Food Truck Festival

Aug 14, 2013

 photo e4cfd7b4-8aa4-4a17-a59e-a8a5c42d6533_zpsa4503fc0.jpg

 photo d9f3ac3f-6ded-476e-ab93-25c4871b26dc_zps9dd963dd.jpg photo 9d186456-8730-4778-9ac2-fb8802fc1af1_zps445bbe1b.jpg photo e2503555-9227-4b9b-a762-d559fe18cecf_zps0e533591.jpg photo AugBlog020_zpsde0fd432.jpg photo AugBlog016_zps3a9f139d.jpg
I still remember when someone passed me a flier to this festival while I was in Fremont Market, walking around aimlessly and guarding my change purse from hungry vendors. "Pshh" I went, "like I'm going to blow my budget on this. Why spend $8 on a hot dog when I can buy a whole pack for $2?"

Why...indeed.  Ugh I'm so weak when it comes to nom noms. For whatever reason I didn't throw the flier out and instead PINNED IT TO MY FRIDGE so the whole week it was seductively making eyes at me until Saturday finally (mercifully) rolled on by. Then Saturday morning I was standing in my jammies by Marc's desk, leaning all nonchalantly against the wall, and while innocently drawing a circle in the carpet with my big toe I asked all non-agenda-y "So there's this thing in Capitol Hill this afternoon..."

And just like that, I can't make rent anymore haha. It was so good. Food trucks make the weirdest food combos that somehow magically work. Jalapeno coleslaw with pulled pork, hotdogs with cream cheese, deep fried PB&Js, cinnamon fish sticks- these people are wizards. 
 photo ad17ec3d-4a9a-404a-8d26-1d3ceb87c727_zpsd565b3d2.jpg photo 4b27ba0f-326b-45d3-9ef9-3e040e755472_zps2fb917e0.jpg photo AugBlog037_zps985ac6ce.jpg photo AugBlog009_zps5c18ab3b.jpg photo AugBlog012_zps3e983655.jpg
And yes, that is a VISOR that you see on my head. I don't know why I own this but I do. I randomly tried it on at Urban Outfitters as a joke and was all "whaaaat I like this?" So there you have it, my style is weird. And also going strangely 90's. And what better way to pair it then with a 90's maxi dress from Super Queenie Retro, along with some neon, space-age-lookin sandals. Is Seattle rubbing off on me too hard? 

If you want to see how I styled this last time, check out my post here.
 photo 75599f10-a212-4eed-8ae7-3665477293c9_zpsacecbbb5.jpg photo 76e84d2f-722a-47c5-8c0c-c84ef2cfd691_zpsb1824e1e.jpg photo 9f37c092-d5c2-4e2b-b8b8-04c482679a62_zpsf78252b0.jpg photo 66a757e3-ce2d-4069-ba04-9025c2eb69ee_zps9ec562cf.jpg photo 625f6dd7-6a18-4b24-9ef3-e3754e047ca5_zpsaee193d0.jpg photo AugBlog006_zpse90db0b1.jpg photo AugBlog035_zpsc6e230bf.jpg
 photo 98a66f2c-876d-41f9-ac57-4d017b1ed2e8_zpsa73ed332.jpg photo 500e751b-8435-4fb6-8ecd-483064c2868f_zpsd45d287b.jpg
I'm SO making these lamp shades at home
 photo AugBlog046_zpsc299e798.jpg photo 358adba3-5b68-47c0-90e4-de98f78de48d_zps7b827dcb.jpg photo a85740c3-2cd8-4f29-983f-5841d91b40e5_zps37c9ce58.jpg

Dress- c/o Super Queenie Retro
Vest- American Eagle
Visor- UO (recent!)
Sandals- UO (recent!)

And since I love shopping, I decided to be your personal shopper and picked out some other neat pieces that Super Queenie Retro has right now. A girl can't have enough bags or shoes, am I right? photo Queenie_zpsd532ff9f.jpg 

PS- There's only ONE DAY left to enter my $30 Scarlet Monkey giveaway. Make sure you enter today!
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  1. This sounds like my kind of festival! Delicious!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  2. That looks lovely! I would be so torn over what food to buy though. GIVE ME IT ALL!

    Corinne x

  3. I have a weakness for food trucks as well. They have decent ones here in DC's Capitol Hill but... nothing like that! It looks like you had a great time!

    I love your outfit - especially your shoes. So pretty! And the neon goes perfectly with your black and white printed dress!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. This outfit is super 90s-tastic! That dress just screams early 90s.

    Also I understand. I can't resist nom noms either. I want to taste all the weird/new flavor combinations!

  5. I love your outfit. And I love food trucks. I would elaborate more on just how much I love food trucks, but you'd be scared if I tried to put that into words.

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  6. Yum yum! Sounds like a fun visit. Loving your look, your sunglasses is cool.

