This Closet Shall be the Death of Me

Jul 16, 2013

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Remember this top from Leading Articles Vintage? It has such a loud, Southwest vibe to it that last time (pictured below) I made it the center piece and paired it with equally loud-mouth pieces. 

But sometimes (very rarely) I don't feel like whipping up an outfit that's equivalent to a traffic cone, and instead I want to dive head-first into neutrals. And one of my favorite ways to play with neutrals is to sprinkle just a little bit of  the "loud" and shelve the "mouths" for a later time. I know a lot of girls do this with a neon belt, or a bright poppy shoe, but I like to do it with a layered blouse. 

So this time around I took the top and slipped a crocheted dress on top, letting the bow at the collar peep out. I'll admit that the blouse looked a little too busy layered underneath the dress (mainly because the crochet added a pattern, too), so I shrugged on the jean jacket to soothe the look down. My favorite detail of this outfit, though, is that I rolled up the jacket sleeves and let a bit of the blouse sleeves peek out. That way the shirt still had a big part in the outfit, and it made the whole look more cohesive. 

And if you want a poppy shirt of your own to try playing with, be sure to check out Leading Articles! Krissy just added a few new patterned dresses that I'm already eyeing like a hawk, so don't miss out!
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And speaking of clothes, I cannot work with this closet of mine.

Our building was built in the 1920’s and apparently the majority of people back then owned a whopping three shirts and a sock. I can barely fit a THING in there. Granted, I have a very first-world amount of clothes, but thousands of paychecks have been funneled into growing such a perfect collection. And now, as a result, I’m treated to a Hoarders episode every time I open the closet door.

There are sweater sleeves hanging limply off of shelves like they’re malnourished, skirts crumpled into tight corners, hats jammed on top of a mangled ball of scarves, and shoes stacked on top of each other like a dangerously teetering Jenga tower. And not to mention that the ironing board is wedged in there, making it nearly impossible to even open the door without an avalanche burying you under. It’s a fright to see. And let me tell you, I’ve tried just about everything to make this situation work. I stored sweaters under our bed, cardigans in kitchen cupboards, crop tops and patterned pants under the sink.

 photo IMG_4239_zps952dfee1.jpg photo IMG_4264_zpsf6b739dd.jpg photo IMG_4236_zps4ccae7b9.jpg
I even tried horning into Marc’s closet, but, alas, he nipped that sneakiness right in the bud. One day I tried finagling my blow dryer onto his top shelf, seeing how he’s one of those people that own, oh, three shirts and a sock. His closet is the equivalent of a Bluth Company development, okay- plenty of room for all. I mean, I’m pretty sure we can make it into a second bedroom if we tried.

So as I squirreled my blow dryer away and called it a day, Marc caught wind of my takeover and stopped me in my tracks. He took out the dryer with two pinched fingers (like it was highly contaminated with girl germs) and told me to scram.


Maybe I’ll just rent the apartment next door and turn it into a walk-in closet? Then all of my life woes would be solved! Maybe I’ll send out one of those e-mail scams to help raise the funds?

“Dear Family, I am stuck in London with no money or passport. Please wire funds….”
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And while I'm over here sulking about this whole nonsence situation, do me a favor and vote for me on Lucky! I'm in a contest with one of my outfits, and I've seemed to have stumbled into a war for first place with this one girl. So help me kick her butt and vote HERE! You don't have to sign in or anything :)

Dress- UO
Jacket- Levis, thrifted
Belt- Calvin Klein, thrifted (for 50 cents, woot!)
Sandals- H&M, last year

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  1. Ha - great post! I too live in an older home and dream of my own walk-in closet someday. Fortunately, we have an extra bedroom to catch the overflow for now.

    LOVE the outfit!

  2. Great post!

    Love how you aired the LOUD blouse with the dainty dress and toughened it up with the denim jacket.

    I too need a walk in closet! However, I think enough is enough now, time to let go of some of my clothes and give it to charity. SADFACE


  3. Hahah omg I totally know what you mean with the surprise hoarders episode situation. I was keeping clothes in my desk drawers one year in college.

    Your blouse is also blowing my mind right now. It's so gorgeous.


  4. I super uber love your neutral look! I hear ya with the walk-in closet! Soldier Boy seems to be reconsidering his offer of giving me the tiny room in his house for my closet/office space (must harass moar!). I also voted for you on Lucky! I was in a battle for first place in one of their contests last fall and know how frustrating it can be!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :
    : the daily savant : Blog Lovin

  5. You're a genius! I'm so copying this idea. You look great and I totally enjoyed reading this post :) xx

    Have a great day,

  6. Amazing outfit! So great:)

  7. I love this dress! Really cute outfit :) x

  8. Great idea to put the white dress over the patterned dress <3 And to be honest I have a walk in closet but it looks like it´s already not big enough ...

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  9. Super cute! Love the yellow skirt.. and I feel your pain on the whole closet situation... and if you get a chance, head over to Ikea.. they've got some great organizational tools! Especially for small spaces... Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I appreciate it!

  10. Voted! And I wish I didn't live so far, I've got tons of room in my closet for you :) And I also love how we had the same thought about neutrals at the same time! Beautiful as always!
    <3, L.

  11. My closet is the same way. I can't even open the door, so I've just been buying more stuff that I can actually access. That is a bad solution to the problem. My old apartment had a spare bedroom that was my stuff's room and I really miss that! I really love that shirt. I have one kind of like it, but it has I have to say it...pussy bow. Anyway, I like how you've styled it, both times. I think I voted for you on the Lucky site? Nothing told me that I did or didn't? Uhhhh....

