Forget Hats, Try Turbans!

Aug 27, 2013

Lower-Queen-Anne, Black-and-white-architecture

Straylight-Vintage-dress, Vintage-dress, Etsy-dress
Remember this Straylight Vintage dress? Well I tried dressing it up this way and that, and in the end it's just something I can't cover up. It's perfect all on it's own, so to style it I went to the next best thing: hats. Or more specifically...turbans. I have a ton of scarves and rarely remember to wear them (the burden of a hoarder), and when I saw this "how to wrap a hair turban" tutorial on Butterfly Loves Snapdragons, I knew I had to try it!

Admittedly, my first few attempts at wrapping the turban took me down a few wrong turns, so don't be discouraged if you try it and go "" at first. The first time it looked more Alladin-esque than stylish, and the second time I looked like an extra from a Shakespearean play. So there ya go, haha. When you fail, try try again!

Turban-scarves, Straylight-vintage, etsy-dress, vintage-dressLower-Queen-Anne, Lifestyle-shot, Lower-Queen-Anne, Architecture-photo, lifestyle-shotBelltown-restaurant, Patio, Seattle, lifestyle-shotStraylight-Vintage-dress, Vintage-dress, Etsy-dress

And what I love about this scarf head wrap thing is that I now have more hat options- ain't no one complaining about that ;)

Straylight-Vintage-dress, Vintage-dress, Etsy-dressLower-Queen-Anne, Seattle, Lifestyle-shot, Seattle-ArchitectureStraylight-Vintage-dress, Vintage-dress, Etsy-dress

Scarf- French Connection
Shoes- UO

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And if you're steamed that you don't have a dress like this in your closet, then you're in luck! Straylight Vintage is offering one lucky winner a $40 giftcard to their store! Make sure you enter the Straylight Vintage giveaway HERE!

Straylight-Vintage-Giveaway, Etsy-giveaway, Vintage-Dress-giveaway

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  1. That pattern and color of the dress is genius! What I love even more is how the little turban turned the dress even cooler, you look like a true vintage lady! :) I have to try that tutorial as well, since I'm constantly sitting in a pile of accessories thinking of what cool to add to the outfit .. I usually end up with just a bunch of bracelets :D You rocked this turban perfectly!


  2. you look perfect in a turban Marlen!! i think your short hair really does it. i'll have to check out Katie's tutorial too, thx for the link. i def find my attempts looking more comic than stylish as well and just ditch the idea. and i LOVE the pretty pattern on this dress, def perfect as is.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  3. Gah! It looks so cute! You're rocking the head wrap. ;)

  4. I love how cute and vintage-y well placed turbans look. Great post!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. You are SO CUTE! Love this turban on you!!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. Madly in love with your earrings!

  7. You look so adorable! Love the turban look with your short hair, especially in this mustard color.

  8. You look gorgeous, I haven't seen any turbans around here in Rome, it looks great on you.

  9. Very cute. I like turbans every once in a awhile too.

  10. Love this dress and your turban with it! A fabulous ensemble and so wonderfully summer too.

  11. You look vivid and gorgeous and
    well done with that turbans!

  12. Oh so cute, I am checking out this tutorial for sure! I'm all about covering up crazy hair. Not that yours is, mine is. That dress is lovely too.

    Oh, and I am PUMPED about winning a giveaway from your blog! Thank you thank you!!!

    perfectly priya

  13. oh you are so cute! I haven't tried turbans yet, looks like a good way to keep your head warm as the weather gets chilly!

  14. That looks so very you!! I've never tried it, but I bet I could pull off that vintage look, too!

  15. cant stand how awesome u make a turban look! I cannot pull it off!

  16. So a few things:

    1. I totally just realized that I forgot to respond to your email (which I am majorly sucking at these days). So I don't know if you got the email and she redesigned your blog, or if you did it, but...
    2. Either way, I LOVE it. So clean and simple. GAWGOUS.
    3. This dress. It's also gorgeous. And the turban is totally working for you.

  17. This outfit is adorable! I love the turban :)

  18. That apartment is beautiful and you look adorable too. I love turbans, I just don't think I can pull them off.

  19. That turban suits you! I feel like I've never gotten it right... it always slips of my (oddly shaped?) head.


  20. I LOVE this dress and I'm always looking for more ways to wear my 1 billion scarves. Also, I would like one of those mojito mules please!

  21. You look absolutely ADORABLE in this turban, love it with the vintage dress, so pretty :)

  22. Why yes, I do remember this dress of yours, pretty lady! And I love the addition of the turban... it's so bright and yellow and aauauugh

    Also um, that shot of your face~ gosh you're gorgeous, Marlen! And so brave to take pictures of your face that close (but gosh it is a lovely sight *__* your skin is so smoooooth *reaches out to touch it like the creeper she is*)

    You always take such great architectural shots. That first picture is crazy good. I love the contrast between the white and black of the buildings but then how they both are unified by the windows that are all slightly ajar... hnnng beautifutifusdfl

  23. Ooh - I have too many scarves I never wear as well - will have to get my turban on!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  24. You are such a dream! You really know how to rock a turban, you look gorgeous!



    Southern (California) Belle

  25. How cute! The color is a fantastic contrast to your dress too. I might just have to try one!


  26. I love your turban! I have one too :)

    XX Red Sonja

  27. Who knew Turbans would become such a trend, a really pretty one too :) You've got vintage down to tee, wish I knew what to do! Following your lovely blog x

  28. Eeee I absolutely love it! Your scarf is beautiful and you look like a gorgeous gypsy queen or something (in the best way!). Haha, Aladdin is a look I have sported too, most often when my curlers are too big though! I'm sure it was quite different with short hair :)
    That dress is such a fun piece, I love the roses and the POCKETS! Glad you let it shine all on it's own, there will be plenty of time to layer it up when the cold weather comes :)
    Have a beautiful day Marlen!

  29. That dress is so great, I love the pattern.

  30. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and helping me discover yours! You look absolutely adorable! I can't pull of a turban but it looks trés fab on you!

    Stilettos & Sequins

  31. Oh my gosh, you look SO cute in that turban! I've half-assedly tried to tie one before to no avail. I'm officially inspired to try again!

    Ladyface Blog

  32. LOVE this turban. Did you twist it yourself? Would you do a tutorial if so? I love it.

  33. Ah, so super cute! xo


  34. Whoa, cute, cute, cute!! Love it!

    Thanks so much for linking up!!

  35. def trying that turban tutorial, girl!

    at this volume


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