Sunday Funday

Aug 11, 2013

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Happy Sunday everybody! Marc decided to wake me up with a treat this morning and brought my breakfast in bed. At first I had hearts in my eyes until it became clear that he used that as an opportunity in the kitchen to...experiment. And not like Top Chef experiment. More like five year-old-mixing-Pepsi-and-7up-together experiment.

Hence why my eggs had soy milk and garlic in them, and my coffee black pepper, chili powder, and honey. Oh just the memory makes me cringe, haha. It was still fun sitting criss cross apple sauce in bed though, tentatively giving him squinty eyed side glances as I sniffed and poked everything before it went warily into my mouth. Lets just say the day started with a lot of laughs. 

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Also, how fun is my Dotto corduroy vest? At least I thought it was corduroy, but upon closer inspection it looks more teddy-bear-made. I really hope no stuffed animals were harmed in making this, haha.

I really like the Etsy store Dotto because #1 it was featured in Lucky Magazine as one of the Top 40 Vintage Goldmines, and #2 Nicole runs the store as a one-woman-show so she can make her serial volunteering her full-time career. She's super passionate about giving back, and even gives a portion of her proceeds to even more causes. The woman's on fire. And if you're not impressed by her big heart, then you will be by her selections. She's got a crazy eclectic mix of kitsch and classiness, and has everything from 50's ball gowns to 70's superwoman Halloween costumes. She, in a word, is all shades of wonderful. 

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Here are some of my favorites from Dotto (especially #3, it's got a frilly bottom and a heart print!)
 photo tri_zps841229c2.jpg
1/ 2/ 3

Vest- c/o Dotto
Dress- for sale in my shop
Blouse- UO (old)
Necklace- J Crew

PS- Don't forget to enter my Fancy Lucky Vintage giveaway- it's ending in a few hours!

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  1. A teddy-bear vest! Sounds very sweet. (And no pepper in my coffee, thanks!)

  2. Lol funny breakfast in bed story - but sweet of him to try! Your outfit is so cute especially with the mustard vest!

  3. Breakfasts in bed are the best! Loving the outfit - the Dotto vest in gorgeous!


  4. I just love how adorably feminine and whimsical your outfit is! I love the vest - it gives the entire outfit an extra oomph :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. This is such a cute outfit, love the denim dress and the colour of the vest is gorgeous. The teddy bear-esque material sounds lovely, and hopefully cruelty free haha. :)

  6. Wait, chili powder and black pepper and honey in your coffee?? Uhhh... Was it a joke??

    Dotto has some really cool stuff! Everything I like is too small and/or expensive. Story of my life! Oh no, I just sounded like my mom there.

    Are you excited for Breaking Bad tonight?! You watch that, right? If not, you should.

    Life of Mabel

  7. Thank you for your comment!

    Cute look! That curdoroy / teddy bear vest was the perfect touch to this outfit. I must go check out Dotto now ... xx


  8. This vest is a great color for fall and the part about the teddy bear made me laugh :) The company that you bought it from sounds really interesting too. It's so cool that you know about all of these neat vintage shops.

  9. So cute that he made you breakfast in bed! You've got a good guy!

    Xo, Hannah

  10. I have a dress exactly like tha lt but I really have no clue on how to style it! It's a bit lengthy (which I usually don't mind but on this type of dress I'm not sure...) but you've inspired me! I really liked how you styled it.

    And haha oh my gosh! Sounds like you had an interesting breakfast! You should surprise him with your own concoctions ;)

  11. Haha aww it's sweet that he tried, but yeah those combinations sound pretty...interesting?
    I love the polka dot blouse and that mustard vest, such gorgeous pieces all layered together

  12. That breakfast sounds pretty horrible but I guess it's the thought that counts? I love that necklace SO much, it's the perfect layering piece. Oh, and your #3 pick is definitely my favorite. That dress is a dream :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  13. That Dotto vintage vest adds the perfect splash of color! And your special, Marlen, vintage touch of course ;)
    Hahaha, and oh man, what a way to wake up! Wake up your taste buds, that's for sure.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  14. That vest is so cute! I love how you styled the whole look with that awesome necklace!
    Penniless Socialite
    $10 Target Giveaway!

  15. lovely blog!

  16. Naww at least he tried hehehe, it's the thought that counts right! Well what a sweetheart anyway.


  17. Ahahaha breakfast experiment! Sounds like a wonderful morning.
    Also this vest is super fly. It'll be perfect for fall too with its pumpkin orange color.

  18. Wow, checked out the store and there are some awesome things!! I really like how you styled that vest!

    And that breakfast sounds crazy!! Pepper in coffee??!?

    Sophisticated Lace

  19. Checking out that vintage store where your vest is from now! I love that denim jumper

  20. huuhuuuh huhuu black pepper in your coffee? Now there's something I'd be a little wary to try... but you're brave, shoving unfamiliar man-food down your throat like that. ;)

    I sure do like your courderoy-gone-build-a-bear fabric on your vest. This entire outfit reminds me of some cartoon character or some other person or thing that I can't put my finger on right now. I'LL LETCHA KNOW WHEN I REMEMBER. IF I EVER DO. Which might not happen.

    Also, rad necklace btw. Ali out.

  21. That vest is great! I have been seeing a lot of yellow lately on blogs and it make me happy. It's my fave color all year round and I always love a simple denim dress. Even though the breakfast in bed seemed sketchy, boy would I love if my husband even made an attempt to serve me food haha. I need to check out the Dotto shop, Loving #3


  22. Love this look, perfect for late summer! You look great in mustard yellow!

  23. GAH! Love this outfit! The necklace pulls everything together perfectly.

    xo Tawni

  24. Wow the Dotto store owner sounds like quite the lady.

    Lol at your teddy bear comment. I'm sure none were harmed ;)

  25. I love how you paired a collared top underneath your dress! The necklace is gorgeous and adds some glam to the outfit. Very cute denim dress as well!


  26. aw Marlen AW. killer look, girl.

    thank you for the wearin! protect those taste buds, for the love of god.


  27. Love this outfit, the polka dot blouse is so cute and so is your smile!

  28. I knew someone who liked to put cayenne pepper in his coffee. :0 I didn't like it much...I much prefer just honey in mine, which I think is the so much satisfying that a sugar packet! Love this outfit, it's so much fun. I really enjoy seeing all your interesting layers. :)

  29. I can't believe you manage to look cuter and cuter every post :) the vest looks adorable on you and I really love the dress. Also, loved the anecdote about breakfast :) adorable.


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