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Aug 9, 2013

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Coming back home to Seattle was fuuun. The plane ride was crowded with angry babies that were testing just how acapella they can go, and I accidentally spilled my ice cold water down the leg of a woman flying from the Bronx (I could tell by her accent when she was yelling at me). I had a three hour layover in Minnesota, in an airport that had no wifi and no McDonalds (travesty I tell you), and then had to take a train and a bus to my neighborhood, all the while lugging my giant backpack and accidentally bowling people over with it wherever I went. By the time I stomped up the three flight of steps to my apartment, I was on a whole new level of exhaustion.

But then I opened the door and saw the place was spotless. Our lamp was converted into a bra tree (boys) which made me laugh, and then I found Marc hiding in the closet with a bouquet of sunflowers (my favorites!). Suddenly it wasn't all that bad. 

And being away from my new home gave me a whole new curiosity in exploring it. What nook haven't I poked my nose into yet? So we took the ten minute bus down to Fremont again and explored their Vintage Mall. That's right, they have a whole mall. I died and went to heaven. Marc just died and didn't care to be resurrected, haha.
 photo 2481b6e5-7dae-439e-91e6-e70c82071546_zpsb1e60ad1.jpg photo 60d6a386-bb21-4044-9bfd-21fe68101020_zps3e105f37.jpg
 photo b975558b-6108-4b47-a30c-15c793de6015_zps52fe09c0.jpg
 photo 7c56c36c-c77d-4d3b-9e09-22796b8085fb_zps35dcad81.jpg
 photo AugBlog005_zps7674f072.jpg photo AugBlog038_zps88b7c59f.jpg
And what is more appropriate than wearing vintage to a Vintage Mall? I love long vintage maxis because they're kind of Little House on the Prairie in a kitschy slash adorable way. This one I got from Super Queenie Retro, a quirky little Etsy boutique. I remember seeing on Pinterest a photo where a girl layered a long sleeve top under a short sleeve dress, and I always thought the proportions of that combo would be off until I saw it on my dashboard. I really like how it adds more lines to the look and makes a simple maxi a little more interesting!
 photo 6a19b783-e720-482b-9592-d8162610539c_zps7b4ae17a.jpg
 photo c317066c-eea3-4a87-a2a6-1e502cb1f7c8_zps4a0e63e4.jpg
Do you remember these gold spine books?! I used to have a thousand of them growing up and completely forgot about them until now!
 photo 1b653b79-72b9-4817-95f8-ca9a81ffc37b_zps847d56ec.jpg
 photo fb458461-899c-47b6-b944-c3b4a329123a_zps0a87289e.jpg photo 9213a80b-316e-45d2-a6b0-b49ccc7e0978_zps158aa729.jpg photo 0c46c220-8086-4e58-ae4a-4d459bac490d_zps69d818b6.jpg
 photo AugBlog014_zps8ba62fbc.jpg photo AugBlog035_zps92d70b1c.jpg
 photo 386b433e-290f-42d6-a73f-1b313b8510a4_zpsfb1f4e8e.jpg photo 0204fc2d-115e-4d6a-b6db-ef4d91a2e573_zps27ac8e00.jpg
I totally had those toad stool jars in our kitchen growing up!
 photo 61e73215-bdb5-456e-81ff-5dee622bc1ff_zps37abdb22.jpg
 photo AugBlog009_zps0e4b30d0.jpg photo 99ad98b1-27db-4e75-a33b-80d04e4957e2_zpsb3c82c99.jpg
The center of the Universe
 photo AugBlog046_zps84205794.jpg

Dress- c/o Super Queenie Retro
Chambray Top- F21
Boots- Macy's (Lucky)
Belt- CK (thrifted)

And since I love shopping, I decided to be your personal shopper and picked out some other neat pieces from Super Queenie Retro. A girl can't have enough bags or shoes, am I right?
 photo Queenie_zpsd532ff9f.jpg
1/ 2/ 3

PS- There's only a few more hours left of the $40 Gilded Gypsies giveaway! Don't miss your chance to win!
 photo a_zps788ef2c1.jpg

And while you're at it, increase your chances by entering my $30 Scarlet Monkey giveaway and $30 Fancy Lucky Vintage Giveaway

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  1. Sorry to hear your flight back was not so good. I've always liked the Minneapolis airport (having to pay for internet does suck, but that seems to be the norm for almost every airport I've been in). Glad you made it back safely to such a sweet boy who was able to cheer you up.

    This layers of short sleeved dresses over long sleeve shirts does look way cuter than if someone had just told me about it. This is my favorite August look for you for sure!

