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Jul 20, 2013

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It always seems that when my wallet is empty, all the pretty dresses start flying onto the hangers and asking me to adopt them. Heavy sigh. Here are a particular few that caught my eye this month! Which one is your favorite?
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1. This shift
2. This 50's floral dress
3. This blouse
4. This two piece & jacket
5. This chambray pinafore
6. This wrap
7. This sailor dress (only $20!)
8. This lace dress
9. This crochet maxi
10. This peplum
11. This long sleeve dress (only $20!)
12. This tapestry wallet 

PS- remember these watermelon shorts from last week? The owner is offering my readers 15% off of it with coupon code YUMYUMWATERMELON! 

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  1. It always seems that when we have no money we want to shop, and when we have money and try to shop, we find nothing. THUS IS LIFE. (sad trumpet sounds)

    I think I like #2 the best... pink flowers, so girly, so GIRLY WEEEEEE

  2. I love 2 and 5! If they were my size I'd snatch them right up!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I like 2 and 10. But 23" waist for 2??? Come on, I can't fit into that! I probably had a 23" waist when I was in 7th grade, maybe younger. I might be able to wear 10, but I don't think my arms will fit into it.

    Life of Mabel

  4. I LOVE your dresses <3
    They are all so wonderful and have a touch of vintage :)
    I had no other choice than following your blog :D

    Maybe you want to follow my blog too!?

  5. The model in number 5 looks strikingly like Rizzo from "Grease!" I really love dresses 11, 8, and 5!

  6. I completely agree! Yet when I have cash and am looking to buy a dress, I can't seem to find any cute ones. Love your picks by the way. You have such a good eye. I especially love the navy polka dot number with the cute collar, and the green peplum!


  7. Oh man, that chambray pinafore is amazing! Want. So much.

  8. All of those are pretty! I usually feel that I'd rather buy dresses than anything else.


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