    The Young Bridget Jones

  7. Gimme those crepes! And your dress! And oh, your cool vest please!!! :)


  8. Yum! I heard that was super fun. I was out of town or else I would have checked it out for sure!

    Ladyface Blog

  9. All those food trucks look amazing and I love your cute outfit! You have just inspired me to get into visors!

    x The Pretty Secrets

  10. Looks like a good time! And your style is a bit 90's influenced now that you mention it. Cool!

  11. Deep fried PB & J's...oh man, haha, I can see why your money went fast! :b I'm a sucker for these too. Just scrolling through is making me long for the fair to arrive in our town. They have deep fried Oreos that I need to try...sigh.
    Anyway, way to rock the visor! 90's are coming back strong. Haha, I'm sure fanny packs are coming back next ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. Oh I've yet to try the food truck phenominom... but I want to.. and yet.. it could be dangerous.. because I'm a sucker for amazing food... and gummies but who isn'?

  13. Great post! I love your dress - it is so pretty! :)

  14. I was just working in a shoe store and we sold the same kind of sandals you are wearing, only a different brand! Hehe, kind a lovely coincidence :) I loved your dress btw :)


  15. Que lindisimo vestido, se ve hermoso.
    L. =)

  16. Yum, looks delicious! I need to find a food truck asap!

  17. Deep fried PB&Js... well, I suppose they can fry anything these days. I wonder if they've fried chocolate? Then again, they have fried ice cream. They are some crazy people, whoever the heck they are.

    I'm diggin' your visor, girl. It reminds me of this one time I went to a baseball game when I was a wee grasshopper and had this upside down plastic baseball cap that was an ice cream bowl. Totally rad. 90s, aw YISS. VIKING SCREEEEEECH

  18. Yes, this is very '90s but I LOVE that the look is coming back. I recently got a denim dress that is definitely straight out of the 1990s. I love it.

    I want to find a dress like your's though!

    Flounces & Hubbub

  19. I seriously love that the 90s are back! I recently found a super-90s denim dress & wear it too much right now. I really want to find a dress like your's though.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  20. I LOVE the visor! Mmm, food trucks.

  21. Because of the color of your shoes, my eyes just automatically go to them! I love neon! :D


  22. Ahhh food trucks and yummy things in general are always the downfall of my wallet.

  23. You always write the best posts, I could easily blow my entire budget on food especially at an event like this!! God, I love weird food combinations, I wish I was a better cook. Or had someone to cook for me all the time....the dream!
    Love this floral black and white dress, the denim vest is so perfect with this!

  24. Food trucks are pretty du jour right now, not to mention quite fancy. Going all gourmet! I thought it was an Australian thing too hahaha! I also love how you asked your other half to accompany you. If I only I had someone special to rub circles into the carpet and take me somewhere :o(


  25. Damn those food trucks! And their spicy condiments!

  26. Love your dress, especially paired with the denim vest. And why are there no food truck festivals in my area?! Sounds like the best thing ever :)

  27. This sounds like an amazing festival! Especially with the crepes and the deep fried PB&!
    Love your outfit! Especially those cute! I think you pull of the visor quite well, too.(: I'm known for my slightly eccentric style as well...ranging from full-on retro to bohemian to edgy...I'm kind of all over the place, and that's very much ok by me.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  28. Nooo don't do this to me, the food sounds so good. Food trucks got pretty popular in Sydney over the last year but I've never tried anything from them, I can never catch them haha.

  29. I feel so offended right now! :P Like I was just about to believe that I click pretty decent photographs/pictures. But oh my god, your pictures, your blog! I feel like such a newbie. Your blog is truly inspiring. The pictures and your vintage fashion style. :D This makes me smile so much.Your blog is P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
    Glitter & Blush

  30. omg I love food trucks. I live beside a park and they have food truck night every Weds. They make the best food, though the trucks have been serving the same food all summer and I'm ready for a change because I've eaten it all. There's one that serves this coffee grounds and peanut butter burger that is sooo good. Now I want peanut butter on all my burgers!!!

    Life of Mabel

  31. deep fried PB & Js? I'm drooling.

  32. Food trucks are seriously the beeeeeeeest! I've discovered a whole bunch of awesome ones in New York and I've pretty much been chasing after them constantly and filling up my belly even though I'm not even hungry! Haha I'm obsessed.

    Xo, Hannah

  33. Ah, so many amazing treats! Mmmmmmm... :) And love the print on the dress! xo


  34. I love the way you write! Mmmm... I'm a sucker for food truck food, too! Looks like a good time was had by all!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :
    : the daily savant : Blog Lovin

  35. Wow, that sounds awesome! You get food markets in the UK but not a food truck festival. I would be utterly stuffed and wander round all confused by the choices. I love the 90s look!

  36. so funny about the visor, I guess these w/ fanny packs are sorta coming back. My hubs picked one up at a thrift store when we went camping and i laughed at him but in the end it wasn't half bad. anyway, fried p&j, now that's unusual! all the food trucks look amazing, glad you two checked it out even if it was pricier. i usually try to convince myself that i'm supporting local restaurant owners in those scenarios haha. anyway, i love this dress on you!! makes me wish i were a smidge taller to rock the long dresses. great pairing w /the denim vest too.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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