  2. Heehee! Silly boys! Great photos! I love exploring like that.

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  3. Hello, your trip back home looks crazy, and to be honest I have always joined troubles like this! They make trips more memorable and funny!
    I love your photos, they look so real, and most of these pieces are lovely.

    This denim top makes your dress a lot more different, kind of like it!

    Hope you are well and happy!
    Hugs and kisses
    Angelina -

  4. Loving the denim under the dress! Great layering! And oh my gawrsh--golden spine books. I haven't seen those in forever!

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  5. All these photos full of vintage apparel match perfectly your cute outfit. I really like how you've put this post together, love all your Seattle stories and how they're accompanied by great photos :)

    Have a fun weekend exploring!
    xo Irene

  6. Vintage malls are the beeesssttt. I love the $18 bag you got! And while traveling is never fun (screaming babies suck) it's so sweet that your man surprised you with flowers and a clean space!

    Xo, Hannah

  7. Vintage mall?? I want.

    I'm so glad you made it home in one piece because that sounds like it was a hellish trip! What were they thinking not having McDonalds in the airport??

    Anyway, I love how the short sleeves on your dress look with the longer sleeved top. I would have never thought to layer sleeves on sleeves! The boots are perfect with this too. Very 90s-tastic!

  8. Absolutely in love with these photos!!! Vintage malls are so wonderful, it's been too long since i've been to the one here. That denim button up is perfect under this dress

  9. I feel like whenever I want to read and chill out for a few hours in a coffee joint or lunch spot, there's always a baby wailing and screeching as much it possibly can wail and screech for the longest amount of time. And then minutes before I decide to leave, the mother FINALLY decides that hey, maybe it's time to take the baby outside since it just may be disturbing some of the nice people inside.


    Oh man, the gold spine books!! We still have some in our attic. We have so many nostalgic things in our attic that I try not to go in there because I get stuck looking at things and playing with legos and the like. Youv'e just inspired a future BLOG POST btw I think (whee!!)

    And yo outfit, girl, yo outfit~ I love that belt. I love leather belts against awesome prints like that. Leather belts in awesome are just friggin' rad.

  10. did I just write "in awesome?" I think I saw that. I'm not sure. I meant leather belts in general are just awesome

    k good typo fixed (sweats profusely)

  11. great post! I really love your layering look, it works great on you <3

  12. Lovely, lovely dress! It's very *you*. :)

    Oh god, tell me about it. Screaming babies on the planes, ear plugs just don't work, ha!

    Ahh, I used to have those Spine books too!

  13. I think this is my favorite outfit that I've seen on your blog so far :) And what a nice boyfriend you have to surprise you with flowers and a clean apartment.

  14. I just love that you added these tougher looking boots to your outfit! A denim button up layered under a midi would. And you make it look awesome!
    Soooo many layering ideas I'm getting from you. I love it :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  15. love that gorgeous dress

    Alexa <3

  16. such a lovely location and that dress has an amazing pattern!

  17. I LOVE this outfit on you! Your hair looks amazing. And I love these photos.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  18. amazing post as always!! love seeing tons of cool pics on your blog! big fan<3

  19. I love your pictures and style! :D I think the dress you're wearing is incredible! Great post!

    X Valérie
    PS: I'm giving away two custom blogger designs! :)

  20. As always perfect!

    Christina Klein

  21. That flight sounds hilarious. :D (I'm sorry.) I like your dress with the shirt, looks really interesting and different. :)

  22. Haha, so cute about Marc hiding in the closet with sunflowers! Great photos as well! :)

    XX Red Sonja

  23. Gorgeous pictures! Love them all. You are such a natural beauty :-D
    New follower to your beautiful blog!
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

  24. I always love seeing your pictures, so many cool places :)

    <3 <3

  25. Looks like fun place to shop! Great photos of the dress, love the contrast with the boots!

  26. Love those vinyls! This is such a nice place :)

    xx Daphne of

  27. lovely pics, dear)

    love, Yulia

  28. Ah, love the print on the dress! Looks perfect with those boots. And vintage shops like that are my favourite :)


  29. Hahaha, acapella babies - that's funny :D. I'm glad you had a great time exploring the city - the captures are just brilliant, as per usual. So is your outfit :).
    Have a lovely Sunday :)!


  30. Eek, love this outfit SOO much. Simple/classic/ on with the tailoring..tip top as usual! :)

    <3 Megan

  31. I love the Fremont Vintage Mall! I could spend hours there (and have)!

    Ladyface Blog

  32. a whole vintage mall!? AHHHH omg.

    at this volume

  33. Love the mask pictures! Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's...


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