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Jul 29, 2013

 photo a5b1a3ef-0bf5-47cd-a58b-5beb1e139734_zpsf5da6698.jpg photo 6b92826a-bc08-4a21-af18-01d3942383ab_zps3df46811.jpg photo 682c5d07-bdd3-45f9-bc79-97d6851e104e_zps58110a43.jpg photo IMG_5107_zps8638eb05.jpg
Yesterday we finally made it out to Fremont (it's only a ten minute bus ride away- I don't know why we were making it into this voyage-worthy journey in our heads, haha) and made it just in time for their Sunday market! Sometimes markets can get a little boring when you don't really have money to burn, but this one was exceptionally interesting. They had homemade ginger ales, postcards older than my grandparents, vulgar needle-pointing (my favorite), portraits made out of wires and not canvas, and all sorts of other knick knacks that were equal parts treasure and equal parts junk. I loved looking at the old type writers and listening to words becoming tangible on the test paper, and there were heaps of maps that we dug through in the hopes of finding a weathered and tattered India one (we have a blank wall in our living room that needs some lovin). And most importantly, there were food trucks galore. Not even we were strong enough to hide our wallets from the siren song of a pulled pork sandwich. 

Now I'm back at home in Lower Queen Anne, wishing I had the foresight to move to Fremont. Lets just say there are plenty of bus rides in my near future ;)

 photo d62d113a-9cf3-4f13-af94-c7ad8e7a72f6_zpsd59b60dc.jpg photo 19088cc9-6eaf-480f-a40f-88bb9dfebef7_zps61b897ad.jpg photo d2cbd046-7600-4fc2-8a13-333e78d1096a_zps2a1c70ff.jpg photo e1121683-cbd0-4f42-8a67-e2b50b43d03e_zpse5520ca9.jpg photo IMG_5102_zpsc70bb4b5.jpg
And what better way to visit a market than by wearing one of your most gorgeous vintage finds? This maxi dress stunner is from Folk and Fables, and I cannot get over the print. The paintbrush-lookin' dots are just so relaxed and summery that I can't help but wear it almost every single day since I got it. A big ol' apology to my other dresses that are getting neglected. And if you want a pretty piece of your own, visit Folk and Fables and see what other pieces Tawni curated for us! That and enter her giveaway which is open till Thursday!

 photo IMG_5111_zps17547eea.jpg photo bd0db82d-273c-4560-b882-871e526da02c_zps75346e02.jpg photo f0e725b8-843b-4fce-b667-6f17e6b961dc_zps297e81d0.jpg photo IMG_5104_zpse32d36e2.jpg photo 5c18a8e1-5669-493a-9a4e-aa2a77ac4e52_zpsf16333b1.jpg photo d8721fbd-45ad-4ead-ab1a-583b957911eb_zps17abe9f3.jpg photo 600dd1cd-ad65-4ff8-84a8-e981bb8b3c01_zps9a39d5fd.jpg photo f960f87f-8ac4-498c-991d-8e885072e4e2_zps0179dca8.jpg

Now since I have the blue maxi from Folk and Fables and it's a one of a kind piece, I thought I'd show you some other favorites from the vintage shop! Just click the numbers to view the details.

 photo d_zpseae456f9.jpg


Dress- c/o Folk and Fables
Hat- UO
Shoes- UO

PS- Don't forget to enter my Shop Baby Bird giveaway! It ends today so don't dilly-dally!
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  1. Where are the photos of the vulgar needlepoints? I want to see those!

  2. I love going to markets, it's always such an adventure!! This one looks like a lot of fun, so much different stuff. And those sandwiches look soooo tasty
    Love the vintage wrap dress, perfect for a day out!

  3. Pff, ten minute bus drive? Go for it! Haha, it definitely looks like its worth the mini adventure to get there ;)
    Love your print maxi too, its perfect!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Yay! I'm glad you checked out the Sunday market! Isn't it great? I've never been there when there has been such a pretty assortment of typewriters. I missed out!

    I love your dress. Super flattering!

