make it to the apartment, but it was far too much work. Far. Too. Much. 

Remind me to not go rescue furniture ANY LONGER. 
 photo fbc503b9-c533-438a-96db-dd6732f85c67_zpsc205ae08.jpg, Seattle, Capitol-Hill photo 272d9e32-c839-44eb-a5ae-f1c719e8eeae_zpsbe140995.jpg, Seattle, Capitol-Hill photo IMG_6614_zps28b65a16.jpg, Omnia-Vintage, Etsy, Dress-layering
And here are some other favorites from Omnia- especially the sunflower dress. La-la-love! And if you use code "NAPKINSHIP" at checkout you'll get 15% off!
 photo Omnia_zps47b083f1.jpg


Dress- c/o Omnia
Shirt- thrifted
Necklace- J Crew
Shoes- UO

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  1. Haha such a funny story - I like finding hidden gems in the form of others' garbage myself. And I also look ridiculous lugging them back up to my apartment. This story hit way too close to home for me haha

    Love the dress (still). It's such a fun and bold print that you just don't see anywhere. Love seeing other bloggers rework their wardrobe pieces so this post was just ace to me :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Haha that's a fab story, I laughed out loud! It happens to the best of us- trust me I have had plenty of moments where I go "Why did I do this in the first place?!" Love your dress, and I love, love the green flower dress from above!

    Simply Akshara

  3. That's an uber cute print on that dress turned skirt.


  4. Like I said, layering queen!! I love your story about rescuing furniture haha, you are such a do-gooder!

    Xo, Hannah

  5. Wooden bar cart? Haha, nice score! Although envisioning you as a crazy Hoarders! xD
    Way to resist the urge to print mix, because I think this dress has such a unique/awesome/loud print that deserves the sole spotlight. Plus, your statement necklace is a nice accent to it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I've been typing chambray tops over dresses and skirts too lately, like every other day haha. It's so fun! And hopefully you can make awesome drinks now with your new bar cart after all the struggle you went through to get it :)

  7. Men's shirts are the best! Although I never thought of cutting the sleeves off, for next time then :) Chambray shirts are so incredibly versatile, thank the universe for em. Love the bright and fun pattern of the dress turned skirt, I think it's perfect for you!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  8. Love your denim shirt with this skirt!!
    Your red necklace match it perfectly! and your story is funny that you claimed your prize!:)

  9. Haha oh my, I can't believe you actually
    dragged that wooden bar thingy into your
    house! I can't wait to see it tho c: Good
    job! And you look great, love that retro
    skirt! Xx

  10. The denim vest goes amazing with the skirts print. Lovin it :)!


  11. Aww, thank you for your lovely comment! :)

    Your blog is really cute! I love these picture and your outfit! The pattern on your dress is so pretty!


  12. Oh snozballs, that's a really neat idea--tying a top over a dress like that to make it appear like a skirt. And how rad of a pattern is that dress? SO RAD. That necklace is bangin', too. Red chains are pretty neat lookin'.

  13. uh, LOVE that dress/skirt sooo much! it is adorable, and seriously the greatest pattern! and do we get to see this marvelous cart that you unfortunately had to wheel in by yourself?! major props to you lady. i also have the arm strength of an infant. hahaha and that sunflower dress just melted my heart. i need it!

  14. Oh man, that dress DOES look amazing! I have to go see what the whole thing looks like now! I'm always grabbing crazy patterns at thrift stores, and wondering what the checkout people think when I come through with an armful of 80's dresses. Hehe.
    I'm always tempted to save furniture on the side of the street, but I'd probably end up us tlike you; accidents and breaking things. Yep. I leave it to my husband to muscle the furniture around...

  15. Have fun with your new bar cart though :)

  16. haha this story was priceless! I read it out loud to my fiance and we literally rolled in laugh :D But hey, if I'd see something so awesome like that laying close to my home, I'd probably somehow carry it to my home as well :D And probably would have even more problems on the way .. At least it ended well! Good job done, girl! :)


  17. Can we talk about how I LOVE your style? All of the mixing just looks beautiful! I also loveeee that necklace and really need something like that in my collection!!
    Wonderful blog!
    xo Nicole

  18. Tehehe what a cute outfit! I love the colors in the fishy pattern:)Also, I love 1. dress of Omnia!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  19. I am such a fan of this print! Anything that makes me go "WOW what is that?" (in a good way obviously) is worth wearing! It's perfect for summer :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  20. the chambray with the pattern is perfecto!

  21. You are so good at layering- the chambray vest looks great over the dress. And also I'm now in love with the sunflower dress :)

  22. Oh lawd, you look so cute. I love it. And that sunflower dress is divine -- love the back!



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