    Life of Mabel

  12. Haha, this is hilarious! I feel the same way about my closet! I even try to get rid of things sometimes and I can't do it! Glad someone feels the same way. ;)


  13. Love your classic jean jacket! :) lovely outfit!

  14. I love this top so much. It's so unique and amazing. It's really impressive the different styles of look you can create with it. Such a genius idea with the beautiful white dress.

  15. Ooh, I love this! I always love your bright colors and pattern mixing (you do it way too well), but you know I love neutrals and simplicity :)

    Ugh, I've been looking for the perfect denim jacket ALL summer. I will not give up. This one is great.

    Your closet sounds awful. Just move to SoCal with me and I'll share mine with you ;)

  16. Haha oh man, that sounds like some awful living conditions for your closet! Kinda sounds like mine actually...although I left the majority of my closet back at my parents place, which is just about as frustrating since I can't play with my wardrobe like I used to :/
    Anyway, hope you find a way to make it all fit!
    I love how you made this loud top more subtle by layering it underneath a dress. Its outrageous print makes for a nice accent to a summery dress :)

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    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  17. Oh, Malren! I love this outfit. A very creative way of popping just a bit of color. Too hot to try now, of course, but I am going to have to learn your laying ways (yay for your Layering like an Onion series to learn from too).

  18. that's so funny Marc won't let you use his closet. Jonny and I share(d) one but it's really small, or at least small since I like to hang everything, including all tops, pants, skirts, and dresses up so I pushed him into the hall closet and fortunately now our spare room. have you thought about getting one of those closet racks? I have actually thought about it bcuz mine gets so cramped and hard to find things but the cheap ones (like the plastic Target one I bought once) just fall over so I'm hoping to thrift one one day or have a makeshift one, maybe w/ a bed frame. anyway i'm rambling, I LOVE your outfit here. I really love the pretty pattern just sticking out the top and sleeves and how it's simple w/ the neutrals yet still you!
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  19. Haha, I hear ya on the closet space thing. The hardest part of my then-boyfriend/now-husband moving in with me was giving up space in my lovely walk-in closet!

    I voted - your outfit is fab and must win :D

  20. Ha, great post Marlen. The danger about having a big closet is that we can stuff it with so much stuff according to my husband and I totally take over ours, lol. I love you outfit, it really suits you perfectly. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  21. That white dress is so cute!! There will never be enough closet space in NYC.

  22. Another great outfit Marlen! Good luck with the closet situation :-)

  23. Gorgeous outfit, as usual! Love your sandals! And don't worry girl... I feel your pain with the tiny closets. My parents have been living in our house for 30 years, and while it is a beautiful large brick home that I adore, the closets make me want to cry/scream every day. I can barely even fit inside of mine!! And I'm sure I don't have much to look forward to in terms of dorm closets!!

    Xo, Hannah

  24. Love the way you add a punch with the funky blouse under the dress, as soon as it cools down I am definitely snagging this idea. That blouse is gorgeous!!
    God there is never enough space for everything, I will donate to your cause of having a whole apartment as a walk in closet!!

  25. This outfit is amazing. I'm loving your sandals!

  26. just love the blouse! love how you paired it with the white dress :)

  27. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I love your shirt! Your sandals look really nice too x

  28. Dude, how cool would it be to have an ENTIRE HOUSE for your clothing?! Man, I remember when we lived in our last house, I had a closet that you could do three or four adult cartwheels in it and I just lined my clothes up the left side of the wall and could pace back and forth in it... mind, I was only a 5th grader, but somehow I still had tons of clothes in there. And legos. Lots of lego cityvilles set up. HAHA I'm getting off topic. I hope you can find somewhere to store your stuff, because a girl needs her closet space. SHE DOOOOO.

    That blouse is somethin' fab. The print on it makes me swoon.


  29. I agree-- I love the turned up sleeves so you can see the contrasting print! I really LOVE how this outfit is composed, Marlen. You gotta teach me how to layer!

  30. Great look, Marlen! Seriously loving those sandals. :)

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  31. You are SOO funny girl. ;) I voted for you on Lucky!! Get it!

  32. Wow, I had never thought a blouse could be that versatile! I think both looks are great on you but I prefer the outfit with the lace dress because it´s just so creative and interesting because of the blouse :)

  33. Cute outfit!! Love these photos :)

    Xx Karen

  34. I would love a walk in closet, that would be amazing! My closet is just so sad. lol I really love how to styled that blouse. You honestly have such a great eye for clothes. And that belt was a STEAL!!


  35. ah, love, you do know how to rock denim. I always look like a slightly drugged housewife when I wear it, but you seem to be an artist.

    Also, work it, WORK that blouse.


  36. Great style! Love the yellow skirt and your sandals! Kisses my dear!

    visit my facebook page:

  37. Your closet situation sounds SO much like mine. UGH. Of course, my husband has just about the same amount of clothes that I do, so we definitely need like an entire room just for our clothes, and instead we have a long, narrow space to hang everything that doesn't even have a proper clothing bar to hang stuff on. It's stupid. My requirements for the next house we live in is: bigger closet, bathroom with an actual tub, smaller lawn, and windows.
    Not too much to ask, right?
    I love the way you styled it this time around! Well, I loved the other way, too... so y'know. :D I love your style.

  38. I really like this outfit. Everything goes together so well! I'm usually really bad when it comes to putting pieces together, which is why I mostly play it safe and do a lot of matchy matchy outfits.

  39. This makes me see I'm not alone in the lack-of-space-in-your-1920's-building area. I feel your pain wholeheartedly! Any organizational advice?


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