    Ladyfac Blog

  5. LOVE this dress and thank you so much for the packing tip! I think I'm going to do that tonight as I haven't packed any of my hanging stuff yet :)

  6. Ah, I love flea markets! I have such a soft spot for vintage typewriters and luggage, so those shots are great! Loving your dress here too. The print is so cheery and summery :)


  7. Love your dress! The collar and hat are the perfect touches! Sounds like it was a great day!


  8. I love visiting places filled with old stuff too! I recently discovered a vintage clothing shop with the most gorgeous 20-50's gowns!! You look awesome with this knot dress!

  9. looks like so much fun!!! I love your hat super cute

  10. i love the way you've described it - i want to go to fremont now :)

  11. This town or area or whatever it is looks amazing! Dirty needlepoints you say? sounds like my cup of tea. And that menu sounds amazing from the wall, I'll take a banana nutella please! That's awesome you found such a fun place that's so easy to get to and your vintage dress is perfect for market day!

  12. Love all of these gorgeous shots, especially the ones of the typewriters!! :) My father wrote three novels on his turquoise typewriter from the 60s and just gave it to me this year, so I'm a bit obsessed!

    Xo, Hannah

  13. Ah your the second blogger I read today who is in Seattle. I really miss it there sometimes. I lived there for about a decade. It is just wonderful in summer. When I first moved there I thought I would never leave. But the rain did get to me. Thanks for posting.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  14. So cute how you layered the shirt under your dress :) And the place looks adorable! Although homemade ginger ale? I tried that once at some restaurant and can't say it tasted very good lol

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  15. i love this outfit marlen! i know this is weird but i love the print! it reminds me of hamburgers? i know, that's weird. lolol but i love hamburgers so naturally this dress rocks. & ahh, those typewriters. so cool.

    at this volume

  16. I often feel the same way about a new dress... like, let me wear this for THREE WEEKS STRAIGHT and abando all my other cute clothes. I get that. I get *youUU OOH OOOH* (imagine me singing that ok). No, but that dress is great. It reminds me of the beach, and I like your collar peepin' out from it. Your collar is all, "haaaaaaay what's up you guys~"

    um, this adventure looks like it was AMAZING. I love looking at old junky things, and things that look junky but aren't, and things that are definitely not junk and magical to yer own eyeballs. I'd totally swipe a typewriter just for decoration, and those luggage bags could make some cool home decor, too.

  17. JEALOUS! Those old suitcases and the typewriters - wish I lived ten minutes away (and not a 24 hour flight away >:( ) Love me a good market.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  18. Seriously Marlen, stop being so damn gorgeous! I have such a lady crush on you and your style :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  19. having a serious crush on your hair style. you rock it, girl! lovely photos, lovely blog!

  20. Love that vintage dress on you! And that market seems really cool (I never really get bored with markets, even when I'm broke for the week). I secretly love ginger ale so I'd probably be all over this place.

    Have a great day!
    A Southern Drawl

  21. Yay for making it to the Fremont market! I'm heading to Seattle in the Fall and my number one goal for my trip is to get over to Fremont and see the market and the troll under the bridge lol. Great pictures! Hot lips soda is sooo good - you should try it if you haven't yet. Also, you look amazing in this dress. It's a great color on you and I love how you've styled it with the chambray collar and black hat :)

  22. What an interesting market, so much to love! And did you say home-made ginger ale? I want to try that! Definitely worth those 10 minutes!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  23. I want a vintage typewriter! AND some homemade ginger ale. =)

  24. Cool post!! u always have such a nice pictures!! Loveeee<3

  25. Such an adorable outfit. Loving the hat on you. Such a fun summery look!

    xo erica

  26. Hi, you're pretty dear! i love your dress<3

    if you dont mind to check out my blog, and follow each other?:)

  27. WOW! There are so cool vintage stuff! Amazing!

    Check out my blog

  28. Ok, it was worth the 10min drive - that market looks amazing :)! And I can't get over how beautiful this maxi dress is. Simply amazing.
    Hope you're having a great summer, girl :)!


  29. Ouuu, this looks like the place for me, I could spend hours there! Again, I must say, you have a way with words, I can't get enough of your write ups. This outfit is lovely too, that shade of blue looks great on you and I love those t-strap sandals!


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